Anushka sharma beauty tips & secrets

Anushka Sharma is a familiar and most-loved name on the screen of Bollywood. Be it the innocence of conservative, homely Taani or the confidence of determined and feisty Bulbul, she has pulled off every on screen character lively and realistically.

She has been stealing hearts with every character she plays right from her first onscreen appearance in the year 2008. However, it is not just her acting that is praised worldwide.

Fans love her for her flawless beauty, spotless skin, and friendly gesture. Therefore, here are some secrets and tips from the bold and bubbly beauty of Bollywood.

Beauty tips of Anushka sharma

Beauty tips of the actress

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As heard from the horse’s mouth, our vivacious actress follows a minimalist skincare regimen.  Here are wise beauty tips from her:

  1. She believes that the right food, a daily dose of meditation, and regular workout can keep your skin glowing and refreshing for long. Not to mention, the role of water to flush out harmful toxins.
  2. Anushka encourages intake of at least 3 liters of water a day to keep the skin hydrated.
  3. She also recommends to scrub off any beauty products after a shoot and before you head to bed at night.
  4. Wash your skin with a cream-based cleanser before going to sleep and apply cocoa butter lotion to restore moisture.
  5. It is also important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For this, Anushka recommends applying sunscreen under your makeup before stepping out in the sunshine.

Beauty Secrets of Anushka Sharma That No One Knows

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Despite endorsing big brands and beauty products, Anushka is a big fan of herbal treatments. In fact, she prefers a neem face mask to detoxify her skin.

It prevents acne and pimples, controls excess oil secretion, lightens rashes and scars. Besides, neem treats skin infections, removes under-eye dark circles, dries off blackheads or whiteheads, and adds a lasting glow to your skin.

She uses homemade face packs containing natural herbal ingredients like banana, papaya, honey, and milk.

The actress also follows a regular hair care routine. She washes her hair at the end of the day before going to bed to minimize the prospects of product buildup. Furthermore, she air-dries her hair instead of using a dryer.

She always oils her hair before washing. According to the actress, hot oil head massage is the best way to pamper your hairs and make them healthy. She recommends coconut oil massage for strong hair and a healthy scalp.

Another valuable secret of Anushka for hair is her healthy hair mask wherein she incorporates coconut oil with egg yolk or amla powder for long-lasting effects.

Use natural products based shampoos and conditioner to treat your hair.  Also, never forget to cover your head with a scarf, hat, or umbrella for avoiding direct exposure to harmful heat and dust.

Transformation of Anushka from a Simple to a Gorgeous Girl

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The actress recollects that her first walk on the ramp was awful yet a great learning experience. Over the years, the experience transformed a nervous shy little girl into a confident, ace model of her times.

She believes staying happy and healthy is a choice that keeps you at the forefront of success and admiration. Well, her career graph clearly resonates her belief.

However, the transition from a simple next-door girl to a gorgeous supermodel has never been a piece of cake. She has really worked hard to earn her success in Bollywood.

She never misses out any fitness regimen. In addition, she follows a weekly weight training routine along with alternate Yoga and meditation sessions. She believes in eating right and exercising well to maintain a brilliantly toned body and a flawless healthy skin.

Through her hard work and conviction, she stands today as a street-style, beauty ambassador with her spotless buttery-smooth skin, glamorous persona, and cheerful appeal.

Beauty Advice for Her Fans

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Drink tons of water, wear sunscreen before heading out, always wash off your makeup before sleep, give periodic hot oil massage treatment to your hairs, and always wear a smile.

The actress exclaims that the body feels happy when the heart is elevated. Most importantly, always use beauty and skin care products based on natural ingredients to ensure deep nourishment and lasting results.

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