How to maintain breast round and firm from teenage

Teenagers experience a rapid change in their body. From hormonal changes to physical developments, there are a lot they have to go through. It is important for knowing some facts to help them in the long run. In this article we have listed down some initial stages of breast development, and we have some remedies which would help a teen girl maintain round and perky breasts right from the very beginning.

Breast development and facts

Tips to make big breasts

  • Breasts start developing around a year before menstrual cycle starts.
  • During childhood our chest is flat, and the initial stage which develops during this time is known as the breast bud stage. Here, the nipples and breasts get slightly uplifted due to the formation of fat tissues and milk ducts.
  • The areola starts enlarging and we tend to miss out on the initial stage as the change is very slight. The nipples start looking puffy, and that’s one indication that your breasts are developing.
  • The breasts then start developing in a conical shape and the nipples starts pointing out.
  • These initial developments happen due to hormone estrogen as fat gets deposited in breasts and our milk ducts start growing.
  • After girls start menstruating, ovaries produce progesterone which causes developments in milk glands, at the end of milk ducts. This doesn’t bring in visible growth according, but this step is very essential.
  • Some girls also go through a stage where nipples and areola form a mound separate from the actual breasts.
  • The entire cycle of breast development takes around 3-5 years at an average, but for some girls, it could take about 10 years.
  • During breast development, we feel pain and tenderness in that zone. This is quite normal, along with some itchiness while the skin stretches.
  • A girl needs more iodine during this stage. It in an important mineral, as healthybreast tissues needs iodine. The larger the breasts develop into, the more iodine you’d need.
  • Note that till pregnancy, breasts are not considered to be fully development.
  • Breast development starts between 8 to 13 years of age. If a girl doesn’t have breast buds or hair on her private parts by the time she is 14, she should be taken to a doctor. It is similar for girls who haven’t got her periods till she is 15. It is known as delayed puberty and needs immediate consultation.
  • After the beginning of menstrual cycle, girls start having rounder breasts and that growth can go on till early 20s. This the perfect time to start taking care, so that you can maintain round breasts all through your life.


Home remedies for sore breast

Hydrotherapy is the usage of water for promoting wellness in body. A common and easy practice is to switch between warm and cold water while taking a bath. This can increase skin’s circulation by 95%. Increased circulation encourages production of elastic and collagen – the protein of our skin is responsible for toning and elasticity. This in turn, helps us have firmer breast.

Next time you take a shower, spend few minutes to tone your breasts. Rinse breasts with warmer water for the first 30 seconds, and immediately shift to the coldest water you can bear, and rinse for the next 10 seconds. Continue the process for some more time.

Colder water should be applied for shorter period of time than the warmer water. But, you must end the process with cold water. Water which is warm enough to burn you shouldn’t be used.


The best exercises for improving breasts to a rounder shape would include working out of chest muscles. Though, the breasts do not have muscles, exercises do not bigger the size but help in toning instead. If you follow some simple exercises, you will be able to maintain round and uplifted breasts for a long time.

How to make breasts grow bigger

  1. Push-up: lie flat on your stomach touching the floor and hands under the shoulders. Catch feet shoulder width apart, while toes are tucked, so that you can balance on the balls of the feet. Contract your abdomen so that your back lies flat. Hold neck and head at level with spine. Inhale while you lower chest and come as close to the ground as possible. Exhale while you return to the initial position. If you aren’t strong enough for plank push-ups, use your knees instead. Once you have excelled that position, advance to the toes.
  2. Chest press: lay flat on the floor and on your back. You could also use a bench and balance-ball for this position. Take dumbbells for both the hand and let palms face forward. Bend elbows at 90 degree, and hold them out parallel to your shoulders. Exhale while stretching arms towards ceiling and let the knuckles face up. Don’t touch weights together and make sure to not squeeze the chest at the upper motion. Inhale while you withdraw to the initial position.
  3. Incline chest press: this is similar to the previous exercise. You just have to lie on an incline bench instead of the floor. Take an incline bench and lie on your back. Take dumbbells on both hands and let palms face forward. Bend elbows at 90 degree and then hold out parallel to shoulders. Exhale while stretching arms towards ceiling and let the knuckles face up. Don’t touch weights together and make sure to not squeeze the chest at the upper motion. Inhale while you withdraw to the initial position.
  4. Chest fly: lie flat on your back and take dumbbells on both hands. Your arms must remain straight and in level with shoulders. Lift your hands with palms facing each other till you bring them above your chest.


