Kangana ranaut beauty tips & fitness secrets & diet plan

Kangana Ranaut is one of the naturally beautiful actresses in Bollywood with a fair and glowing skin and a stunning figure. She is the Queen of all hearts who is known for pushing beyond a line when it comes to fashion after all who else in Bollywood could pull off a black lipstick, bleached eyebrows and flaunt her God gifted curls. According to Kangana “beauty is endless and can be enhanced in various ways”. You can be gorgeous like Kangana Ranaut by following her simple beauty tips and easy fitness secrets.

Kangana’s Beauty Tips

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  • Kangana has a very fair skin. Her skin care routine includes cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing the skin. She moisturizes her skin twice a day even when she is on a hectic schedule and in tough conditions.
  • She avoids the chemical mixed market products and prefers to use natural home-made remedies for her face and skin. She uses milk cream on her face to moisturize it and mixes saffron to get a glowing and soft skin. She uses rose water for instant freshness and it makes her skin look pumped up.
  • She avoids getting facials but does face clean up once a month due to sensitive skin.
  • Sleeping with makeup is a big NO! She makes sure to properly remove every trace of her makeup and then apply toner, moisturizer and an eye cream
  • She makes sure to use a good lotion after bath.
  • She is a huge fan of Emami Boro Plus moisturizer which prevents flaking and dullness. It creates protective layer and helps against anti-aging.
  • She avoids using soap on her face. She would prefer a soap-free cleanser because soap strips of the oil from the skin which makes the skin release excessive oil.
  • She recommends using honey on the skin as it is the best anti-bacterial.
  • Before going to bed, if her skin is very sensitive, she applies a face pack and if her skin is normal she applies a toner, night cream and eye cream.

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  • She sometimes goes to dermatologist for acne treatment if she gets breakouts.
  • She drinks lots of water to keep her hydrated and to make her skin look pumped up.
  • She follows a proper hair routine for her natural bouncy curly hair which includes deep conditioning hair treatment thrice a week. To reduce her frizz and increase the shine, she uses a good hair protectant which is especially for curly hair and uses organic products especially organic shampoo for her hair.
  • She treats her hair with hot oil and steaming, thrice a week.
  • She regularly goes for a hair spa and body spa to rejuvenate her skin and hair.
  • She sleeps for a sufficient number of hours so her skin looks fresh and healthy.

Kangana’s Fitness Secrets

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  • Kangana is very particular about her workout regime. She workouts for 5 days in a week and makes sure she doesn’t skip it.
  • She keeps changing her workout routine depending on the role she is preparing for.
  • Her regular work sessions include yoga and meditation to get a toned body and relaxed mind.
  • She goes for 20 minutes of fartlek running to increase metabolism and reduce most of the fat.
  • She does 10 sets of 10 reps of push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges.
  • She does 30 minutes of abs and lower back exercises which includes Hurdle training and Sprinting drills.
  • She includes 45 minutes of Power Yoga and 10 minutes of meditation in her hectic schedule which helps to calm her body and mind and channelize her energy.
  • She does weight training and muscle gain training, one a week for strength, Peripheral and Heart training to stimulate blood circulation, Abdominal exercises, once a week and turbulence training for building her stamina.
  • She does 45 minutes of kickboxing, full body stretching exercises and cardio workout.
  • She includes Pilates training in her regular routine.
  • Kangana goes for 20 minutes of hill training once a week.
  • Whenever she is not in a mood for her regular workout session than she does some dancing.
  • She loves to go for swimming which helps her to burn calories and reduces her stress.

Kangana’s Diet Plan

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  • She drinks minimum 12 glasses of water daily to detoxify her body and keep herself well hydrated.
  • She believes you need to eat well to look good. She follows a light but strong diet plan to keep her body fit and toned. She includes a high protein diet which is a mixture of 25% of healthy fats, 25% of proteins and 50% carbohydrates.
  • She prefers to eat small meals every 2 hours.
  • She never starves herself but follows her diet plan and does regular exercise.
  • She loves to eat home-made food cooked in organic spices and makes sure it is cooked in desi ghee.
  • In breakfast, she takes oatmeal and porridge or idli, poha, paratha or egg white omelet which helps to boost her metabolism and controls her weight. Her favorite breakfast is wheat grain cereal which gives her energy to work for a long day.
  • Before lunch she drinks a protein shake and fresh fruit juice which fulfills her protein and vitamin requirements.

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  • For lunch she eats daal, 2 fulka chapatis, boiled veggies, legumes and yogurt.
  • She drinks 1 cup of green tea every day.
  • She munches on nuts and eats fruits, salad and egg white sandwich using brown bread in snacks which gives fibers and improves the digestive system.
  • In Dinner, she eats boiled rice or 2 chapatis and tofu. She used to eat grilled chicken when she was a non-vegetarian but has turned vegetarian from a few years. She sometimes includes soup, salad or boiled vegetables.
  • She has cheat days once a week when she eats her favorite food – pizza, to avoid excessive cravings and does some extra work out the next day to burn the extra calories.
  • She avoids tea, coffee, sugar, fried food, oily food, junk food, and processed food.
  • She consumes brown rice instead of white rice.

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