Sara ali khan beauty tips & fitness health tips

Sara Ali Khan is a promising new-age actress who proved her prowess with recent releases. She first appeared in the media as a cute, chubby teenager clad in bright green lehenga at Daddy Saif’s wedding with Kareena Kapoor. From then to now, her beauty and fitness transformation has been impressive.

Here are some revelations about beauty and fitness regime:

Sara ali khan beauty tips

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The actress is usually clicked by media outside her gym. She is spotted sans make-up yet skin glowing and flawless. That glow from within on her face is definitely every girl’s dream. How does she manage to glow all the time even without makeup?

Here are the facemasks this Bollywood diva swears by:

  1. Banana, honey, and yoghurt face pack: Simply prepare a paste of all of these three ingredients in the same amount and apply it on face and neck for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with normal water.
  2. Fuller’s earth and green coconut water face pack: Apply a paste of coconut water and fuller’s earth on face for glowing and fairer skin like Sara’s.
  3. Strawberry and milk face pack: This face pack will help you get rid of blemishes and acne. Sara applies it on face regularly for maintaining glow on skin.

Sara ali khan’s fitness fundas

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  • Eat healthy and simple. Stay away from fast food and other forms of sugar.
  • Exceeding the amount of protein intake will not do any good.
  • Avoid skipping meals to lose weight. It can harm the body and make you gain more.
  • Focus on having smaller and appropriate portion size to balance nutrition and hunger ratio.
  • Avoid refined flours.
  • Include healthy fiber-rich foods and variations into your diet to satisfy taste buds and keep cravings in check.
  • Seek professional help to achieve fitness and weight loss goals.

Sara ali khan’s transformation from fat to fit

Bollywood remained the biggest inspiration behind her weight loss journey. This young actress wanted to get fit and feel empowered, physically and mentally to pursue her career.

She weighed 96 kg and needed to lose around 40 kg. Apart from the weight loss, the actress needed to tone her body and boost energy levels to stay healthy and keep up with rigorous workout sessions.

The fat to fit diet

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  • Sara starts her day with a concoction of spinach, turmeric, and hot water.
  • Breakfast comprises of an egg-white with a toast or 2 medium idlis.
  • Lunch consists of boiled veggies, raw chopped salad, boiled dal, and a chappati.
  • Semolina upma with vegetables serves for a quick snack or nuts.
  • For dinner, Sara is served a bowl full of vegetables (grilled or boiled). Some days, she has boiled eggs or chicken.
  • The Pre-Workout Food: She prefers having a bowl of muesli with fruits or boiled oats with fruits. The diet is loaded with fatty acids acts as a nutrient balancer.
  • The Post-Workout Food: Sara has a bowl of legumes with tofu or a milk shake/ yogurt.

Sara ali khan’s workout routine for weight loss

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Sara revealed on talk show Koffee with Karan about her fight with a hormonal disorder called PCOS. She said that the condition makes one gain weight, grow bald and increase hair growth on body.

This made weight loss even more difficult for her. She had to make extra efforts to stay in lose weight and stay in shape.

Here’s her workout routine that helped her fat to fit transformation goal:

  • Stretching and jogging as a warm up routine.
  • Runs on treadmill running.
  • Playing sports with other celebs and friends to gain strength.
  • She dedicates one day in a week to pilates.
  • Ab and hip pushups.
  • Crunches and biceps.
  • Triceps and dumbbell raises.
  • Yoga.
  • Boot camp training for strength gain boot camp training. Boot camp is an intense training that involves sprints and drills, lunges, pull ups, pushups, crunches, etc.

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To avoid boredom setting into her workout routine, Sara introduces variations and follows a mixture of exercises. These variations include:

  • Doing Pilates under trainer Namrata Purohit.
  • Boot camp training to promote strength building and aerobics under Cindy Jordian.

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