Anushka sharma fitness regime & healthy diet

The beautiful diva, Anushka Sharma, has received tremendous admiration worldwide for her exceptional acting skills. However, there is more to admire about the gorgeous supermodel. The actress has naturally gorgeous skin, beautiful hair, pleasing physique, and an enviable body. Here is a sneak peek into the fitness regime and healthy diet that the actress swears by.

Anushka Sharma’s Diet Routine

Anushka Sharma’s Diet Routine

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Anushka Sharma is a self-confessed foodie. She hardly believes in a fad diet or the concept of fasting. Despite that, she stays conscious of what she eats in a day. The actress follows a simple diet routine comprising of 5 meals in a day. She simply loves home cooked food. In addition, she ensures to drink not less than 3 liters of water to stay hydrated and detoxify the body.

According to Anushka, a healthy diet not only influences your overall health but also clearly reflects on your skin. Here are some of her diet secrets for an impeccable skin:

  1. She takes 2 egg whites for breakfast with a freshly made glass of fruit juice.
  2. The breakfast is usually followed by a light midday snack containing cheese toast and coconut or lime water.
  3. Anushka prefers a simple lunch of homemade vegetable, daal, fresh chapattis, and freshly cut salad.
  4. She takes seasonal fruits or a protein bar in the evening snack.
  5. Dinner is usually light and primarily home cooked.
  6. Her day usually ends with a glass of milk and a light snack.

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The actress maintains a healthy distance from oily, processed, and junk meals. She believes junk food eventually reflects on your skin in the form of acne, infection, and fat, making you look dull, unappealing, and overweight.

Anushka Sharma’s Fitness Regimen

Here is how Anushka Sharma maintains a super fit body with a dedicated fitness regimen.


Anushka Sharma is a big fan of Yoga over a regular day at the gym. She believes that Yoga not only helps her in maintaining a lean stature and increasing flexibility but also boosts her mood after a long day at work.

She exclaims Yoga to be a key to her radiant skin and flawless glow on her face. Anushka is so addicted to Yoga that she makes sure to incorporate a Yoga session in her daily fitness regimen.


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The bubbly actress believes that dance is the best form of a cardio workout. She dances for at least 30 minutes every single day. This keeps her body fit and strengthens her cardiovascular muscles.


Anushka is not a big fan of the gym. In fact, she does not personally like to hit a gym unless required. With that said, her profession requires some inevitable gym training including a regular workout.

For this, Anushka combines weight training and strength training sessions four times a week. She includes a regular walk or jogs in her day when she is shooting offshores. This keeps the actress disciplined with her fitness regimen even when she is shooting overseas.


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The actress uses meditation as a powerful tool to stay calm and cleanse her mind. It helps remove her stress and keeps her in a cheerful mood throughout the day. Anushka strongly recommends including meditation into a daily fitness regimen.

The actress meditates twice a day. Once early in the morning and next after a shoot. It helps her start and end her day with a relaxed mind and fresh thoughts.

Sleep for Health

Despite a dedicated healthy diet and a regular fitness regimen, Anushka appreciates some hours for rest.

She believes that accompanying workouts with appropriate rest help in rejuvenating the entire body system. Anushka takes proper eight to nine hours of sleep every night.

Suggestion to Fans

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Anushka suggests all her fans not to follow celebrities or trends blindly. According to the actress, you should follow a fitness regimen and diet plan that best suits your body needs.

Furthermore, the actress suggests that regular workout, a daily dose of Yoga and meditation combined with healthy homemade food and 8-9 hours sleep can really work wonder for anyone seeking a healthy toned body.

Practicing Yoga can have wonderful effects on one’s body and mind. Furthermore, small healthy meals help in reviving metabolism by speeding up the fat burning process in the body.

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