How to wax underarms/armpits with strips – Step by step guide

Waxing underarms is what most women hesitate to do due to the fear of pain. Hence, they look for alternatives like cream wax or shaving. However, these alternatives are not very effective, they may damage your skin in the long run and hair growth is quite fast.

Hot wax is one of the best ways to wax off and reduce growth of underarm hair. The waxing pain can be reduced through several majors. Here is how:

Benefits of underarms waxing

Reduces odour

How to wax your underarms at home

Long grown underarm hair can cause a lot of irritation and itching due to the accumulated sweat. If this sweat is not washed properly on a daily basis, it makes your underarms stinky and this bad odour does not leave your body until you get rid of that smelly underarm hair! Hence, underarm waxing helps you to get rid of body odour.

No underarm hair for weeks

Underarm waxing pulls out the hair from roots due to which it does not grow back quickly. Your underarm hair may take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to re-grow depending upon the growth of your hair.

Soft underarms

Repetitive episodes of underarm hair shaving, cream waxing etc., make your underarms rough and damage your skin. Regular armpit waxing removes all the rough patches and makes your skin soft.

Reduces discomfort

Shaving or trimming your hair causes discomfort when you wear full sleeves or half sleeves clothes. The trimmed hair rubs against the garment and causes irritation and redness in underarms. If you wax your underarms regularly, you will not face any such discomforts or skin issues.

Soft hair

Different types of waxing methods

Cold waxing or shaving your underarms make your underarm hair thick over time however, this is not the case in hot waxing. Waxing underarms removes even the tiniest hair from your armpit and the hair, which grows after it, is soft. Soft armpit hair cause less pain during waxing and also do not cause bleeding like thick or hard hair.

Exfoliates skin

Due to several reasons like unhygienic habits, repetitive shaving, side effects of cold wax creams etc., your underarms become dark and dead skin cells start accumulating there. Along with armpit hair, waxing also exfoliates your skin by removing the dead skin and dark patches.

Looks attractive

Nicely waxed underarms looked very attractive and appealing. They add to your overall personality and give you a beautiful looking feel.

Ideal ways to prepare your armpit for hot wax

Reduce redness after waxing

  • Firstly, wash your underarms with a soap or body wash. Rinse it off with lukewarm water to soften your underarm hair and the surrounding area.
  • Check the length of your armpit hair if it is too long trim it and if it is too short delay your waxing activity.
  • Wrap yourself with an old towel to avoid mess while waxing.
  • Apply talcum powder on the armpit hair. Do not apply excess powder, as it will not allow the wax mixture to stick to your skin.(Optional)

Tips to heat wax like a pro!

  • Use body hair wax for waxing armpits and not the one used for facial hair waxing.
  • Heat the wax mixture in a microwave or wax heater.
  • Turn off the heater/microwave when you get the desired consistency.
  • Before applying the hot wax on your underarms apply it on your wrist or feet in order to avoid skin burns.

Hot wax application process

Tricks to make waxing less painful

  • Take appropriate amount of wax mixture on a spatula and spread it on your armpit.
  • Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth as application in opposite direction may tangle the hair and may cause wounds and bleeding.
  • Now place the wax strip over the wax-applied area and see to it that its ends do not have any wax mixture around it.
  • Gently rub the strip-applied area in the direction of hair growth and pull it off in the opposite direction.
  • Repeat the procedure until your armpit is hairless.
  • In case you see any leftover hair, take it out with the help of tweezers.
  • Remove the stickiness of wax with the help of baby oil and wash well.

After care – Post armpit hot wax

  • Post armpit wax if your skin turns red or causes irritation rub ice cubes in the affected area.
  • Do not apply deodorants immediately after wax as it may cause skin irritation.
  • Wear loose clothing for few days after underarm wax to avoid discomfort.

Tips for effective underarms wax

Homemade scrubs to lighten underarms

  • Always keep all the required materials handy as searching for things with raised arms is very difficult.
  • If you are a very sweaty person or you usually sweat during underarm waxing then it is better to wash your underarms with warm water. This will not only soften your hair but will also ease the process of waxing.
  • To wax hair more effectively, make use of talcum powder.
  • To avoid pain, stretch the skin from both sides of wax strip and then pull it off.
  • If you cannot bear much pain then wax small areas at a time.