Beauty tips and fitness secrets of parineeti chopra

The bubbly and chirpy girl, our very own Parineeti Chopra has always been in spotlight and ruled bollywood ever since she entered. The glam actress is beauty with brains. She holds a triple honors degree from Manchester. She is just like many of us- a total foodie and hates workouts. Her journey has been a storm!

Parineeti Chopra’s beauty secrets

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Parineeti has been impressive with her flushed and radiant skin onscreen for years now. And we love the way she portrays those glowing cheeks effortlessly. Pari’s skincare indulgences and beauty regimes are quick and effective to have a look at.

Beauty notes to follow from Parineeti

  • Pari is not a spa and salon person. She has believed that long, hot shower has worked better for her. Also a good night sleep helps her well with skin repair process.
  • She has considered drinking water in abundance to be a life mantra and her all time favorite too. Being hydrated helps fight skin troubles like pigmentation at bay and breakouts. Also water helps flushing toxins from body!
  • Being happy with work and eating healthy makes the beauty enlightened.

Home remedies

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  • It was the mom of Pari who told her that Aloe Vera extract solves almost every skin problem. Aloe gel helps skin tightening and fights germs and pollution.
  • Moisturizing the skin daily and investing in good moisturizers is just worthy enough-that is what the actress believes. The pores of skin get the required nourishment especially for people who have dry skin, like hers.
  • She believes washing hair often should be a habit so as to get rid of scalp problems. Also, massaging the scalp at regular intervals give glossy locks and nourishes the scalp.
  • The chubby girl just needs no makeup and states that she only uses makeup products when in front of camera. The only product that she carries always is her lip balm.

Products she swears by:  Pari has been sure of all the products she uses and its content and post-effects. She believes excessive use of cosmetics is the worst for skin.

She surely swears by Vaseline lip balm, MAC lipstick and Mascara, Carolina Herrara 212-VIP, Cetaphil face cream and Armani. Also Narciso Rodriguez in perfumes.

Parineeti Chopra’s transformation from fat to fit

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Parineeti’s fat to fit journey was a combination of strive hard diet chart and pure form of workouts.  While going through weight loss training, the ‘Meri pyaari bindu’ actress was regular and firm with her cravings, diet plan and health regimes.

  • The diet plan restricted her from high carbs, sugary and high fat foods.
  • Eating after 8 pm was a complete no as late night munching makes it difficult for the digestive tract to go through. It inculcates fat deposits in body.
  • Healthy food rich in minerals and vitamins with fatty acids at short intervals is her mantra on food consumption.
  • When she indulges in fatty food, her dinner and post meals are always light.
  • Her diet had eggs, milk, fruit juice, salads and less oily foods.
  • Treadmills are an important part of her life-style as it is crucial for thigh fat.

Parineeti Chopra fitness tips

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Parineeti flaunted her curves with utmost grace and still continues until she got to do ‘hasee to phasee’ and so did the character demand. In 6 months, she lost 10 kg at a go.

  • She believes setting a goal is important whether it is 2 kg a month or 1 kg in six months.
  • Preparing your mind and deciding what you want for your body is important.
  • Taking action towards your goal and being dedication towards weight loss helps to induce regularity and ease.
  • Keeping fenugreek, greens and carrots have been an important part of her routine.
  • Skipping meals have not been on her list ever. Say no to skip meal days.
  • The workouts that are customized by trainers have benefited her more.
  • Include macadamia nuts, olive oil, walnuts, clarified ghee and rice bran oil in your diet.
  • Fruits consumed with peels are a lot more benefiting is what pari believes.
  • For satiating sweet cravings, take vitamin C containing fruits with a scoop of yogurt once in a while or 100% dark chocolates.

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