How to look beautiful without makeup

Makeup is something that accentuates your features and makes you appear even more beautiful and flawless, but obviously there are ways that can make you look beautiful even without makeup; and this is what every women desire. Makeup can make anyone look beautiful, but the art of being beautiful even without makeup is something that one needs to learn. Most interestingly, looking beautiful even without makeup is not a very difficult thing to do; all it needs is daily care and nourishing.  Read on to know how you can look most beautiful even without a trace of makeup.

Take care of your body from inside

This is the best way to look naturally flawless. If you are taking the right care of your body from inside, it is sure to show on your face and that is sure to make you look beautiful and flawless even without loads of makeup.

Eat right

In order to look naturally beautiful it is very important that you take a diet that is well balanced and filled with nutritious element in the right quantity but is not heavy. Including lots of leafy vegetables and fruits along with balanced protein and carbohydrate in your daily diet is a must to look beautiful. Fruits and vegetables give the body a dose of vitamins and minerals along with dietary fibers which ensures a healthy body and intestine; and it is very important to look and feel good. Proteins and carbs in right dosage work as the building blocks and the source of energy for the body, hence consuming them in right amount is also vital. Stay away from foods that contain trans-fats and never eat a lot. You can include Olive Oil in your daily diet to get a natural glow.  Also add nuts like almonds and seeds like flax seeds in your daily diet.

Drink plenty of water

This is another must to look beautiful without makeup. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and it also keeps the body and the skin hydrated.

Do regular exercises

Looking beautiful without makeup is not really very easy, though it is simple. Regular physical exercise of 20 minutes is vital for every human being. It helps in blood circulation across the body and ensures complete fitness. Doing exercises regularly can ensure the best of health and can help you look beautiful naturally.

Get adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is a must in order to look your best. It is the best way to get rid of tiredness and dullness without makeup. So, ensure that you are able to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Stay away from alcohol and smoking

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If you want to look beautiful naturally it is must that you should not indulge in alcohol and smoking very often. These two habits harm the body from inside and if you are habituated with them, you have no other way to look beautiful apart from going for loads of makeup.

After you have taken care of your body from inside, now it comes to taking care of your skin, hairs and other attributes to look beautiful without makeup.

Follow a CTM routine regularly

To look gorgeous without makeup it is essential to have a beautiful and flawless skin; and a regular CTM routine is a must to have a skin that glows with health. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin at least for twice a day are a must in order to attain complete natural beauty. Cleansing helps in removing all the dust, dirt and debris that accumulate on our skin from outside environment; toning helps in increasing the natural elasticity of the skin and moisturizing helps to prevent drying and is a must to ensure the best health of the skin.


Exfoliating the skin of your face and your body is a must in order to get a beautiful look without makeup. Exfoliating removes the debris of old dead cells from the skin and ensures that the new skin cells are able to breathe. You should exfoliate your facial skin with a scrubber twice a week and exfoliate the skin of your whole body once a week.

Go natural

Nature has provided us with a bunch of effective beauty elements that can help in getting a beautiful look in a completely natural way. The cosmetics available in the market often contain chemicals that are harmful for the skin in the long run. Going natural ensures the best health of the skin and they are completely without side effects. You can use fuller’s earth face pack as a substitute to face wash. Rose water or a concoction of neem and basil leaves as a substitute for toner and olive or almond oil instead of a moisturizer to look naturally beautiful over the years. The best natural homemade scrub can be made from coffee and green grapes.

Get an even skin tone

A naturally even skin tone can drastically reduce the need of using makeup to look beautiful. There are loads of creams and other products available in the market to get an even skin tone. You can either opt for them or opt for a completely natural home treatment like, Nutmeg, kesar and milk face pack to get a flawless and even skin tone naturally.

Get rid of any pimples and marks

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Getting rid of the pimples and acne marks is vital to look beautiful. If you have a lot of pimples and acne marks, you might need to consult a skin specialist to get rid of the acne and their marks effectively. Home remedies like regular CTM routine and clove and fuller’s earth face pack can be effective in case the extent of the pimples and the acne marks is not extensive.

Erase those dark circles

Dark circles are a problem which propels the use of makeup in most of the women. You can treat dark circles with the use of some special products formulated particularly for the issue or you can go a natural way by taking adequate sleep and applying potato juice along with a light message of coconut and almond oil on the dark circles everyday.

Get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles

The makeup effectively hides any fine lines and wrinkles. So, if you want to go a no makeup way, concentrate on erasing those fine lines first. You can use any anti-wrinkle cream available in the market for the purpose or use a face pack of egg and onion juice twice a week and eat lots of carrot to erase those age lines.

Take care of your lips

Exfoliate your lips at regular intervals and keep them well moisturized to ensure that they look their natural best. Using some homemade lip packs can help your lips to get a naturally pinkish tone, and eliminate the need of using makeup on them.

Be well groomed

The eyebrows play a very vital role in the total way we look. So, if you don’t want to correct them with an eyebrow pencil, ensure to have naturally well-groomed eyebrows. Applying some castor oil on your eyebrows regularly can help them get thicker naturally with time.

Curl your eyelashes

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Eyelashes can be very helpful to give you a naturally beautiful look. Curl your eyelashes with a slightly warm eyelash curler and it will give a dramatic boost to your overall look without makeup. You can also apply a drop of castor oil on your eyelashes daily to make them naturally longer and thicker.

Maintain proper oral hygiene

Yellow teeth can actually spoil your total appearance, no matter how beautiful you look otherwise. So, maintain a proper oral hygiene and visit a dentist if necessary.

Keep your hairs clean and shiny

The hairs play a vital role in your total appearance. So, you need to ensure that your hairs are looking best all the time. Keep your scalp and hairs clean by using mild cleansers and also moisturize them from deep with hot oil therapy or any deep conditioner to ensure that they are soft, shiny and tangle free.

Get the right hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle that suits the shape of your face and your overall personality can do a great deal in making you look beautiful without makeup. So, go to a professional to get the hairstyle that suits you best and enhances your best features.

Dress well

A proper dress worn and carried in the right way can make you look beautiful even without makeup. So, once you are done with the above things, ensure to put on a proper dress to complete your look perfectly even without makeup.

Maintain your eyebrows and shape them

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The eyebrows play a very important role in framing the face and hence if you are planning to look beautiful without makeup your first step should be to go for threading the eyebrows and getting the perfect eyebrow shape that suits best with your face shape and other features. Perfectly shaped and well- groomed eyebrows that match with your facial features can actually enhance the overall appearance to a great extent and this can be the most effective way to give your look an instant boost without layering up any makeup.

Go for regular manicure and pedicure

Your hands and feet say a lot about you. They say how much you take care for them and how beautiful you are in reality. For girls interested to look beautiful without makeup going for regular manicure and pedicure is vital. You can never look really good if you have cracked heels or chipped nails. It is important to maintain your hands and feet in the best condition in order to make that perfect impression and to look beautiful even without makeup. Well- groomed hands and feet can actually add a lot to your overall appearance.

Wax your skin

Another easy way to look beautiful without makeup is to opt for waxing. There are small hairs all over our body and they are often the cause for a dull and uneven skin tone which needs to be covered with makeup. When you are planning to go makeup less but you are not ready to compromise on your looks, opt for waxing your skin. Waxing will remove all the hairs from the skin surface along with any dirt or dead cells giving your skin a perfect glow and brightness instantly. Often women opt for shaving to get that smooth glowing skin but waxing is the better way as it ensures the best results for a longer duration.