Latest sara ali khan hairstyles & haircuts 2019

Over the years the love for fashion has gained grounds and experienced a mark improvement. Ones choice of hairdo will depend on the occasion or season. With the evolution in fashion as a whole and hair fashion in particular, one cannot help but savor the glamour and class brought about by such change which has rather gone viral with the advent of films and fashion industries. In 2019 Sara Ali Khan has a collection of some of her outstanding hairdos.

9Casual waves

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Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is another emblem of beauty in and out of India. With the help of the social media, her popularity and personality has gone a long way to influence the younger generation of ladies in their choice of a perfect hairstyle.

8Half up

Sara Ali Khan has a perfect choice of hair to match her look on every ocassion. Her half up easy to do hairstyle stands out and partly presents a side view of her facial features. This hairstyle makes her look chic and classy.



A host of her collections have influenced the hair style choices of young college girls as they are simple but classy and easy to mimic. With the current trend, tips for making Sar Ali Khan’s hairstyles have been written to give her fans a step by step procedure involved to come up with some of her easy hairstyle. Check out her pony tail hair at the top left picture in black sari.

6Messy curls

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Sara Ali Khan’s styles are simple and mostly and mostly include braiding for a more sophisticated look. The Bollywood celebrity enjoys flaunting her hair on her shoulder. This move kind of commands confidence and adds more glow to her face.

5Down twist braid

This hairdo is simple but sophisticated enough to be used on occasions like weddings. Her braids are made simple because some people have it that braids are tedious. For this reason, she opts for partial rather than complete braids. These simple braids are often twisted and take a very short time to do.

4Sleek bun chignon

In this picture, Sara Ali Khan comes up with a sleek bum chignon which fits her so well and its gives her the glow and chick. To effectively come up with this look, one is required to get hair straight, tie it in a bun and get it set with the help of a hairspray.

3Wavy locks

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Sara Ali Khan thrills us once more with her half up wavy locks with a touch of slight décor on it to enhance the expected feminine look. Her makeup is flawless and complements her whole facial look.

2Straight and sleek

Put together, Sara Ali Khan has an excellent body which fits so well with her choice of clothes. The Bollywood actress blends her beauty and style with a perfect and classy make up which is easy to imitate and give one’s self the thought of belonging to the band wagon. She slays in straight and sleek hair.

1Naturally straight hairstyle

Her collection can be termed as classy and chick because it adds some panache to one’s look. More so, the medium hair lengthy is free and comfortable on any person who wears it. Long layered hair is also a very classy style which is convenient for formal occasions.