Signs that you are wearing too much makeup

Putting on makeup can be fun and also a great way to hide any imperfections on your skin or in your facial features. However, at the same time, going overboard with makeup can ruin the whole look. Makeup when done in the right way can actually add a lot to your overall appearance and personality; it also acts to boost your confidence. So, doing it right without going overboard that can make you look like a clown, is the key. The problem here is that, often the person wearing too much makeup does not realize that she has actually gone overboard and needs to tone it down in order to look natural and not like an artificial doll. It takes another person to remind her about the fact that she has done it a way too much. However, this can be a real embarrassing situation for both. So, being careful to not to overdo it, is important. Here are some signs that you should check to realize if you are wearing too much makeup.

You cannot smile normally

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This is the first sign that you have put on too much makeup on your face. After completing with your makeup, if you find that it is difficult to smile normally or your skin is feeling too much stretched when you are trying to smile, it is obvious that you have put on too much makeup which is stopping your skin from stretching and folding naturally. In such cases, it might not be a feasible solution to remove the total makeup and start again from the scratch; so tone down your makeup with the help of a moist tissue paper or cotton cloth.

Your face looks cakey

If you have applied too much makeup on your face it is most expected that it will give your face a white and cakey look. A ghost face is surely not what you want to go out with. So, if after completing your makeup you find that your face is looking ghostly white or like a cake on the mirror, get that you have overdone it and need to tone down.

The setting spray fails to set in your makeup

The setting spray is a professional item that can set in your makeup at the right place for long. These products are highly effective and they are ideal for the oily skinned beauties who suffer from makeup smudging and fading. However, if you find that even a sufficient amount of setting spray is not able to set in your makeup and still the makeup is bleeding, know for sure that you have put on excessive makeup that you need to get rid of as quickly as possible.

Your lip color is bleeding

A good quality lip color when applied in the right way shall never bleed unless you have gone overboard. In case the lip color you are using has a tendency to bleed, lining your lips with a pencil prior to applying the lip color should set it pretty well. However, if you find that after doing everything still your lip color is bleeding, it is the time you realize that you have put on more lip color than necessary. Toning down your lip makeup is not very difficult or time consuming thing, you can do that simply by removing the excess lip color with a moist tissue paper or an ear bud.

There is eyeshadow fall out even after using a primer

The purpose of the eyeshadow primers is to hold on to the eyeshadow most efficiently. No matter how oily eyelids you have, a good quality eyeshadow primer will hold the eyeshadow in its place; unless you have gone really over board. So, if you find that there is eyeshadow fall out on your eyelashes and cheeks even after you have used a primer beneath, you must have put on more eye makeup than needed. Trying to tone it down with a setting powder or concealer will only make things worse, so opt for a redo.

There is huge color difference between the skin of your neck and your face

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A proper makeup should make you look naturally beautiful by covering up the flaws on your skin. The skin tone of the face and neck do not usually vary extensively, and with the right makeup you can make them look the same.  If you notice that the skin tone of your neck and that of your face has a great mismatch in color and texture after you have completed the face makeup, you should admit that you have put on too much of it on your face. A perfect makeup ensures that the tone of your facial skin and that of your neck is at par.

You have got spider eyelashes

Having thick and long eyelashes can add definition to your looks but you should ensure to not apply so much mascara that you will end up with spider eyelashes. If you find that your eyelashes have got stuck together and are forming different angles, you need to tone down the mascara to make it look natural.

You cannot recognize yourself in the mirror after you have completed makeup

This is something you can experience if you have truly done it too much. Your makeup should make you look better, but not a different person. If you find a different person staring back at you from the mirror after you have completed your makeup, surely you need to tone down. The problem here is that in the mirror even excessive makeup looks good, just like it looks good on the pictures, but if you are not getting ready for a shoot you need to realize where exactly you have gone overboard.

Every feature of your face is accentuated

The objective of wearing makeup is surely to accentuate the best features of your face, but if you find that your eyes, lips, cheeks all are standing out and crying for maximum attention, you definitely have put on excessive makeup. It is a thumb rule of makeup to have toned down eye makeup if you are sporting a bold lip, and vice versa.

Your dress is getting stained with makeup

If you find that your dress, particularly the parts of your dress that come in direct touch with your skin is getting stained with makeup, you must be sure that you have done it too much. If you are wearing a good quality makeup, that should never get onto your clothes unless you have put in more than your skin can hold.

You can see makeup stains all over your smartphone screen

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The screen test is one of the easiest and can be done in no time. The mobile screens easily catch up any stains and marks, so if you find that the screen of your mobile phone has become white or stained with makeup just after you have completed talking with someone over the phone, it is a sure sign that you are wearing too much makeup that is bleeding up and staining anything that comes in contact with your skin.

When you are hugging people, they are trying to save their light colored cloth from your face

This can be a direct sign that you are wearing too much makeup. When you have put on too much makeup there is always a chance of light colored clothes getting stained when they come in touch with your face. If you have gone really overboard you can see people trying to save their clothes from coming in touch with your face. This is a natural instinct and people are bound to do it even if they do not mean to hurt you. This situation is not obviously pleasant for any one and hence you should take the best care to ensure that your love for makeup does not come to this.