List of memory boosting foods – improve brain power

Forgetting is probably a very irritating event for you and your family members surrounding your home.  If you can remember everything in life, this would probably be the biggest success which you can administer either at your home or at your workplace.

If you think you are forgetting many things this is the right time to take action and get along with the remedial deal. There are ways through which your memory can be easily protected. There is a list of memory boosting diet which you need to keep in mind.

List of memory boosting foods


Foods to boost brain power

You might not know but cabbage contains good amount of folic acid which helps in developing memory in individual. It is also be considered as a magic bullet that will ideally fix variety of memory issues.

The nutrients present in cabbage will be the best way of helping lowering blood level of homocysteine. But, this is thought to be an ingredient that causes damage in blood vessels.

According to one of the study in Tufts University, there will be adequate linkage with memory decline. But, you must also remember that folic acid is served as a buffer.


Study has been conducted by Harvard with the study of 13,000 women were around cruciferous veggie would easily protect your memory. Also the participants who consumed quite high amount of vegetables will be having quite less effect in decline of memory.

According to the study, the green vegetables as well as cruciferous vegetables helped women really well with regards to retaining the memory level of the women.

Red wine

Though red wine is an alcoholic beverage which is not available at individual home, you can easily get it at variety of liquor shops. This has a positive effect on memory of individuals.

But, you must remember not to consume too much of red wine as this might give rise to variety of complication as well as negative effects.  It also has elements like quercetin as well as antioxidants which will dearly help in protecting memory.


We all are by now aware of the fact that every fatty food contains good fat as well as bad fat. Saturated fats are known as bad fats whereas good fat is available in Omega 3 fatty acid.

Salmon is one of the food products with enough of good fat which has the great capacity of protecting your mind.  It is also been proved that fish is a food with good amount of brain boosting capacity.

According to one of the studies conducted by the rush university medical centre, people consuming fish around one time in a week has around 10 percent of slower decline in losing memory by age as compared to other people of same age and who did not consume fish adequately.

This gives rise to thinking as well as memory capacity younger by 3 years. Salmon is also a good source of vitamin B12 and B6. This will probably have a great advantage to human beings.


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As we know that eggs are wonderful source of protein, the nutrients like vitamin B12 as well as vitamin B6 is also quite rich in these. According to Bauer, as the Folic acid is really good for brain, elements in vitamin A also play a wonderful role.

Study also said that people with deficiency of vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 will get decline in memory level slowly than other people.


The natural compound named as phytochemical is a great way of changing the colors of vegetables as well as fruits such as green broccoli, red apples as well as purple strawberries.

Strawberries are one of the great fruits available in the market on consumption of which you can get your memory level increased.  It is true that there are thousands of phytochemicals in the world.

Even the fruits and vegetables has good amount of such chemicals. These are also a wonderful source of antioxidants which helps in nourishing and defending the body cells that includes neurons. This has a wonderful effect during the oxidative metabolism.

Tea or coffee

This experiment can be easily conducted at home when you are at home and consume adequate quantity of coffee and tea. If you can consume a strong cup of caffeinated coffee, this will help you think wisely and make decision on certain subjects.

Also you can get improvement in your memory capacity. In order to make an extra boost of memory, consuming caffeine will be really important.