Top surprising reasons to give up sugar consuming

Today, almost everything requires some portion of sugar for best preparation. Even for every treat, sugar remains an important element. According to the birthday schedule of Robert Lustig – a well known endocrinologist as well as the author of fat chance, sugar acts as a prime element among the food ingredients but is a prime centre for variety of diseases. It is also found out that the added sugar is a way of filtrating the food supply. The food manufacturing companies are adding the excess sugar in many foods increasing its sugar as well as calorie level. On consumption of this food as catastrophic health issues takes place. Now, it has become quite important to find out whether sugar is toxic.

Some of the surprising side effects of sugar

Natural sweeteners & sugar substitutes

The areas of sugar lurk- When salad dressing takes place, sugar may not be required. But, the food manufacturing industries are trying to make the low fat version of food items more palatable.  It is good to replace sugar with extra virgin olive oil as well as vinegar. You must go for the brand such as Organiciville that has no added sugar as its content.

Sugar tricks brain

Individuals consuming too much of sugar will suffer as the fructose found in sugar which becomes high with corn syrup sends the hunger hormones of individual into the tailspin.  There will be a hormonal message sent directly to the brain. It would say that you are full with your appetite

 Sugar lurking fact

You will be able to get sugar in most of the tomato sauces. But the institute of medicine united state department of agriculture and food and drug has refused to make the synopsis with regards to intake of sugar in diet. According to Dr Lustig, the food industry has got the license where any amount of sugar is put in any variety of food they want. Since there is no daily recommendation intake, it is quite difficult to know whether you are at the top.

Tissue browning effect

Intake of excess sugar can also give rise to browning effect of your tissue.  This is also due to the fact that we tend to rust after every passing age.  Also the oxidative stress formed in our body makes our tissue brown. This procedure is also known as mallard reaction. But adding sugar will increase the browning effect.

Sugar lurks in many of the processed foods available in the market. According to the recent report, if there are more than 6, 00,000 commercial food products in the market and 80% of them have the added sugar.  These food items include desserts, juices, sodas and much more.

Sugar makes liver fat

How to quit sugar completely

One of the shocking facts about consumption of sugar is, excess consumption of sugar will give rise to fat accumulation in liver.  As soon as overdose is provided at the mitochondria inside the liver the organ will malfunction and take up excess fat. Some of the fats are so stubborn that it does not get out of the liver in any ways. This is also named as the non alcoholic liver disease. This also forces the pancreas to create extra insulin where the damaged liver can easily do its job.

According to the study in the Journal of clinical nutrition, people who have consumed 1000 extra calorie of the sugary food have seen increase in liver fat by 27 percent.

Addiction with sugar

Sugar can also make you an addicted person as you are consuming too much of sugar with excess of dopamine in one’s own body. But if are consuming too much of fructose, this will be ideal in shutting down the healthy signaling of individual’s body.  It takes more sugar that will easily fire off the signals which is ideal in bringing pleasure.  But, you must be aware of packaged smoothies where you can get more calorie than that of ice cream.  But, if you want to make a control of it, making own homemade smoothies will be really effective.

An effect to arteries

You might also not be able to realize but sugar can also affect your arteries as well. This will give rise to serious irritation to the endothelium. This is probably the sheath of special cells which coats the inside of the blood vessels of individuals.  The finger like feelers of the cells is the place where the glucose glop’s.  You must be patient in cooking and evade the unwanted sugars that are harmful for your health.