Procedures to breast reduction without surgery for women

One of the important organ through which a woman is differentiated from man is breast. Since every woman is different with regards to their physical feature and identity, even their breast sizes differ. Some women with tiny breasts wish to get their breast bigger and volumized. But the reverse is also possible. In order to increase the breast size also people go for surgery. Every lady is not in favor of the surgery as this can give rise to side effects and variety of complications in future. Reduction of breast size is now possible without surgery.

Big breasts get attention from the majority of  men but in addition cause a great deal of discomfort and also embarrassment for a woman. If you’re plus size then you obtain nasty comments from the onlookers and also feel humiliated and ashamed. If that is certainly pretty much the way you feel, then why carry this excess weight which provides you with pain on your back, neck and shoulder region and at the same time affects your very own life image?

With big breasts you are unable to wear sexy outfits and also shopping will become a tedious task for you personally. Large boob also have an effect on your snooze and decrease the overall appearance of your body.Looking for the approaches through which you may trim down the dimensions of your breasts in order to make it look just the right size? Well read further to know about all the natural methods that will help you reduce your busts size from the comfort of your home.

Breast size is one of the vital phenomenons to consider especially when you are women. For every female, breast is a symbol of beauty. A perfect breast size and shape is a something to envy. Not all ladies can get a perfect breast shape and size. Some may have bigger breasts whereas others have smaller breast. The medical science has come forward to provide the best remedy for such issues. This article will speak about the remedy for those individuals who have bigger breasts than usual. People do not prefer surgeries always as it proceeds with excessive wear and tear of human body. Natural home remedies are preferable.

Natural ways to reduce breast size

Tips to make big breasts look smaller

  • Maintain weight as per BMI: If you’re plus size woman, adopt a new strict weight loss program. Try not to eat unhealthy food like, processed food, deep fried and sugary foods. Instead add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pinto beans, low fat milk, lean beef and nuts to your daily diet.
  • Pills for breast reduction: These types of herbal busts reduction products are yet another safest option to experience. These pills are capable of doing wonders for women with big boobs. Bust pills are generally economical, come without any known  side effects and reduce the dimensions of breasts very easily.
  • Breast products and lotions: In terms of breast reduction, it may be the other well-known method. These lotions or  creams helps  in reducing the size your busts. Simply rub this lotion or crane around your breasts and obtain beautiful breasts with perfect size and shape.
  • Well fitted bras: Females with big breasts can resort to wearing unique minimizing bras. These bras retains breast in form and can make them appear smaller. A reduce bra shrinks the dimensions of your big breasts by almost a  cup size.
  • Exercises for breast reduction: There are certainly many breast reduction exercises. These routines shape and also sculpt one’s body. You can resort to cardiovascular routines like boating, jogging, brisk walking, workouts and cycling.
  • Big is not always better. Large boob affect the majority of the aspects in your life. So do not feel shy or embarrassed any more. Try out these tips and reduce the dimensions of your boob without developing any health related issues.

Procedure of reduction with surgery

How to make nipples smaller

During the time of surgery, the exterior skin will be removed. The concerned surgeon in this regard will make two or more cuts within the body organ. The fatty layer and excess tissue will be removed. There after the stitches will be there to close the cuts.  Some ladies also have excess of fatty layer along with the breast cells. In that case along with the surgery, liposuction is also done.


For several people result of surgery is not very favorable. In almost 8 out of 10 cases, ladies suffer from intolerable pain.  Other group of women suffers from milder discomfort for around 2 – 3 months. Even for several weeks, people gets bruising as well as swelling in breast. It is important to wear surgical bra till the time everything heals.

Breast reduction without surgery

For all ladies who have extra ordinarily big breast has remedy today without a major surgery. There is a process of getting your breast fat reduced without any side effects after the process of surgery. You can now very quickly return to your usual activity after undertaking this procedure.

Micro lipo

This is a particular procedure where your breast will be cut with the help of a scalpel so that large amount of tissues can be removed.  This is very safe procedure of getting your breast reduced to a wider extent.  You can even get your breast reduced to more than 50% of what it is right now. There are qualified and experienced professionals who can make this procedure successful for you.

Home remedies

How to enlarge breasts naturally

There are some very safe process which can be taken into account for the breast reduction procedure. Since excess weight over your chest is very harmful for your body, you really need to try out some healthy and easy way of reducing your breast size.


You can now carry on with the aerobics and get your unnatural breast size reduced. Some of the activities include cycling, running, biking, skipping etc. Just carry on with the aerobics activity for 20 minutes and you can easily reduced good volume of breast cell and fatty layer. You need to carry on with this exercise on a regular basis and get some reduction in your breast size. Burning fat from that particular part of your body will be quite easy, if you can do it with proper focus and determination.

Green tea

Green tea has number of health benefits to individuals. You will be surprised to learn that, even if you have bigger breast, green tea can easily reduce it. As you know that green tea helps in getting weight loss, breast size increase can also be due to increase in bulk in breast muscle. You can reduce it with regular green tea consumption. This is an effective way to reduce breast size without surgery.

Breast massage

Tips to get beautiful breasts

Sometimes due to increase weight of breast, the boobs tend sag. The stooping down of breast will be really unattractive and odd looking. It is always important to keep your breast upright. For this, breast massage will be really important to keep your breast in proper shape. You can easily get massage oil in the market. This will help increasing your blood circulation and get your breast toned. This also helps reducing your breast size.


Can you belief that ginger has a wonderful remedy of eradicating the bulkiness of your breast? Yes, it is a true fact which you must realize. If you are thinking of surgery in order to reduce the breast size, it will be better to go for the natural remedy. Ginger has the potential to reduce breast size. You have to take 1 teaspoon of grated ginger and boil in water for 10 minutes. There after strain the residue and drink the juice with addition of honey.