How to make homemade rosewater and facial toner

Rose water has a number of beneficial qualities which makes it a skin care product.It is used in making many cosmetic products.  Rose water can be prepared at home or bought from the market. It can be easily prepared at home by putting fresh rose petals in a jar of distilled water and placing it in the sun for two to three weeks. Another faster method is to heat rose petals in distilled water and simmer for a long time or until the water is reduced to half. Cool and strain the petals.

Rose Water

Come let’s prepare our very own rose toner with the simple rose flowers that can used in the normal and special days. The mild astringent property of rose helps in cleansing and smoothing the skin and it even increases the tone of skin texture. Follow the steps to make rose water toner.

Uses of rose water for the skin

Benefits of rose water for skin care

Rose water can be used as,

  • Toner for the oily skin on its own or by adding aloe Vera gel or honey in it. It will hydrate the skin and also help in reducing acne.
  • It acts as a moisturizer for dry skin… Glycerine or olive oil can be added to regain the lost moisture of the skin.
  • Face pack made by using rose water provides a soothing and cool experience by hydrating the skin.
  • Rose water is a perfect make-up remover. 

Benefits of rose water used as a toner

  • Sensitive skin – Rose water helps in soothing red, inflamed and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin cannot tolerate all cosmetic products but rose water can be safely used as a toner, cleanser and moisturizer. There are very rare chances of any side effects occurring from the use of rose water on the skin.
  • Sunburn – Rose water is a great in reducing the burning and redness associated with sunburn because of the anti-inflammatory properties in it.
  • Ageing – Rose water helps in repairing the damaged skin caused by the rays of the sun, pollution and harmful chemicals from cosmetic products.
  • Dryness – Rose water can be used on its own to hydrate the dry skin. It becomes more effective in removing dryness when used with glycerine or olive oil
  • Pimples – Rose water controls the occurrence of pimples by stopping the growth of bacteria. It helps to remove the excess oil from the face, hydrate the skin without clogging the pores.
  • The fragrance of rose water helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety.

Rosewater toner

Ingredients needed for the preparation are

How to use rose water for dark circles

Take 2 roses to get one cup of rose petals
Two cups of boiling water
one strainer
one large sterilized glass container with a tight fitting lid


Mildly rinse the rose flowers and pluck the petals from the flower and keep them on a bowl add two cups of boiling water to the petals and leave it for some time until it reaches to room temperature. By keeping the sterilizer on a sterilized glass container drain the water in to the container. That’s all we have finished the preparation of rose toner which can be used in everyday to cleanse the face with the help of cotton balls to get rid off the dust from the skin. This is also used before calling for moisturizing to clean up the face. Prefer to take the toner in a small bottle for the everyday care in the bathroom.

How to apply

The astringent property of the rose can give you good results if the usage of the toner is in everyday practice. It is better if you call for a simple test on other parts of the skin like inner arms etc to check whether the solution is working well to the skin type or not without raising any problems. After you get the notice that its moving smooth to your skin apply it to the face with the use of cotton pads by dipping them into the solution. The very next you can moisture after your skin turning to dry.

Beauty benefits of rose water

Rose water – Good for normal to dry skin
3 oz Rose Water, 1 drop of chamomile oil and 1 drop of geranium oil together.Shake well and apply.

Rose water recipe

There are several recipes you can find but the easiest way is to pour two cups of boiling water over one cup of rose petals.Cover and let steep. Once the water has cooled, strain and store in refrigerator.
Use with the homemade facial toner recipe above.
When you think about it, nature provides multiple gifts all in one!
From the beauty of the rose, to the aroma, to sipping it in a tea cup, to the healthy and wonderful use on our skin. Like many other flowers, they can satisfy many senses and serve multiple purposes as well!!

Rose astringent

Rose astringent acts best for the normal and even oily skin. To prepare it take  6 oz of Rose Water, 2 oz of witch hazel and 2 drops of cypress essential oil and 4 drops of sandalwood, mix up all the ingredients and store in a container. Shake well before applying.

Try out some other easy made home toners with the following methods

Baking soda toner

How to use rosewater for skin care

With the easy available home ingredient baking soda we can prepare a toner that cleanses and good care for the acne problem. To prepare it take one spoon of baking soda and mix it in the one cup of water, that’s it, you can find your easy made toner. Before applying it go for a shake.

