Beauty benefits of rose water

Most of the ladies have a habit of using rosewater over their skin just like creams and cosmetics. Since this rose water also contains wonderful fragrance, your skin will smell really great once you have applied it and face your friends or relatives. I order to hide some weakness of your face you must have applied cosmetics and makeup while you are out in a social gathering.

But, even if you don’t have time to apply makeup on your face, simple rosewater over your face with a cotton ball will make your feel fresh and rejuvenated for a long time. In our ancient days, queens used to take bath in rose water and milk. From there, the beauty secret of rose water is extracted.
Rose water is long taken as the tool for beauty benefits. During the olden days people had to make rose water right at home. They take the rose petals and make the rose water out of it. But, today there are many cosmetic manufacturing companies that are making rose water under their brands.

Thus, people no more have to take trouble and make rose water home. You just need to have a look at the brand name of the product and get purchase it once the brand name is reputed. In this article, we will discuss about the beauty benefits of rose water.

How to use rose water for dark circles

From generations women used rose water as part of their skin care regime. It may not be uncommon to listen to grannies extolling it’s beauty benefits and its effectiveness.

Rose water and rose oil are one of the oldest skin care and grooming products. It once was added to the baths to treat mild skin ailments.  Rose oil/water are used in just a few cosmetic products these days. Here are a few tips on how rosewater works wonders on your skin:

  1. It is a great solution for removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged skin pores,  thus preventing acne along with pimples.
  2. Because rose fragrance has anti-inflammatory qualities, using rose water will help in decreasing the redness from inflamed or overheated skin rashes/color.
  3. It’s properties are similar to that of astringent, which is the reason it is used after facials along with clean ups to be able to close open pores. Using rose water facials/clean ups tightens capillary vessels, reduces redness and blotchiness.
  4. The scent of roses is considered a powerful mood enhancer. It rids people of thoughts of anxiousness and encourages emotional wellness, thereby causing you to stay relaxed. Since it truly is destressing, it assists you to sleep better so that you will wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  5. The most effective and simplest way to apply it is to use it during the night. It aids clear many impurities that has accumulated on the face during the day.

Top beauty benefits of rosewater for your skin

Skin toning

Beauty benefits of rose water

Just a simple moisturizer everyday after your shower is not all. Rather it will be important to get a perfect toning of your skin so that skin pores can be opened and filled with essential nutrients. Rose water acts as an excellent toner that is a wonderful alternative to the chemical cosmetics available in the market. You just need to dip a cotton ball over the rose water and apply slowly over your skin to get an excellent toning effect.  But, this would be more effective if you have cleaned your skin with a good quality cleanser or a natural cleanser.

Natural lip color

It is a desire of everyday to get pink lips but due to lifestyle and other factors there are hardly any scope of retaining baby lip color for a long time. Thus, people use lipstick to hide the dull look of their lips. But, sometimes excessive lipstick can also lead to damage of your skin. A wonderful alternative to lipstick is none other than the rose water. Regular application of rose water over your lips can easily retain pinkish tinge of your skin.

Instead of getting rose water available in the market, it will be ideal to make rose water at home in natural way. First of all you need to take a small portion of beetroot and dry it in sun. Once it is completely dry, grind it and make powder out of it. You can now add few drops of rose water in it and apply it over your lips. This is a wonderful lip pack that will bring back natural pinkish color of your lips. You just need to keep it for 15 minutes and wash it away. Do this 3 times in a week to get excellent results.

Skin cleanser

How to use rosewater for skin care

Have you been using variety of cosmetic cleansers and are getting your skin rough and attractive? It can be obviously due to the effect of chemicals that lies in the cleaner.  But, the rose water is totally safe and will not have any type of harmful effects. Just need to dip and cotton ball in rose water and slowly rub your face. After sometime you will see the white cotton ball appearing totally black in color. This will leave your skin clean like never before.

Cream for skin moisturizer

Today, most of the creams available in the market have rose water extract. People loving the fragrance would definitely go for the same.  Now you can also make cream based moisturizer with rose water at home. You need some rose petals which must be dried and grinded to form powder. Now pour some milk in it and make a paste. Apply it over your face for 10 minutes and wash it away. This is a natural moisturizer which will retain moisture over your skin for a long time. You don’t have to apply any other cream or moisturizer after this procedure. If you want you can also add some glycerin in the cream based moisturizer if you have excessively dry skin.

Reducing acne

Acne and blemishes are one of the most known skin problems among individuals. If you have rose water at home, apply it over your skin where acne is present to reduce its effect. If you can regularly use this, you can easily wash away the marks of acne over your skin in a natural way.

Retaining skin PH balance

Best rose face packs

It is really important to get an appropriate PH balance in your skin. For this you have to get proper diet and healthy way of living. Rose water is another wonderful ingredient that helps in maintaining PH balance in skin. You need to apply the rose water by taking few drops in a cotton ball and cover your face. Even if your skin is oily, it will control excess oil.

Skin tissue generation

Your body can easily accumulate a lot of oxidants which is not good for your skin. Rose water can help driving away the oxidants as it has the antioxidant properties. The skin cells in your body will be provided with an extraordinary strength. The last but not the least the rose water helps in regenerating the skin tissues.

Clean skin pores

Rose water is also having an astringent property that helps in making your skin pores clear by opening it considerably. It also helps in removing the acne and scar marks in your skin due to its antibacterial properties. Since the rose water opens up the pores of your skin, your skin can breathe appropriately and stay really healthy. Just after this step you can apply a light moisturizer over your skin so that your skin gets protection from the dust and pollutants in the environment. During winter you can apply a deep moisturizer but for summer a light moisturizer is fine.