Best yoga poses to lose belly fat

Is belly fat stopping you from putting on that beautiful dress but you lack the time to go out all running and jogging to lose the extra fat from your stomach area? If the answer for the above question is a big “Yes” for you, then the best option you have at hand to get rid of the belly fat is to opt for Yoga. Yoga is an ancient Indian science that works on the physical as well as the mental level and can be very helpful to promote a better life and overall well being. There are some particular yoga poses that you can practice regularly to lose the belly fat and also to enjoy a lot of other health benefits. This article will list down some of the most effective yoga asanas for losing the belly fat quickly.

The yoga asanas listed in this article are safe to perform by anyone of any age. However, if you are suffering from any physical conditions or in case you are pregnant you should talk to your doctor first before starting with it. Yoga can be the right way to maintain a perfect physique and you should avail the benefits of this ancient system that was created in India.

Bhujangasana or the cobra pose

Bhujangasana or the cobra pose

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Bhujangasana is an ideal yogasana that stretches your abdominal muscles and can be most effective to reduce the excess belly fat. Along with your stomach muscles, it also works out your back and upper body giving you an all over toning effect. To do this asana lie on the floor on your stomach, with your legs stretched to the back. Now place the palms of your hand beside your shoulders and push your body up. Your legs should be fully touching the floor and your upper body should be straight up from the floor, your face pointing to the front. Hold this cobra position for 20-30 seconds and then slowly lower your body and get back to the lying position. You should repeat this asana for at least 5 times consecutively with an intermediate savasana break of 15 seconds.

Adho mukha savasana or the downward dog pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana or the Downward Dog Pose

This yogasana can be very helpful to tone up your stomach as well as your back, hands and legs. It is one of the few asanas that works on your whole body. To do Adho Mukha Svanasana lie on the floor on your stomach with your legs stretched out. Fix your legs on the floor and walk back with your hands to bend your body from the waist. At the final position both your hands and legs should be fully stretched. Hold this pose for 20-30 seconds and then slowly trace back your hands to the starting position and lie on the floor. You need to do 5 repetitions of the asana at a stretch with 15 seconds in between gaps.

Salabhasana or the locust pose

Salabhasana or the Locust Pose

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Salabhasana stretches your whole body and can be an effective yogasana for losing the belly fat as well. To do salabhasana lie on the floor on your stomach with your legs stretched out and joined together. Now raise your legs without bending them from the knees and also your torso up without bending from your waist. Your face should be facing forward and your hands should be stretched backwards in a tension. Hold this locust pose for 20-30 seconds before you relax. Do 5 repetitions with a gap of 15 minutes each.

Ardha navasana or the half boat posture

Ardha Navasana or the Half Boat Posture

This asana particularly targets the abdominal muscles and can be most effective to give you rid of the excess stomach fat. To do this asana lie flat on your back with your hands folded under your head and your feet joined together. Now raise your torso as well as your legs to reach the half boat position. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds and then slowly relax to the starting position. Take a break for 15 seconds and then repeat. You need to do at least 5 repetitions of the pose in a single sitting.

Balasana or the child’s resting pose

Balasana or the Child’s Resting Pose

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Balasana can efficiently tone up the stomach muscles. It also gives a stretching effect all over the body which can be most helpful to get a toned figure. For performing balasana sit on the floor with your legs folded under your hips as shown in the figure above. You should be able to have your full balance at this position. Now lower your head to the front and touch the floor with your nose. Stretch your hands to the back and try to hold the thumb of your feet with your fingers. Maintain this posture for 20-30 seconds, relax and get back to the sitting position. Unfold your legs, take a break of 20 seconds and then repeat. 5 repetitions are all that you need to do in a single sitting.

Chakrasana or the wheel pose

Chakrasana or the Wheel Pose

Chakrasana can be most effective to burn out the belly fat quickly, but it is not suitable for you if you are pregnant or if you have any problem of the spine. Chakrasana can be performed from a lying or from a standing position. If you are doing it for the first time, it is best to start from the lying position. Lie on the floor with your back. Bend your legs from the knees and place your feet strongly on the floor. Place your hands at the sides of your shoulder with your palms fixed on the floor. Now push your body up to reach the wheel position. Hold this position for at least 30-40 seconds and then slowly get back to the starting position. Do savasana for 30 seconds and then repeat the wheel pose. 3 repetitions are enough for a single sitting.

Dhanurasana or the bow pose

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose

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Dhanurasana, when done in the right way can burn out your stomach fat quickly. However, to reach the perfect dhanurasana pose it might take you some time and regular practice. For performing this asana lie flat on the floor on your stomach. Raise your legs upwards and backwards, folding them from the knee. Now bend your torso from your waist and hold the ankles of the legs with the help of your hands. Ideally, only your naval region will be touching the ground while your body will remain in the bow pose. Once you reach the maximum position hold it for 30-40 seconds and then get back to the starting position. Relax for 20-30 seconds by doing savasana and then repeat. 3-4 repetitions of dhanurasana at a single sitting are sufficient.

Halasana or the plough pose

Halasana or the Plough pose

Halasana is an effective tummy toning exercise and can also be beneficial for curing different sexual problems in males and females. However, it is an advanced asana and should not be practiced by the beginners without the guidance of a master. Lie on the floor with joined legs and hands stretched at your sides. Now raise your legs upwards maintaining your balance with the help of your hands. After raising your legs, raise your waist and torso to touch the floor at the other side with your feet, as shown in the image. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then slowly trace back. Rest and repeat for 2 more times.

Padahastasana or the standing forward bend

Padahastasana or the Standing Forward Bend

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Enjoy a bunch of health benefits along with reducing your tummy pouch by doing the padahastasana. This is a simple asana and can be easily performed even by the beginners. Stand on the floor with your legs shoulder width apart and with your spine erect. Bend forward from your waist to touch your knee with your face. Your hands should be touching your feet or placed beside your feet. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then trace back. Take rest for 15 seconds and then repeat. You need to complete at least 5 repetitions of this asana in a single sitting.

Ustrasana or the camel pose

Ustrasana or the Camel Pose

Ustrasana can also be effective to stretch the abdominal muscles helping you lose the stubborn belly fat. For doing Ustrasana stand on the yoga mat with your knees maintaining your balance with your legs. Now bend your body backward to hold your ankles with your hands just as shown in the picture above. You should hold this position for 40-45 seconds and then get back to the starting position slowly. Take a short break and repeat. It is a simple yogasana with loads of health benefits.

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Yoga can be highly effective to reduce the belly fat and also to enjoy a good overall health. However, it is not magic and hence to get the best results from yoga, you need to practice it regularly and religiously at least for 3-4 months. While you can do the basic yoga poses on your own, it is best to learn from a master if you are planning to do the advanced poses that can give you quick results. Never perform yoga after having your meal or when you are feeling full. Also keep in mind that yoga is not about doing the poses quickly, but it is all about doing the poses correctly. So, while doing yoga, never hurry. Take your time and try to bring perfection in your every yoga pose.