How to make nipples smaller – How to shrink nipples

How to get smaller nipples? Not all ladies have perfection in every part of their body. But, they always wish to be perfect as every lady wishes to stay beautiful both from face and through the body parts that remains hidden under the clothes.

Generally the unmarried girls and women are really cautious about some abnormality in any parts of their body whether it is nipples, breast, waist or bumps.


What should be the average size of the areola?
The average size of the areola is 4 cms. However, the size may vary depending on various factors such as breast size.
Does the size of the nipples change over time?
Your nipples grow and change in size throughout life starting from puberty. Pregnancy and breastfeeding remarkably affect the size of your nipples.
Does the color of the nipples have anything to do with how small or big they appear?
Darker areolas often draw more attention. The color primarily changes during pregnancy when they grow darker making them more visible to the infants.
Is it safe to surgically alter the size of the nipples?
A common side-effect of surgically altering the size of the nipples is that it can influence your ability to breastfeed and decrease the sensations in your nipples.
Is it safe to use skin-lightening cream on areolas?
It is advisable not to use skin-lightening cream on your areolas without consulting a medical practitioner.

They want to get all of these in a synchronized way so that their husband remains happy with them after marriage. Some ladies also go through surgeries in order to bring some of the body parts in proper shape.

Having big nipples is one of the common problems faced by every individual lady which can now easily be given a better shape that is acceptable. It is now possible give your nipple much more attractiveness with symmetry in size.

Ways to make nipples smaller

Shaping up the upper portion of the chest

Tips to get beautiful breasts

How to make nipples smaller? Our chest has two portions- Lower and upper. Due to the glandular tissues, we have puffy breast nipples. The best workouts for reducing nipple size are dumbbell pullover and diamond pushups. You have to do these workouts minimum three times.

Remove sodium-rich foods and wheat from your diet

How to make your nipples smaller? While you are trying to adjust your everyday diet for nipple size reduction, you have to avoid eating the wheat regularly. It is also better to keep away from the foods, containing sodium.

In most of the junk foods, you can find the presence of high amount of sodium. Beer, bread, pastries, pizza, cookies and pasta are the foods that are not good for you. You can limit the salt percentage in your food.

Fruits, vegetables, white and brown rice, fishes and meats of high quality are the best foods for controlling your nipple size.

Lose your weight

One of the best steps for reducing nipple size is to decrease your body weight.While there is a good amount of fat in the chest, the nipples also become inflated.

Thus, by dropping fat of your overall body, you can minimize the nipple size. Reduce your everyday consumption, and try out various other ways to control the weight.

Drink green tea regularly

How to shrink nipples? This herbal drink will help you in losing weight and in reducing your breast and nipple size. Boil a cup of water and put tea leaves into it.

Steep and strain it with your spoon. You may add honey to get a better taste and several other benefits. You have to drink 2 to 3 cups of tea everyday. We think that within few months, you will realize the result.

Removal of pigmented skin

One of the reasons behind bigger nipples is due to formation of pigmented skin layer over the surface of nipples. If you can remove this pigmented skin, reducing the size of nipples will be possible.

But this has some side effects as well, while doing this procedure, scar mark can be formed over the areola margin. Again while accomplishing this process of removing the pigmented layer, you can also get flattening of breast.

Plastic surgery

How to make breasts bigger

Some doctors would also suggest plastic surgery I order to make their nipples smaller in size. You need to visit very renowned and experienced plastic surgeons in order to get the nipple in a perfect shape.

Some plastic surgeons are so experienced that they will not eve leave a mark over the area around the breast and make it look really beautiful.


Can you make your nipples smaller? If you don’t want to go for surgeries, exercise will be the best solution for all problems. You can speak to your trainer and get some of the effective exercise that will easily make your nipple size smaller in few months.

You can also speak to such experts online for the best result. There are some health and fitness consultant who can guide you well to reduce the nipple shape.


How to get small nipples? Sometimes nipples appear larger due to dead skin layer that is topped over it. All you have to do is go ahead with scrubbing so that the dead skin is effectively removed.

You can get variety of facial scrubs in the market which can be used to remove the dead skin layer over your nipples. After applying the scrubber all you have to do is rub it with fingertips.

There after remove it with water. You can also use a pumice stone to slowly rub your nipples after applying the scrubber as the treatment will be much more effective with this.


Surgery is one of the effective procedure through which you can get your nipples size reduced. But since scar can form during this procedure, people do not dare to go ahead with the surgery.

But today the procedure of surgery has become much more advanced with innovative technique. Thus, the chance of forming scar will be negligible.

Ladies with bigger nipple willing to reduce it can go for a surgery but before that they need to research on the surgeon and his profile.

Hormonal injection

How to make my nipples smaller? Abnormality of various parts of your body can take place due to hormonal problems.

You can now go ahead with hormonal injection to reduce your nipple size. But, this might have some side effects, thus speak to your physician and get the safe one which will be appropriate to your body type.

Decrease in estrogen level

Home remedies for sore breast

Sometimes due to an increase in estrogen level people gets inflamed body parts. This inflamed body parts also include nipples. You must drink filtered water and have the supplements like zinc, magnesium fish oil as well as vitamin B.

Sometimes the birth control pills also have side effect which gives rise to bigger nipples. Thus, you need to be very cautious about your contraceptive pills.

It is better to avoid it completely. Some green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, sprouts have important enzyme that will retain your normal size of your nipples. Thus, try consuming such veggies regularly.