How to make eyelash extension look natural

Women don’t like sparing a lot of time on applying fake eyelashes every now-and-then. Even eyelash curlers cannot satisfy us all the time. These are some reasons why eyelash extensions have gotten very popular in recent times. If you are a little apprehensive about having these done, let us clear all your doubts and show you how natural you can make your eyelashes look.

Types of eyelash extensions

How to get long & thick eyelashes naturally

There are three main types of eyelash extensions

  • Synthetic
  • Silk
  • Mink

The available sizes range from 6mm to 17mm. Once you select the one you want, they are applied one by one with formulated semi-permanent glue. These don’t irritate your eye or damage the natural eyelashes. These can be allergic to some women, which is why they are different types of glue, chosen according to their sensitivity.

When you start the process of application, you might take around 2 hours to apply all the eyelashes. These last for around a year although touch-ups are needed every month. Half set of eyelashes are more economic and give the same effect. These are like filler which thicken your original lashes. They can also be applied outward from your eye for better look.

We are blessed with different types of eyelashes. They are taken into consideration when eyelash experts ask you to choose the kind of eyelash you should go for. Choosing eyelash extensions according to the length and thickness of original eyelashes keep them eyes healthy and make the look more natural. Suppose, your eyelashes are short and thin, you cannot have a dramatic changeover. They won’t last and they won’t look natural. This is the reason why you should start off with half set for the very first time. Adding lashes are either than to remove, so that too should be remembered.

How to look beautiful without makeup

When eyelash extensions are applied to your eye, your eyes stay closed. This is why you don’t have to worry about getting them glued. To avoid further irritation, make sure that the glue suits your eyelash condition. For example, if you have your glue ordered from far off places, they tend to buildup formaldehyde with time. That could harm your eyes, which is why making sure that the product you use is latest important.

When you have your stylist help you with the eyelash application, make sure he is properly trained for applying adhesive and the lashes. It should no way harm your and your eyes should stay closed all through. Anyway, no matter how allergic the reaction could go and irritate you for sometime, you can never go blind. You might be recommended about eye drops which heal the reaction soon.

During the application, if there is any moment which makes you teary eyed, you must stop the process. This might be the first clue to change your glue. This experience is supposed to be pain and hassle free.

Like what you get with Paris Lash Academy, the products are of quality and proven to have satisfied a lot of customers. Choosing the right brand also factors the overall experience in using lash extensions.

Ways to keep your eyelash extension natural looking

  • The eyelash which is going to make your eyes look most natural is mink eyelashes. People have different choices while choosing extensions but the most natural effect can be gotten through this. Mink eyelashes are feathery looking and light. They exert less pressure on our real lashes but they are quite expensive.
  • Extensions for eyelashes last through a proper eyelash growth cycle of 6-8 weeks. However, everybody has different growth pattern which is why you are suggested to have a touch-up once in a month.

How to curl your eyelashes naturally

  • Every extension is tied to every natural eyelash. The fall out and so do the extensions. This is another reason why touch-ups are important.
  • The more professional your stylist is, the better your procedures would be. Inexperienced professionals can apply synthetic eyelashes which make the lashes clump up and break. You shouldn’t pull your eyelashes two avoid eye contact or further problems.
  • To maintain eyelashes better, avoid water for 24 hours after application and touch-up. Water applied before the glue sets in properly could make is lessen the adhesiveness. The after care would differ with the glue that you have applied. Women who have sensitive eyes are not asked to apply oil based products or makeup in that zone.
  • Water-proof mascaras should not be applied on any type of lashes, because they can pull off your original lashes prematurely.
  • Mascaras should be applied on the tip of the extensions that too very lightly. This gives the desired effect and doesn’t harm them much. Don’t apply it to the base as it can clump.
  • Lash extensions does give your eyes a different look initially but they do become a part of your body. They let you have a different look which eventually looks natural. It is very important to choose the type which suits you perfectly and makes your eyes look as natural as possible.
  • Maintain eyelashes by not pulling or dragging them. With proper appliance, they are sure to blend into your natural eyelashes soon.

It is very important to search for professionals who are certified to complete this task properly. Professionals would use good quality products and tell you all the pros and cons in detail. They would definitely charge more than the rest, but it is better to not sensitive parts because of money. Go through proper reviews, word of mouth, previous results and then choose. Also ask the expert how they ask you to keep the lashes natural and beautiful.