Latest sonakshi sinha hairstyles & haircuts 2019

Sonakshi Sinha is another fashion hairstyle lover whose trends appeal to a large audience. For a few years now, she has come up with varied hairstyles. Being an actress, her character in a movie matches her hairdo. The Bollywood actress has featured in many movies with long hair this however does not mean that she is not good looking in short hair. Here are some of her collections;

9The big chop

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Despite her visibly average long hair one can notice that it has been chopped at the edges. This big chop hairstyle is equally good for curly hair too. Her uniqueness in this look, a long straight and pressed hair can be noticed. This hairstyle goes for straight and curly hair.

8The blunt cut

The fashion diva, Sonakshi Sinha looks so graceful in her chopped wavy look. The celebrity looks as pretty in short hair as she does in long wavy hair. For a celebrity or any lady to chop her hair is never an easy decision to make. She has braved this and still stands out damn pretty in chopped curly hair just like she would in long hair.

7Messy curls

Sonakshi Sinha presents her fans with a real taste of class and glamour one cannot help but notice the bouncy and thick texture of her hair. This hairstyle trends amongst the Bollywood actresses. It gives you a slay but messy look at the same time.

6Honey hair

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Also, she gives her hair a nice honey look to the admiration of her fans. This light brown colour on her hair is a blend of gold and brown which produces a lovely honey like hue. The already beautiful look is graced with generous curls.

5Casual loose curls

The Indian actress has never stopped giving her fans the best in terms of hair fashion since her first appearance on Bollywood in 2010. On pinterest, she features with these casual lose curls flaunt to her left shoulder. This natural and unsophisticated hairdo helps one to catch up with the usual daily activities while trending.

4Subtle layers

As the name implies, this hairstyle reveals subtle curls with faint layers of hair. Sonakshi Sinha’s look with this style is flawless with her hair parted in the middle to both side revealing a broader facial view which is in turn compensated with a touch of red lipstick and perfect eyebrows.

3Naturally straight hair

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Straight hair is one of the effortless hairstyles one can on any occasion. It works out on every type of face and is very practical. Most people have naturally straight hair which makes this style easy to try on. However, for those who want to try the look but do not have straight hair can get their hair ironed with a straightener.

2Retro bombshell curls

Retro bombshell curls are awesome for occasions like parties and weddings. The celeb fashions this look to her unique taste by garnishing it with her favorite left swept hair and side parted line. She is damn gorgeous in this hairstyle.

1Side swift pattern cut

The super gorgeous celebrity has an excellent choice and she is equally keen to every bit of detail related to her appearance. She rocks with her haircut and a perfect blend of makeup on her face to complement every bit of it. All this leaves her with a wonderful and flawless look which is befitting for the diva she is.