Watermelon toner

A toner that can give the high-end vitamins to your skin is watermelon toner. To prepare the watermelon toner Take 1 Tbsp of watermelon juice, 1 Tbsp of distilled water and 1/2 Tbsp of Vodka. Stir them all by pouring in a jar and shake it before making use of it.

Lavender toner

Lavender toner works perfect for the oily skin as it bleaches out the oiliness clod on the skin.

Take 4 oz of water, 9-10 drops of lavender essential oil, 5-6 drops of Sandalwood essential oil, 4-5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil.
Mix all the above ingredients and you get your lavender toner

Toners with rose water

Rose water toner

Best rose face packs

Rose water toner made by using vodka, raised essential oil, geranium essential oil, rose water and witch hazel is a perfect toner for dry and ageing skin. Mix all the ingredients in a bottle to prepare the lotion. Shake the bottle every time before applying the toner on the face.

A rose water mask

A rose water mask can be prepared to relieve signs of tiredness from the eyes. It helps in removing dark circles below the eyes. Soak fresh rose petals in rose water for some time. Press a bunch of these petals on each eye for 20 minutes. This compress will relax the body and relieve fatigue.

Rose water toner

Rose water toner prepared with apple cider vinegar and rose essential oil can safely be used on all types of skin. Prepare this toner by putting some dried rose petals, apple cider vinegar, rose water and rose essential oil in a glass bottle. Leave the bottle in a dark cool place for about three weeks. Then strain the liquid and store in a sterilized bottle to be used daily as a toner.

Other facial toners

Apple mint toner

Acne remedies with rose water

Apple mint toner can be prepared by putting mint and apple cider vinegar in a screw tight jar foe a week. Mint will infuse into the vinegar and the toner is ready. Strain the mixture and add some water. Pour in a clean jar and store it in cool place. It can be used as a cleanser daily or splashed on the face for cool refreshment

Rosewater-kombucha toner

Mix a small amount of kombucha in a bottle of rose water and keep it in a cool place.

Kombucha aloe toner

Kombucha aloe toner is a special toner for oily skin. Mix some kombucha with fresh aloe Vera Juice, few drops of any essential oil and little vitamin E oil and p pours in a bottle. It can be stored in a cool place for a long time.

Cucumber green tea toner

Cucumber green tea toner acts as a refreshing splash on a hot day. It can be prepared by extracting the juice of cucumber, making green tea which can be of lavender flavor or gunpowder green tea or any other green tea. Strain the tea and leave it to cool. Mix the tea and cucumber juice together and add some vodka to it. Store it in a jar in the refrigerator.

Alcohol and rose water

Beauty benefits of rose water for skin care

You must be using the sanitizer regularly when you are out where you don’t find any water around. The sanitizer includes alcohol which is a wonderful source of cleaner which in turn will remove the bacterial and microbes from hand. Similarly when you are using alcohol to your skin, the clear skin will absolutely come back. You need to take fresh rose petals of 2 cups, 1 cup of alcohol- pure and 4 cup of purified water. You need to take all these in a long jar and place it with close lid under sun for a week. After a week you can see the content will squeezed. You have to take it in a small bottle in store it in a refrigerator. You can use it as  a wonderful skin toner.

Rose water for eyes

Not only your skin but your eyes also require good care and protection. Due to long exposure in from of screen, your eyes become too much stressed. Also due to lack of sleep and tension your eyes might be affected with dark circles. For this you have to take handful of rose water and soak the same in rose water for a night. Next day store in the refrigerator and use cotton to dip it on the solution and apply it over the under eye portion where you have dark circles. You can also place a rose petal each after closing eyes just over your eyelid and sleep. Keep this for 20 minutes and then wash off.

Orange peel and rose water mask

You need to take out the peels of orange and dry it under the sun. Keep it under sun for a week. Once it is completely dry, get it in a grinder and make powder out of it. Now in a container take 2 spoons of orange peel powder and same quantity of rose water. You can add the rose water more once you feel the paste is not appropriate. Then make a paste and apply on your face. Keep this for 20 minutes and wash off.