Women grooming tips at workplace

Working in a corporate environment requires cooperation and support from seniors, boss, juniors as well as peers. You can’t just stay alone and meeting your targets alone. But, with a very shabby and imperfect appearance at your work place, members of your office can develop a dislike for you. Rather, a well groomed look for a professional atmosphere along with proper dress and attitude will easily win over the heart of most people within your office environment. Once your colleges gets a positive impression about you from your looks, they themselves will approach you and try to create a bond of friendship which will in turn help you getting a pace in your professional  environment.

It is not only in any social gathering or the occasion that women must look beautiful, rather it will be really important for them to look great even in the work place. These days more than 75% of the women are working. They stays outside home throughout the day to earn their bread and butter. They wish to look really presentable in front of their seniors and colleagues. Let us find out some tips with the help of which the grooming at the work place will be perfect.

Women grooming tips at workplace

Tip 1- Cleanliness

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First and foremost tip to stay in a corporate environment will be cleanliness. You must be careful about your personal hygiene such as cleaning teeth, nails as well as hair and also appearance of fresh face will be an important consideration. The dress you are wearing must be clean especially there should not be any dirt if you are wearing a shirt. Well pressed shirt will be preferable than creased dress in a working environment.

Tip 2 – Presentable clothes

Most of the employers would prefer conservative dress on their employers as this creates a positive and respectable image of the individual to rest of the office staffs. Women are strictly prohibited to wear the clothes that show skin. You should totally avoid the dresses that show thighs, bare backs as well as excessive low neck.  Even the clothes that you are wearing must have a perfect fit and should not fall out from your shoulder. The dress you are wearing must be comfortable for you to wear such that you can carry it well.

Tip 3- Hair grooming

If you have short hair which stretches till your chin, keep your hair neatly combed such that there are no dandruff on your hair. Dandruff can be much more visible if you are wearing black color suit. Falling out of dandruff over your suit will be very unimpressive. Again if you have hair more than the length of your shoulder, try out tiding it at the back forming a ponytail.  You can also create a neat bun at your back if the hair is too long.

Tip 4 – Avoid tattoos

In a corporate environment, you are not supposed to show tattoo on your skin. Rather, it will be really un-impressive in front of your employer. Even if you have tattoo, cover the same with the dress or cloth you are wearing. Exposing the skin that contains tattoo would not be advisable. Even if you have spots over the skin that is not impressive try to cover them too.

Tip 5 – Makeup

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Professional style of makeup will be really important to put on face especially when you are going to face your professional environment. The customers and clients would always look for the lady professional with good presentation. Thus, a perfect grooming with regards to work place makeup will be important.

Following are some important steps of makeup

  • Some people have excessive under eye circle which needs to be covered with makeup
  • Ladies with oily skin can get pimples, blemishes and acne. Spots and scar marks will be very natural on their skin. Now, by using makeup or foundation you need to make your skin even.
  • Apply a good moisturizer over your skin as dry skin makes an individual look very un- impressive. You will look hydrated and for a longer period of time if you can apply moisturizer.
  • Eye makeup is also an important consideration when you are going for a professional makeup. If you really wish to look polished eyeliner withy mascara will be an important consideration.
  • Don’t overdo eye makeup or apply dark color eye shadow.
  • Do not apply dark color nail polish or do any sort of nail art as this would pose a negative impression on the employer in the working environment, rather cut your nail short and apply a very light color nail paint.
  • Do not ever put false eyelashes as this cannot be treated as a part of professional makeup.

Grooming tips for women at workplace

Light skin makeup

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Office is such a place where you cannot just over do with your makeup wonder. You need to give a descent look. All you have to do is get a simple healthy routine of your skin. First of all you need to clean your skin with a cleanser or the face wash. There after use the toner to open the skin pores and let the nutrient penetrate inside the skin. Then use a light moisturizer that has sun protection factor.

Formal hairstyle

You need to go ahead with a formal hairstyle when you are going to attend the meeting at your work place. Normally formal Indian wear include sari, salwar suite and Kurta pajama. You can either make a bun or just a ponytail. Keep the hairstyle really simple and clean so that your seniors many not be able to complain that you are overdoing.

Dress code

Dress code is an important consideration when you are going to decide about the dress to be worn at your office. If your duty is at the front desk or the place where you need to interact with the customers and clients face to face, your dress code must be absolutely formal. You can wear a saree or salwar suit. The western attire such as jeans and top can also be accepted by the formal look is important. If you are working at back office , the dress code may not be a very mandatory factor. But this will be dependent upon your organization policy. It is better to go with the formal dress code.