Face contouring makeup guide for different face types

This is a perfect cheatsheet from the experts for any type of face structure which will help you get the perfect look for the perfect occasion.

This art is not only a mixture of right technique and using the right brushes and shades but also having an excellent knowledge of how to make specific features look loud and attractive by focusing on the shape of the face.

It is simple and easy if you know all the points well. Do it all by yourself without calling your crew to save the night.

Contouring for different face types

Tips for heart shaped face

Tips for heart shaped face


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This face type needs more focus on forehead, cheekbones and the jawline.

Sonic Sarwate who is a global senior artist at M.A.C cosmetics advises to enhance this face type by working along the temples and reduce the contouring while moving towards the jawline. This helps to emphasize on the features and makes them appear loud.

Tips for square-shaped face

Tips for square-shaped face

A wide forehead, prominent cheekbones and a fragile jawline are the features which indicates that you have a square-shaped face.

As per Sonic’s advice, you should contour till the end of your ears, jawline and cheekbones as you have a wider and prominent jawline and forehead which will enhance these features.

Tips for oval shaped face

Tips for oval shaped face


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If you have this face type, I must say you are a winner because the purpose of contouring is to get a perfect oval appearance.

According to Sarwate, this face shape is considered to be perfect as it looks symmetrical and perfectly balanced. This face type requires very little work, just a light work on the cheekbones and you are good to go.

Tips for round face

Tips for round face

This face type has widest diameter at the cheekbones. The easiest way to work on this face type is by creating angles from every side to give it a structure.

Sarwate suggests that you should start with the temples and go towards the jawline. Angular structuring will enhance the look of your face.

Makeup tips that will make contouring effortless

How to choose makeup for skin tone

Serwate suggests that whenever you are confused you should let it look natural. While you are contouring, never use excessive product and colour. Always make sure to blend in well to get rid of visible lines.

He advises, you should always opt for matte texture shade that is 2-3 tones darker than your tone for contouring and a creamy texture shade that is 2-3 times lighter for highlighting.

Mitali Vakil who is a celebrity makeup artist believes that contouring depends on identifying the skin type. Powders work great on oily skin as they absorb the oil from the skin while a creamy based product is suitable for dry skin to avoid the flaky look.

Once you know which texture of product to choose, you should move towards picking the perfect tone.

For a natural finish, always go for a reddish brown tone but to give a dramatic contour you should opt for browns with grey undertone. She adds that you should always contour along the natural depths of the face.

The best makeup products to get the perfect contour

Serwate suggests, M.A.C Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour Palettes that are available in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark shades. Vakil suggests the satin texture for highlighting as it gives a subtle look.

She recommends, The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand in Medium/Dark which works great for most Indian skin tones. The Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book is great as it works as an all-in-one palette.