Top natural sweeteners, sugar substitutes

natural sweeteners

Sugar has been an integral part of our life. We have been grown making a deep connection with sugar products, and by time sugar simply resides in our heart. Whether in the form of a teaspoon in tea and coffee, or as a supplement in ice creams and shakes, to resist sugar is a hard task to accomplish. A recent report showing sky touching obesity levels in Britain and a hunt to find sugar alternatives considering  the fact that sugar is dangerous for health and promotes obesity. Sugar has been associated with several health hazards from obesity to tooth decay. The history of sugar began in UK, in the 16th century when it was a delightful food stuff and was enjoyed only by the elite. But time passed on, and today it is one of the major consumption source in our daily life.

To avoid the rising health issues due to sugar, here are some alternatives you can imply in your life:

1. Stevia: Stevia is a herb, native of South America, which is 300 times more sweeter than sugar. It is widely used as an alternative of sugar in South America and Japan.

2. Xylitol: Xylitol is a sweetener used in most of the chewing gums. It is five carbon sugar unlike others which have six. It is a sweetener which you can find in fibrous fruits and vegetables, corn cobs, and hardwood trees. It is true that our own body produces an amount of it.

3. Coconut sugar: This is a fruit you can never ignore. The tremendous benefits have made it in vogue in US. Coconut sugar is nutritious and has a low score in glycemic  index. The taste is similar to brown sugar, but it is bit richer.

4. Date sugar: As the name suggest, date sugar is made from dried dates. The fruit is dehydrated to made sugar out if it. It is richer in taste and an alternative to brown sugar.

5. Honey: A slightly sweeter substitute than sugar, honey is natural and comes directly from honeybee in its natural form. It is packed with vitamins, and also has anti microbial properties.

6. Maple syrup: Maple syrup is a liquid sweetener which could be a great agent in cakes and other desserts. Maple sugar is also available to use it beyond cooking.

7. Fruit juice: One of the healthiest drink which could be consumed anytime of the day and comes with natural sugar is fruit juice. Juices could be a great addition with several desserts and cakes.

8. Molasses: Molasses are the by product in sugar production. Molasses are associated with several health benefits. It’s quite thick and viscous and is preferred for baking. Blackstrap molasses perhaps, is the best and possess a good amount of iron and calcium.

9. Brown rice syrup: It is made from boiling brown rice, it is gluten and wheat free. It is suitable in cooking than  adding in tea. Brown rice syrup is used for sprinkling in cakes and porridge.

10. Barley malt syrup: As the name suggest, barley malt syrup has malty taste. It is similar to molasses in texture. It is easily digestible and possess a low glycemic index. It is however, not as sweet as sugar. It’s taste also makes it a poor choice for tea and coffee.