How to increase brain power – Foods to boost brain power

We generally proceed with our brain work throughout the day apart from other tasks. Only the hard core labors do some physical work. But we all belong to the tertiary sector where the maximum emphasis is on brain. These days, computer has become an important part of our life through which we work online or offline.  Our memory needs to be improved in many folds.

Thus, there must be ways through which the memory power can be boosted. We are going to discuss such tips that will ideally boost your memory power. Your brain also requires nutrients to grow and boost its memory.

Take oily fish

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Absolutely vital fatty acids (EFAs) cannot be produced by the body and should be got through diet. The most productive omega-3 fats are found in oily fish as EPA and DHA. Good sources include linseed (flaxseed) oil, soya bean oil, pumpkin kernels, walnut oil and soya beans. They are good for healthy brain function, heart, junctions and general good health. Oily fish contains EPA and DHA in a ready-made pattern, which endows the body to use it effortlessly. The main sources of oily fish include salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards and kippers. Reduced DHA levels have been linked to a higher risk of evolving Alzheimer’s infection and memory loss.

Opt for whole grains

Like everything else in your body, the brain will not work without power. The ability to focus and aim arrives from the adequate, stable provision of power – in the pattern of glucose in our body-fluid to the brain. Accomplish this by choosing whole grains with a low-GI, which provides glucose slowly into the bloodstream, keeping you brain alert all through the day. Opt for ‘brown’ cereals, wheat bran, granary bread and brown pasta.

Eat tomatoes

There is good evidence to propose that lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes, could help defend against the kind of free radical damage to units which happens in the development of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s.

Binge on blueberries

Tufts University in the United States proposes that the using of blueberries may be productive in advancing or delaying short term concentration problem, so now there is no excuse why one should not eat berries for better health.

Add vitality with vitamins

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Certain nutrients like vitamins – B, B6, B12 and folic acid – are known to decrease grades of homocysteine in the body-fluid. Elevated grades of homocysteine are associated with expanded risk of stroke, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s infection. A study of a assembly of elderly patients with gentle cognitive impairment discovered that after two years of intervention with high doses of B6, B12 and folic acid there was considerably less mind shrinkage contrasted to others who took placebo remedy.  

Get vitamin C food

Vitamin C has long been thought to have the power to increase mental agility. One of the best causes of this vital vitamin are blackcurrants.

Sprinkle on sage

Sage has long had a status for improving recollecting power and whereas most investigations focus on sage as an essential oil, it could be worth adding new sage to your diet too.


A large source of vitamin K, which is known to enhance cognitive function and improve brainpower.

Take nuts

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A study released in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that a good intake of vitamin E might help to avert cognitive down turn, especially in the aged. Nuts are a rich source of vitamin E along with leafy green vegetables, asparagus, olives, kernels, eggs, brown rice and whole grains.

Brain Power supplements

Where research linking diet and dementia is still in its infancy, there are a few significant relationships between nutrients and brain well being that are worth exploring. Having a nourishing, well planned diet presents our mind the best possibility of bypassing infection. If your diet is unbalanced  then you may want to consider a multivitamin, inorganic convoluted and omega-3 fatty acid supplement to help recover the essential nutrients lost.  If you are contemplating taking a supplement it is best to talk about this with a medical practitioner or trained healthcare professional.

Ladies finger/ Bindi

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One of the popular thoughts states that the ladies finger/ bhindi is really good to boost the memory power. Often parents make children have this vegetable in meal so that they can memorize their lessons in studies effectively. This easily helps an individual boost in their memorizing capacity.

Brahmi to boost memory

Brahmi is a popular herb that is having its nativity in India. For years this has been used as an ayurvedic medicine. Also you can get the supplement of this product and even the tonic that will enhance your memory power. If you can have this herb along with your meal, it will easily boost your memory. Try this today and see how well you can get your memory power increased.

Pumpkin seeds

You must be having pumpkin in your diet along with other vegetables. We always have a tendency of throwing away the pumpkin seeds. But, from now on never throw away the pumpkin seeds, rather it will be important to keep it separately so that you can have it to boost your memory. Pumpkin seed is rich in zinc that will supply valuable minerals that will enhance memory.


Spinach is one of the green leafy vegetables that work really well to boost your memory power. This will prevent the damage of DNA with a good source of vitamin E and folate. You must have spinach at least 3 days in week to boost your memory.

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