How to quit sugar completely

Regular intake of ample sugar can be responsible for various health issues. Besides diabetes, excessive increase of sugar level hampers the cardiovascular systems, liver, reduces the immune system, makes you smell bad, and prone to increase weight. Thus, it is suggested to quit sugar completely and stay protected from all the aforesaid health issues that can only cause you problems.

You need lots of positive energies and will power to help yourself to stay away from sweets and anything that has sugar contents. At the same time, if you are a taskmaster, you can schedule a plan to quit the habit of taking spoonfuls of sugar in no less than three weeks.

Here, we will be suggesting some sought after suggestions that will help you to quit sugar completely. Maybe it will be difficult for you in the beginning but if you are headstrong to get rid of sugar to stay a healthier life- you can be the next champion. All the best!

Say “no” to sugar with tea or coffee

In the first step, you have to say “no” to adding sugar to your coffee or tea mug. If you have a habit of taking several cups of these hot beverages, adding the raw sugar whether in the form of cube or dust, doesn’t make any difference. You just have to say no to that and this is going to be the biggest success to start with.

On an average, a single person can consume minimum 20 teaspoons of sugar if he/she has a habit of taking around 5-6 cups of tea or coffee. So, avoiding sugar in these hot drinks can make sense. Initially, this will be pretty challenging and you may not feel like having the tea or coffee but gradually, you will get used to taking the sugar-free beverages.

Don’t add sugar in the regular food

When you have started to stop taking sugar in your daily tea and coffee, your next big move is to stop adding it in your food too. If you are a passionate cook at home, you may have a habit of adding sugar whether cubical or castor in your food to caramelize the delicacies. But, you have to find an alternative way as this is going to pay you a price on your health. So beware and don’t add sugar in your daily gourmets.

No sugar in baking

Sugar is one of the most indispensable ingredients for any passionate baker. If you consider yourself to be one of those gifted bakers, you have to accept this challenge of not using castor or brown sugar in your baking delicacies, particularly in the cakes, pies, and muffins. Try not taking sugar in all these wonderful gourmets. After a certain point of time, you will grow the habit.

Sometimes, using honey can be a better choice as the side effects of honey is near to zero; rather this is a good ingredient for the diabetics and people suffering from obesity issues.

The artificial alternatives are not great choice

If you think the saccharine available in the markets can be great sugar substitutes, but it is not a good habit to take these substitutes too. It can be great, if you adjust with your taste buds for not taking sugar for some time and gradually, you will be habituated for taking sugar free foods and drinks.

Avoid fruits

Stop taking fruits too. This is an undeniable fact that fruits are great source of nutrients for being great organic food substitute. But fructose is the sugar in the fruits that can harm your body. So avoid taking the ripped fruits that are exquisitely sweet to taste. Opt for the raw ones that are a bit sour and contains less amount of fructose.

Check the ingredients of packed food products

If you take packed food products or cooking ingredients, make sure that no added sugar or substitutes are added in that. This can be the packed fruit juices or cold drinks as well. Avoid alcohol as well besides these beverages. Once in a while the red wine can be taken as suggested by expert dieticians.

So, these are the suggestions for you to quit sugar completely.