Health & beauty benefits of hibiscus flower and leaves

It is the era where we all are trying to avail magic that can slow down aging appearance while promoting good health. Numbers of products are available in the market that claims to meet your needs, but hibiscus flower is a natural gift that can march with the demand of era with no side effects.

Beauty benefits of hibiscus flower

  1. Exfoliate: Using hibiscus flower with brewed coffee and honey can give you a fantastic exfoliate to remove dead skin.
    • Use: Take the equal part of hibiscus flower, honey, and brewed coffee to make a fine paste to exfoliate. Use it on your damp skin for a couple of minutes.
  2. Cleanse your hair with natural hibiscus shampoo: For an age, hibiscus flower is being used as a shampoo to cleanse your hair naturally that is a natural remedy to get luster hair.
    • Use: Soak the petals of 2 hibiscus flower in one small cup of hot water. Blend the leaves after 15 minutes. After straining to add ½ tsp of each olive oil and honey. Your natural hibiscus shampoo is ready to use.
  3. No more oily skin: If you are frustrated with oily skin then hibiscus is the best solution to control the excess oil of your skin.
    • Use: You need to make a tea of hibiscus flower for freezing in an ice cube tray. Use the cubes all over your face. Do it at least once a day.
  4. Hibiscus steam: Why to spend a lot of money when you can have a facial feeling at home? Taking hibiscus steam by add bay leaves is the best alternate of facial.
    • Use: You will need to get a bowl for placing hibiscus flower and a handful of bay leaves. Pour hot water in a bowl, and cover your face with a towel for 10 minutes. Wash your face with cold water to feel a glowing skin.
  5. Reduce itchiness: If you have itchy scalp or dandruff, then hibiscus flower can help you to promote healthy scalp by reducing itchiness.
    • Use: Boil hibiscus flower, methi seeds, and neem leave together for 10 minutes. Let it get cool then use it to your scalp and hair after 10-15 minutes wash your hair with regular shampoo.
  6. Prevent premature graying: If your hairs have started getting premature gray due to hormonal changes then using hibiscus flower is an excellent remedy to deal with this problem.
    • Use: You need to make a paste of some hibiscus leaves and curd. Massage this paste to your scalp with your fingertips. Shampoo your hair after one hour.
  7. Get shinier hair: Dull hair is an issue that directly affects your beauty and appearance. Using hibiscus flower will be a great idea to make your hair shinier.
    • Use: Take two hibiscus flower petal and two egg whites. Blend both the ingredient well with the help of a blender. Apply it to your scalp and hair as well. Wait for the next 15 minutes before washing it off. Repeat the remedy everyday.

Health benefits of hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower is a blessing that has the properties to let you avail several health benefits. Here we have introduced the best health benefits of hibiscus flower.

  1. Protecting liver: Hibiscus flower has a powerful antioxidants that are good to maintain a healthy body. Drinking hibiscus tea can help you to protect your liver by fighting against several diseases.
  2. Relieving menstrual pain: If you experience menstrual pain during periods when taking hibiscus tea can be an excellent solution to your problem by balancing and restoring the hormones.
  3. Keeping body cool: Hibiscus tea ha the elements that frequently cool down your body and hibiscus tea is also excellent to flushing out harming toxins from your body.
  4. Reproductive system: Hibiscus has the properties that cut down estrogen level that ultimately effects to the reproductive system in women. If you are planning a bay then drinking hibiscus tea can make your way easy.
  5. Level up energy: Antioxidants properties present in hibiscus flower make hibiscus tea an energy booster drink as it repairs the free radicals damage and makes your energy level up.
  6. Keeping body hydrated: Since ancient era, the extract of hibiscus flower has been considered an excellent natural remedy to keep the body hydrated by balancing the fluid in your body.
  7. Helping in type 2 diabetes: Hibiscus flower is blessed with hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties that help to control this terrible disease type 2 diabetes.

Recipe to make hibiscus tea

Take a cup of boiled water, add sweetener according to your choice you can prefer quantity and flavor. Pour 2 tsp of dried hibiscus calyces in it. Cover it and wait for 5 minutes. Now your healthier hibiscus tea is ready to drink.