Top natural sweeteners, sugar substitutes

Natural sweeteners are rather very good for your health with good taste and flavor. As compared to refined sugar, the level of sweetness will not be low. It will be low in fructose as well as calorie which help people to stay healthy with sweet taste.

To avoid the rising health issues due to sugar, here are some alternatives you can imply in your life:

1. Stevia: Stevia is a herb, native of South America, which is 300 times more sweeter than sugar. It is widely used as an alternative of sugar in South America and Japan.

2. Xylitol: Xylitol is a sweetener used in most of the chewing gums. It is five carbon sugar unlike others which have six. It is a sweetener which you can find in fibrous fruits and vegetables, corn cobs, and hardwood trees. It is true that our own body produces an amount of it.

3. Coconut sugar: This is a fruit you can never ignore. The tremendous benefits have made it in vogue in US. Coconut sugar is nutritious and has a low score in glycemic  index. The taste is similar to brown sugar, but it is bit richer.

4. Date sugar: As the name suggest, date sugar is made from dried dates. The fruit is dehydrated to made sugar out if it. It is richer in taste and an alternative to brown sugar.

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5. Honey: A slightly sweeter substitute than sugar, honey is natural and comes directly from honeybee in its natural form. It is packed with vitamins, and also has anti microbial properties.

6. Maple syrup: Maple syrup is a liquid sweetener which could be a great agent in cakes and other desserts. Maple sugar is also available to use it beyond cooking.

7. Fruit juice: One of the healthiest drink which could be consumed anytime of the day and comes with natural sugar is fruit juice. Juices could be a great addition with several desserts and cakes.

8. Molasses: Molasses are the by product in sugar production. Molasses are associated with several health benefits. It’s quite thick and viscous and is preferred for baking. Blackstrap molasses perhaps, is the best and possess a good amount of iron and calcium.

9. Brown rice syrup: It is made from boiling brown rice, it is gluten and wheat free. It is suitable in cooking than  adding in tea. Brown rice syrup is used for sprinkling in cakes and porridge.

10. Barley malt syrup: As the name suggest, barley malt syrup has malty taste. It is similar to molasses in texture. It is easily digestible and possess a low glycemic index. It is however, not as sweet as sugar. It’s taste also makes it a poor choice for tea and coffee.


This is natural sweetener that can be extracted from some fruits brought by our mother nature. But, the particular product can also be available in powdered form in the market.

Those might not be very pure as industrial process has been involved in making the same.

However, it will be advisable to get the natural form of Erythritol which will taste no less than sugar and would cause no harm to health.

As compared to other type of sugar alcohols, this particular substitute can be well tolerated by people willing to get sweet meals.

Since it is low in calories, there won’t be much chance of developing fatty layer under your skin.

Yacon syrup

Another wonderful substitute to sugar in natural form is none other than Yacon syrup. This natural sweetener is extracted from Yacon plant which is grown in a place in South America named as Andes.

Along with being a wonderful natural sweetener and a substitute to sugar, this natural syrup is also really popular as weight loss ingredient.

According to latest study, women having problem of overweight can easily get their weight loss without any trouble.

As we all know that our body has two types of bacteria, good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The natural sweetener Yacon Syrup is very useful in getting the good bacteria fed with high level of fructooligosaccharides. I

t is also helps in creating bowel movement inside an individual’s body and initiate proper digestion.

Sugar alcohols

You can find good number of sugar Alcohols in the market which does not have side effects like those of sugar.

These are generally made from the natural products such as corn and sugarcane. The process of fermentation is involved while making this sugar alcohol.

As compared to pure sugar, these sugar alcohol contain very less calories which will not be harmful for your health.  Among the sugar alcohols available in the market, you must choose an organic variety.

Agave nectar

Health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice

This a healthy variety of natural sweetener extracted from the agave plant available in the natural atmosphere. You will also get more sweetening effect than those of refined sugar as the syrup contains caramel.

Thus, even if you put a very less quantity, you can get appropriate sweetening effect. Even the Agave nectar is very healthy to keep your gut in a healthy order.

You can be further benefited with this natural sweetener as the nectar a wonderful dietary fiber known as prebiotic which will be ideal for nourishing your intestinal bacterial that helps in digestion process.

Balsamic glaze

It is a natural variety of sticky sweet that can be a great substitute to the sugar. You can make many variations of sweet dishes with the help of this Balsamic Glaze.

You would no more depend upon the sugar in order to make your tea, coffee or any other sweet dishes. Balsamic Glaze will be a wonderful substitute of the sugar without causing any harm to human body.