Top fruits to gain weight

You might come across numerous articles which help you reduce weight, but your need might be exactly the opposite. It is true that people, just like you, want some effective ways to gain weight. Some capsules, protein shakes or weight enhancers might hike up your weight within a few weeks but they will come in with side effects. Though these remedies are instant, they are usually not long lasting.

Choosing regular fruit consumption to increase weight is one of the healthiest alternatives you can find. If you are looking for some organic and healthy ways for weight gain, you have paused at the right place! Yes, there are numerous fruits which can help you increase your weight. They are not only going to help you in weight gain but they come in with other health benefits as well.

List of fruits to help you gain weight

Best fruits to gain weight

You might want to become nutritious enough to have the correct weight or it might be a part of your regular exercising. Either ways you need to consume extra calories to help you reach your target. Choosing natural and nutrient-dense elements like fruits are one of the best options to let you have those extra calories easily and deliciously. Choose your pick from the following and add it in your regular diet routine:


A large avocado can have around 322 calories, thus, this fruit can help you resolve your problem. Avocados are one of the fruits with high fats. They have high amount of monounsaturated fats with low amount of unhealthy saturated fats. Add some avocadoes slices into your sandwiches or keep it as an extra ingredient in your salads. You could even stir them into tortillas, with veggies, chicken, beef, etc. You could add it in your butternut squash soup to make it a little creamier. Finally, you can make guacamole with lime juice, black pepper, garlic and avocados!


Banana is one of the most wonderful fruits for gaining weight. Banana is rich in calories and is immensely tasty. Apart from weight gain it also helps your improve hemoglobin production. There are numerous ways to include ripe bananas in your diet. Have them for breakfast directly or chops into slices, if that’s more convenient. Add them with milk or curd and grind to create a smoothie. You could also add it in your fruit salad with other fruits along.


Healthy foods to gain weight fast

The king of fruits has a power to increase weight too! You need to consume it regularly for effective results. Mango is rich in nutrients and has calories, which gives you twice the benefit.  Try to purchase organic mangoes as the commercially available ones usually come with harmful pesticides. They can similarly be consumed as directed for bananas.


Figs are another fruits which are high in calories. You can include figs to your daily diet and see yourself gain soon! Figs can also be an element for fruit salads, as they sure do make the platter tastier.


Include grape juice in your everyday diet to see some positive results. Grapes are usually people’s favorite and thus there is a huge demand for grapes in this purpose. Raisins are higher in calories than the fresh fruits. One cup of raisins contains 493 calories in comparison with 104 calories of fresh grapes. Add some raisins to your oatmeal for breakfast, with some yogurt or cold cereal.

Dried fruits

All dry fruits have more calories than the fresh ones. Just as we discussed about raisins above, it implies the same with dried cranberries, apples, pears, pineapples, mangoes, etc. These can all be included in different ways. Some as toppings in desserts, some in smoothies, some with yogurt, or for breakfast items as illustrated above.

How to make fruit consumption tasty?

Nuts & dry fruits to gain weight

  • Fruit juice: Drink some beverages which contain calories instead of water or some other calorie-less options. Consume either with or in-between meals. A cup of pineapple juice has around 132 calories, and on the other hand, a cup of orange would have around 117 calories. Juices help you increase weight as they are less filling and low in fiber, (than what an entire fruit serves you) although the calories are higher. Choose juices which are 100 percent of fresh with no added sugar. Also, do no choose fruits which are sweetened with sugar.
  • Fruit smoothies: Smoothies help you increase calories and weight. Bananas are discussed above are one of the most popular fruit smoothies. Every banana has around 121 calories. Apart from bananas you can uses mangoes, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, etc. Do not add sugar or sweetened fruits for this as well. They just increase calories without additional benefits. Drink smoothies to make your meals heavier. You could also add them in-between some meals but do not replace with regular meals.
  • Fruit salad: We often get bored by eating the same fruits repetitively, which is why, consuming a salad with mixed fruit, could be a great option. Include the seasonal fruits that you get, for weight gain, and make a salad by combing all of them. Place them on a big plate and then savor through the delicious taste. Having a combination of banana, mango and grapes for the summers is definitely going to be blissful. Grapes too are known to increase weight and they sure are tasty treats!
  • Fruit in recipes: From custard to milk shades and ice-creams, there are so many things you can add fruits too. They enhance the taste and make every bit of your consumption remarkable. Add fruits to desserts, as they will only help you digest better, but will also add to the sweet taste like the main desserts do. Sometimes you excel in making the dessert look better and impress the people you serve. Fruits can also be added to Raita recipes if not custard. Raita are more like yogurt and they need additions fruits and vegetables to make it tasty.
  • Raw fruits: Lastly, fruits can be consumed individually and selectively. You might not always want to combine different fruits and taste all of them at once, so you can choose one type of fruit for one day and switch over to other options later.

Including fruits in your diet everyday adds numerous benefits to your body. These are not only tasty edible items but they work as good as desserts and add benefits like no other desserts would. Pick and choose the ones you like and help yourself improve your weight. Along with fruits, you should also remember that maintaining a healthy diet is very important. Increase the consumption of water and get adequate sleep for better overall health.