Stopping cold symptoms in kids through helpful bacteria

Yogurt is a wonderful food which contains bacteria and is really good for digestion. Also the fermented food such as kefir as well as some vegetables will be helpful in eradicating cold in kids. These bacteria are also one of the beneficial types that is seen to stay inside the human body. But, due to various factors such as antibiotics medication, stress as well as healthy diet, number of these bacteria is reduced.

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The study funded by the industry that has been sponsored by Danisco who is also the maker of the probiotic products is been tested with the effects on 326 children with the age limit of 3 years to that of 5years. They attend the child care centre everyday for two times. This has been continued for a period of six months. The supplements that have been received by the children include:

  • Combination of Bifidobacterium animalis subsplactis and lactobacillus acidophilus.
  • A single stain of lactobacillus acidophilus- this is the name for the bacteria that is commonly found in yogurt
  • Placebo which contains no probiotics

Comparison has been done with the group of kids who received no probiotics at all. Rather, they receive only the lactobacillus that results into lower incidence of fever by 53 percent. But, the kids taking the combination of both have seen around decrease of fever around 73 percent. But, even if the lactobacillus is consumed alone, coughing decreases by 30 percent and fever by 41 percent. Even it has positive effect on the runny nose. But, if the supplement is done with a combo effect, there will be around 62 percent drop in coughing.

What does it mean?

The fund of the study was provided by the company that deals with probiotic products. The research conducted previously has found out the fact that these bacteria are really helpful when diarrhea is caused by antibiotics or viruses. They can also benefit you by easing the symptoms of bowel movement which is really irritating. The illness can also be shortened with the stimulation of immune system. In most of the research adults have been the subject. But, it is asked not to recommend this bacterium for all children. Rather, the benefit can be obtained by consuming such foods that contains probiotics.

More facts on probiotics

Yogurt as a food can be an option but it is not regarded as the best food which contains beneficial bacteria. According to the nutritional consultant named as Donna gates, there are many places where beneficial bacteria can be obtained.  Some varieties of sour cream can also be quite beneficial which contains meso and tempeh.  According to Gates, the best probiotic choice for kids will be is kefir. But this must be provided to such kids who can tolerate dairy products.  The organic products named as Helios is also stores and available in health stores. You must also look for the word lactobacillus in the ingredient list while getting the food from the market that contains probiotics.

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According to gates, Americans are really very deficient in healthy gut bacteria. Thus, warning is provided that the elements like stress and high sugar level will easily kill the goodness of gut. It is true that people requires antibiotics to treat variety of infections that is caused by bacteria. But, at the same time probiotics will also be needed to get healthy guts and level of bacteria quite high.