Popular party makeup tips for women

Makeup has become an important routine in every woman’s life.   Every woman wants to look her best on each occasion. makeup is not related to fashion or social status. In the world of today a working woman, a professional, a housewife a teenager, a student or a business woman,all make use of make-up to look their best. And when it comes to a special function like a party, a woman will turn to all types of cosmetics and products of makeup to get a beautiful flawless looking face.
Fashion introduce suge categories of makeups, but most useful and important is the party makeup. The modern trend of party makeup is dark shiny and colourful.  All these can be achieved by using the number of makeup products available in the market.

Every women likes to be  good, particularly when it comes to attending any outdoor event like a party or any celebration. The concept behind hosting or going to parties is to gel with the people you know as well as to make new friends. At the same time, you try to influence others by your dressing sense, looks and the way you convey yourself. The self-confidence comes when you know that you are looking flawless, with the right makeup and a dazzling ensemble.

However, while getting ready for a night out, you need to understand that the do’s and don’ts of makeup. For instance, you should apply either heavy eye makeup or heavy lip makeup, but not both at the same time. If you desire to stand out in the party, there is no better place to start than your getting dressed well. In this post let’s discuss about the best party makeup tips that will come handy in every situation:

Party makeup Tips

Prepare Yourself

  • Select your dress, footwear and accessories for the big event in advance. Once all the things work together in a better way, it will help you get an idea about your entire look and you will be able to select your makeup accordingly.

Preparing the Base

  • Depending upon your complexion, apply base all over your face, with the help of a sponge/foundation brush. You can apply a darker shadow of the base on the broader parts of your face.
  • Now, apply shimmer powder over the base, with the help of a brush.
  • Blush your cheeks, use some blusher on the edges of the forehead and chin as well.

For a new look

  • Clean your face with moderately hot water, using your favorite face wash.
  • Rub an ice cube on your face for 5-10 mins.
  • Dab some cleansing milk on a cotton pad and swab your face with it.
  • Apply some lotion/ moisturizer, while making certain you do not end up leaving your face oily.

On The Eyes

  • First of all, you need to apply the eyeshadow on your eyelids
  • Define your eyes with eyeliner, making use of short strokes.
  • Next, apply 2-3 coats of mascara, on the tips of your lashes.
  • Eventually, define your eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

For Your Lips

  • Line your lip properly with the help of a lip-liner pencil.
  • Now is the time to apply the lipstick with the help of a brush.
  • Blot the lipstick with tissue and then apply again.
  • Eventually apply a gloss of the same color on your lips.

For Your Nail

  • Clean your nails methodically and shape them to give a correct shape.
  • Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.
  • Apply the nail color, at least two coats and allow it to dry, give a gap of 10 minutes in-between applying every coat.
  • Add another coat of colorless base and allow it to dry.

Party makeup tips for women

  • Cleansing of the face before applying makeup is essential to allow the makeup to stay throughout the party. Cleansing the face with soda bicarbonate and cold water and applying ice cubes for 5 minutes will ensure the makeup to stay for long hours.
  • Part makeup has to be something special and different from everyday makeup. Party makeup requires the right blend of makeup products that will not only enhance the beauty of the face but will also help in making the person stand out in the crowd.
  • The selection of outfit,makeup products and all other accessories must be done a day before the party.
  • The shade of the lipstick should complement the skin tone. A balanced makeup is possible by highlighting either the eyes or the lips. Highlighting both the eyes and lips will give a fake and unnatural look.  The best feature on the face must be highlighted e.g. If the eyes are beautiful do eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara and give a light tone to the lips with a light color or just apply a little gloss.
  • Skin flaws like dark circles, spots, scars or blemishes must be concealed with makeup.Women with dark skin tone should choose a beige tone concealer and those with a fair skin, should choose natural tones of concealers. Always apply concealer with a dry sponge.
  • Foundation should be applied evenly after the concealer. Foundation will last longer, and prevent the skin from drying in winter, if it is mixed with moisturizer and then applied.
  • Next step is to apply face powder lightly over the face which will help to set the makeup and make it last longer.

Most women like to look sexy and prefer to use romantic makeups for night parties. Some girls also like to use this makeup to out with boyfriends, wedding receptions and refreshment parties in colleges. This makeup is based on   eye makeup and lip colour. Since sex and romance plays a vital role in a girl’s life, she tries several means to make t herself look sexy and seductive. makeup and skin cares will make a vast difference for an ordinary woman to look sexy.

Tips to look sexy and attractive

  • Skin-Care is very significant to have a flawless skin if a woman wants to look sexy. One must bathe daily to feel and look clean.
  • Hairstyle – Makes the woman look pretty. One must pay attention to the hairstyle and develop a decent hairstyle that is suitable to her would make her look beautiful and add to her sexiness.
  • Makeup – All women must learn the art of makeup in order to wear the makeup properly. Most women are attracted by the beautiful eyes enhanced by eye makeup andbrow definition. a woman must pay some attention to makeup hereyes
  • Fashion – Trends have played a great part in women’s life. These consist of fashion accessories like delicate bags, unique pretty clothes and interesting recreations.
  • Besides the outer outfit a woman wears it is the lingerie that plays an important role to enhance the visual effects of the woman’s body.
  • For party makeup cheek bones must be created by using blushers on the upper part of the apples.Soft dusty-pink tones look nice with dark eyes or a red lip.