Pains you shouldn’t ignore

Pains and aches in various parts of body has become the part of life. People are adopting variety of ways for eradicating this pain. Today, medical science have improved so much that it is procuring different ways of eradicating such pains. But some people are used to these pains and ignore it knowingly. You must have your local hospital or health care provider on speed dial. Some pains are very sudden with regards to its occurrence and are backed with fever. These are certain types of pain which your must never ignore. It might seem to be small at an initial stage but actually it turns out to be really big. If you can see a pain is disturbing you regularly in the same place, immediate attention would be required.

Some of the types of aches

Thunderclap headache

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It is quite common for all of us to experience moderate or mild headaches. Usually we do not bother as it takes place for few hours and goes away. We even apply balm or have medicines if the pain stays for a long time. But, if the pain persists and run for a long time, it is the time to take action and visit the local health centre or hospital for medication.

Tooth ache

Many people suffer from dental problems today. A tooth ache is one of the problems which should not be ignored at all. Sometime due to tooth pain, your total mouth can also get inflamed. Also there is a tendency of the protective enamel to wear away which will end up with cracking teeth down to the root. Extraction can take place when your tooth is not at all working and need to be replaced. You need to show it to your dentist first and then go for the process of extraction. Figuring out this problem can only be done once you call up your dentist.

The complication of grinding with the help of teeth must be taken care. If you don’t take proper care of your dental health, issues of tooth ache would rise which can even haunt you at night. You must go for a regular checkup to the dentist in order to maintain healthy tooth without any complication.

Menstrual cramp

Little bit of pain in stomach is quite natural for all girls and women who have regular menstruations. But, if the pain becomes unbearable you need medication. You might even not know but the lining of your uterus grows somewhere else rather than its specified area. There is a risk of Endometriosis which is also having good effect on the fertility of individual. According to research, more than 40% of ladies who have their menstrual period really very painful will definitely suffer from this abnormal and dangerous physical condition.

Doctor will provide you with some medicine if you report such physical condition. But, if you are willing to conceive it, you might need to get the tissue removed surgically.

Sharp pain across the shoulder blades

People might get shoulder pain quite often and they might give it the reason as stress. But, this might give rise to fatalities. Research has found out that such pain might give rise to heart attack. It is true that before getting health attack, people get chest pain. But, there are around 30% of people who gets heart attack without the chest pain. It means that they are not provided with any indications. It is quite common to view such shoulder pains in women. There might also be nausea, jaw pain as well as shortness of pain. If you have such symptoms, it will be important take care of it immediately.

Stomach pain in lower abdomen

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Stomach pain may have variety of reasons starting from improper bowel movement till kidney stones. Though no such stomach pain must be taken so light, there are some specific pain in stomach which indicates different reason and medication must be done accordingly. If you have a dull pain in the lower right side of abdomen, this might be the problem of appendicitis. If you do not take care of it at an initial stage this can even give rise to bursting of your appendix. Even your blood stream can be infected if the appendix bursts inside.

You might get some idea of the pain being appendicitis when you press down your stomach and it does not hurt. You can also test it in another way with the muscle underlying the gall bladder. Bring your knee toward your head and see whether you are facing any pain. If this hurts, it will be the case of appendix.

Back pain with fever

If you are getting the back pain along with fever, this is the time to assume that you are suffering from a kidney infection. The symptoms also include nausea, stomach bug and nausea. This is the condition which takes place when the bacteria infiltrates the urinary tract of individual and makes the infection really very severe. You may also have pain during the process of urination. Even you can face pain during the stage of urination. If such pain persists, you must immediately show doctor and ask for the treatment.

Tender spots on calf

If you are getting repeated pain on your calf muscle of legs, this might be the symptoms of DVT or Deep vein Thrombosis. This takes place when blood clot takes place in the depth of your veins. If you get a warmer touch along with red spot, this can be the reason for the same. It has been observed that, DVT is likely to affect those people who has recently taken a plain ride, consumed birth control pills or have taken a long car ride.

But, you can wait for a day or two till your leg is too much swollen and pain keeps on nagging you repeatedly. But, if you are getting pain too rapidly this is the time to see the doctor immediately without any second thought. If it becomes too late, there can be increase in the size of cloth and break off.