How to make nipples pinker

  • Add these exercises in your routine at least three times a week.
  • Make sure you do them on alternate days and not three days at a stretch.
  • For every exercise, start with 1-3 sets with 8-12 replacements. When you can do 3 sets with 12 times of repetitions, you can increase the resistance but not repetitions.
  • For chest fly and press you can increase the weight of dumbbells.
  • For push-ups uplift your feet on a chair or bench when you can do 3 sets with 12 repetitions on toes.
  • If you cannot do the chest press due to the absence of inclined bench, do the other three only.
  • If you do have an inclined bench, you can do 2 out of the 3 pressing exercises, but keep the chest fly on your list mandatorily.

Every woman wants to have perky and round breasts. It not only adds to their confidence and feel, but makes them look immensely sensual. Proper breast care will help you have greater looking cleavage which brings an improved fitting for clothes. If you do not exercise or you aren’t allowed to for any reason, the hydrotherapy would solve your problem with consistent practice.

How to maintain healthy breasts?

Along with making the breast shape right, it is important to maintain better breast health. There are a few things to keep in mind, so that your breasts stay fit and healthy.

How to make nipples smaller

  • Eat well: there are numerous researches that have stated that there are foods which reduce the risk of have breast cancer. It is important to follow minimum measures to avoid such situations in the future. Consume oranges, walnuts, cranberries, flax seeds, plums, peaches and omega-3 fatty acids found in eggs, fishes and avocados.
  • Wear the right bra: 70% of women are known to wear wrong bra sizes which lead to various health problems like skin irritation, breathing problems and then poor posture. It is also known to be related to damage in breast ligaments which lead to breast pain and sagging. There are numerous occasions, through which a girl’s breast size changes, and the sizes of the clothing material should change accordingly.
  • Exercise regularly: the years of teenage mold you for the better future, and some good habits that are taken up now, can last forever. Exercising is for an overall health and to also maintain a healthier figure. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise which can be recommended for the long run.
  • Leave them breasts open: from the time a girl needs to start wearing bras, they should also know that it has to be put away at times. It is one of the most important things for the body and breasts, as letting your breasts cling onto a bra for all day, is very stressful and harmful.
  • Drink water: water washes the toxins away from your body and makes the breast tissue firmer. They will keep your breasts strong through the years of postural changes along with puberty.


• What exercises should I do to keep my breasts round and firm?

Focus on chest exercises such as push-ups, chest presses, and chest flies.

• What diet should I follow to keep my breasts in shape?

A balanced diet that includes lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is the best way to keep your breasts healthy and in shape.

• What other lifestyle changes can I make to help keep my breasts round and firm?

In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can also wear a supportive bra, which can help to reduce sagging and keep your breasts looking round and firm.

• Are there any special tips or products I can use to maintain my breast’s shape?

Yes, wearing a supportive bra and avoiding rapid weight fluctuations can help maintain the shape of your breasts.

Does ice massage help in getting firm breasts?

Though this might not sound a good idea but ice massage for 1-2 min can help in regaining firmness for sagged breasts. Ice makes the tissues in the breasts to contract, thereby making them firm.

• Which oils help in lifting saggy breasts?

You can use natural oils like olive oil, fenugreek oil, almond oil, lemongrass oil to naturally lift up saggy breasts. These oil help in tightening droopy breasts.

• Does sleeping in a bra improve breast size?

Sleeping in bra doesn’t contribute to making breast perky or prevent them from sagging. You can wear it or give it a miss, according to your comfort. However, sleeping in a light bra allows blood circulation and prevents breasts from getting compressed.

• How can I prevent saggy breasts?

You can prevent saggy breasts by choosing the right bra, staying hydrated, maintaining good posture while sitting or walking & most importantly a healthy diet comprising of essential vitamins and minerals.

• Does sleeping on the front affect breast growth?

Sleeping on your front won’t affect breast development or make them smaller. If you have sore breasts, sleeping on the back or side can provide more comfort.