Best veg food / Diet to gain weight

If you are someone who is looking for ways to gain weight within a short period of time and you consider the task to very easy, it’s time for you to rethink. The very first thing that you must know is that gaining weight is equally difficult as losing weight. However, people believe that losing weight is difficult as compared to gaining weight whereas the reality is different.

There are many food items which when consumed on a daily basis will help in gaining weight. Also, as there many people who prefer veg food items, find it difficult to choose food items which will help them in gaining weight. In this article, we are sharing some food items which are non-veg but are equally effective for gaining weight.

Milk to gain weight

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Milk is a very common food item when it comes to gaining weight. It has been used for decades for gaining weight and for building muscles. It is a good source of calcium and provides a good balance of carbs, proteins and fats. People who are willing to add some muscle, milk is an excellent protein source for them. According to various studies, consuming milk with weight lifting helps in gaining weight fast. Make sure that you drink one or two glasses of milk daily for fast results.

Rice to put on weight

Rice is a staple food item all around Asia but did know that it is having the properties which help in gaining weight? Well, yes. Rice helps in obtaining a high amount of carbs and calorie from a single serving. Rice is also very easily available throughout the world. It helps in eating more food if you have a poor appetite or if you start feeling full very quickly. If you are in a rush, the best thing to carry with you is a pack of two-minute microwavable rice which you can add to your protein source.

Nuts for extra mass

Looking for food items which helps in gaining weight? Nuts and nut butter are a perfect choice for you. Did you know that just a small handful of almonds contains more than 7 grams protein and around 18 grams of healthy fats? As nuts contain a high amount of calorie, having just a handful of nuts each day will add hundreds of calories per day. Also, if you are willing to increase the amount of calorie in your snacks, try adding nut butter to various food items such as smoothies and yoghurts. Nuts are not only high in calorie but are delicious at the same time, therefore, adding them to your daily diet will surely help in gaining some weight.

Potatoes and starches

If you are looking for cost-effective and easily available food items for gaining weight, you should go for potatoes and starches. Including healthy starches in your daily diet will provide nutrients and fibre needed by your body to gain weight. Healthy starch options include corn, oats, buckwheat, squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes, beans and much more. Not only these help in adding carbs and calories but also increase muscle glycogen stores.

Dried fruits

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Dried fruits are a high source of calories and are also antioxidant and micro nutrients in nature. You can choose from the huge variety of dry fruits available both offline and online and the high amount of sugar present in them makes them the perfect food for gaining weight. According to many people, dried fruits contain less amount of nutrient, whereas, it is not the case. They contain a huge amount of fibre and vitamins. Try combining different kinds of dried fruits in your diet instead of adding meat. They are a great source of protein and can be added to smoothies as well.


You cannot forget about avocados when you are looking for healthy food items to gain weight. Avocados are loaded with various healthy fats and are therefore very effective in gaining weight. Just by having a large avocado which weighs around 200 grams you can add 322 calories, 17 grams of fibre and 29 grams of fat in your diet. Also, we would like to mention that avocados contain a high amount of vitamins, minerals and various other essential plant-based compounds.

So these were some of the food items which you should add to your regular diet if you are looking for healthy food options to gain weight. Everything which we have mentioned above is very easily available and cost-effective.


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Well, then why consume non-veg food items when there are many veg alternatives available?