Priyanka chopra weight loss diet and workout secrets

Miss World, singer, performer, model & actress Priyanka Chopra has brought laurels to India with her internationally popular image and appearances. The Global Icon Priyanka Chopra has revolutionized the way Indian actors are seen on an international level. Her tight schedule and challenging roles demand fit body and mind. The golden rule that PC swears by is to keep it natural, so whether it is her choice of diet or her workout regime, she follows the traditional and natural ways to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Weight loss diet

Priyanka chopra weight loss diet

Beauty tips & fitness secrets of priyanka chopra

One and all admire the svelte figure of Priyanka Chopra. Her fetish for maintaining her body without engaging in torturing diets is praiseworthy. Let us take a quick look at her diet routine!

  • Priyanka Chopra swears by some extra liters of water intake to keep her body hydrated and own a glowing skin.
  • She also maintains a diet which includes more of liquid intake and salads/veggies.
  • Although Priyanka Chopra is not someone who believes in starving herself or abstaining from the pleasure of eating, she balances her everyday diet with cheat days which includes snacks, pizzas, buffalo wings, and doughnuts.
  • PC’s Instagram page is proof that she is a wholesome food lover! Multiple times she has posted pictures of delicious burgers, pizzas, and doughnuts, displaying her fondness for food of all kinds, but only on cheat days.
  • PC being a food lover does not believe in crash dieting, rather she switches to home-cooked meals.

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  • Her choice of meals includes green veggies, fresh fruits, coconut water, eggs, lentils, and nuts.
  • Apart from weight regulation, even for her skincare routine, PC firmly believes in traditional recipes like ubtan (gram flour and turmeric face mask), and other homemade packs. (Her Instagram page is a proof of that).
  • For her hair care, PC ensures that her hair is nourished with oil thrice a week.

Her roles in movies and TV series including Mary Kom and Quantico demand a lot of energy and fitness. It is globally known that the actor does most of her stunts herself which is possible only through a flexible and agile body.

In addition to her diet and fitness routine, she is all praise of her metabolism and genes which do not let her gain weight usually.

Workout secrets

Workout secrets

Anushka sharma fitness regime & healthy diet

Priyanka Chopra is one of the very few celebrities who do not believe in slogging in the gym every day. She thinks that our life is too short to kill ourselves in the gym and advises a moderate workout regime to be healthy and fit.

  • The workout regime of PC includes 15 minutes of running treadmill before anything else.
  • She also swears by push-ups and reverse lunges to maintain her body strength.
  • She avidly believes in the power of yoga and meditation. PC has been practicing yoga for her body fitness for a long time now.
  • She meditates to keep her mind in perfect balance amidst the hustle-bustle of daily routine.
  • PC workouts for an hour every day to maintain the fitness and activeness of the body, and not to shrink her inches.
  • Her workout schedule is a perfect balance of cardio and strength.

Sonam kapoor’s fitness regime & healthy diet

  • She is not very fond of weight training and keeps on switching to spin classes frequently.
  • Running and spinning are two of her most favorite fitness secrets.
  • PC follows bench jumps, reverse crunches and planks apart from the aforementioned workouts. Each of them for 20-25 times.
  • Many popular celebrity fitness experts laud PC for her flexible and active body, which she gets from being an avid yoga devotee.
  • PC is one of the few global celebrities who are vocal of women causes and women empowerment. Her realistic approach to diet and self-care is proof that each woman should embrace her curves and love herself for who she is.

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PC has a very positive and natural aura around her. Her approach to diet and self-care displays her firm belief in roots and traditions. Even after attaining a global image, the star swears by the most basic and traditional way of living. Does it not deserve applause?