Different types of waxing its advantages and disadvantages

Waxing is the procedure of removing hair from certain parts of the body. Waxing can be done on the arms, legs, eyebrows, face, back, abdomen and the pubic area which is commonly known as bikini waxing.It is one of the most popular methods for removing hair from different parts of the skin. It is found to be the most effective method to have a hair free skin for a long time.
You can now get different types of waxing procedures based on your requirement. There was a time when people did not ever bother about the waxing and did not care about inner hair growth. But, today, the trend has changed and the beauty industry has absolutely boosted the feminism in women. Today women cannot stay without going through waxing process. A single hair growth over skin portion can make them feel cautious. There are varieties of methods that will help them remove unwanted hair.


Tricks to make waxing less painful

Waxing is a pattern of semi-permanent tresses removal which in turn removes the actual hair from the base. New hairs won’t evolve back in the previously waxed area for just two to nine weeks. Waxed any part of the body eye brows, face, swimsuit area, lower limbs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. Electrical power types of waxing designed for removing unwanted hair. If waxing is conducted in schedule for numerous years, permanent tresses decrement might be achieved.

Waxing is practiced simply by spreading a new wax mixture weakly above the skin. A towel or papers bare is then pressed at the top and tricked with a timely movement resistant to the route of hair progress. This feel removed with all the hair. Another pattern apply hard feel. In this specific case, the feel is applied a point bulky is actually no towel or papers strips. Your wax and then hardens when it cools, thus permitting the merely clearance with a therapist without the assistance of cloths. This waxing order is incredibly favorable to those who sensitive skin color.

Types of waxing

  •  Eyebrow waxing
  • Chest waxing
  •  Knee waxing
  • Feet waxing
  •  Arm/underarm waxing
  •  Back waxing
  • Brazilian bikini waxing
  •  Entire body wax

With the summers pouring in full swing, your closet full of dresses will now come handy to you for all the happy reasons. So, go ahead and get your waxing done since shaving is one of the most passé methods of removing hair from your skin in the utmost hardest way. Planning to set free on a beach vacation or rekindle romance in an exotic honeymoon. We’re sure lades you need a couple of hands for that perfect bikini wax to flaunt that gorgeous figure and woo your husband all over again.

The latest trends of Bikini Wax

So, according to the most popular waxing salons overseas, Full Bush Bikini is one of the most popular bikini wax trends making rounds since last year. The technique is quite simple since it involves waxing your bikini line including the derriere bare and keeping the bushy part trimmed and exact.

There has been a major transition among women waxing needs right from women adopting bolder choice to keep the hair as a beauty element while cutting off from the oh-so-famous Hollywood Bikini Waxing. We blame it all on feminism and quite happy to see the positive change. Let’s check out some of the trending and popular Bikini Waxing types:

Clean Up Bikini Wax

Just like your pretty face, your bikini area requires a little bit of clean up or touch-up. While you put on that fancy bikini hanging in your closet, make sure your bikini line is clean and waxed totally to give you that Victoria Secret feeling. This is an ideal waxing type for freshers or beginners and the best way to flaunt your bikini shorts or briefs like a boss.


  • It gives you a cleaner look on the bikini look without having to go through a lot of waxing strips.
  • You can easily pull this off with the trendy bikini shorts and briefs which are a go-to for Indian women and so much in trend.
  • You don’t have to be worried about removing all the bush. It’s a standard bikini wax that trims and clears the extended bush peeking out of your bum, lips, labia and bikini line.


  • You’re no longer meant to try the bikini trends like a thong or high cut bikini.
  • Not an ideal bikini wax for your beach vacation

California Bikini Wax

As the name sounds fancy, California Bikini Wax is perhaps the most popular forms of waxing that involves a better version of Clean Up Bikini Wax. Here, your bikini line is totally waxed which involves your bum too. The hair on your pubic line is also trimmed to help you flaunt the latest bikini trends like a high cut or low waist bikinis.


  • It can be done easily at home without having to spend at a salon.
  • An ideal for your beach summer getaway without having to worry about that “what to wear and look sexy”
  • Works best on women with attractive curves who can flaunt bold styles like low waist bikini or high cut bikini.
  • Perfect for low-maintenance girls who want an easy way out to trim the bikini hair and look gorgeous instantly.
  • Defined bikini line while you play all natural.


  • You have to be careful while out for a swim swearing translucent or neon bikini might not be a good idea.
  • Your bikini hair might be visible once you’re wet in a sheer bikini.

Brazilian Waxing

One of the most popular forms of Bikini wax is Brazilian which involves entire waxing of your bikini line from thighs to bums while keeping a thin strip of bush or a signature triangle on the bikini bone. It is the most suitable bikini wax forms for women while it helps them hop carefree and looks clean.


  • It helps you be comfortable in your own skin while you can indulge in sexy lingerie. Silk bikini or lace bikini is so much meant for you.
  • Helps a lot while having sex with your partner. According to studies, men like it a little bushy just like Brazilian. Spice up your sex life ladies!


  • Limited availability since it’s quite a niche waxing type. Only available in high-end salons.
  • Expensive method of getting rid of your stubborn hair.
  • Painful way to say goodbye to your pubic hair, most women take pain killers prior to waxing

Hollywood Waxing

This type of waxing leaving nothing, nada, nip, zero… all clear, catch the drift? Hollywood waxing was once very popular as it got everything clear leaving not a single strand of hairline. So, don’t be afraid to get your shorts off and try those sultry moves for your partner or even feel free to get under the water in sheer bikini.


  • You’re all hairless and it will take time to let them grow. This feeling is priceless, isn’t?
  • Your hair won’t grow out to be as thick as before.
  • Flaunt your sexy lingerie even your sheer bikini without any worries.


  • This type of waxing in regular salons is spreading STD’s and STI’s since the dips and strips they use might be use or uncleaned.
  • Higher level of hygiene has to be maintained since Hollywood requires lot of maintenance.
  • Grow out your hair upto ¼ to get waxed again which can be little saddening for beach girls.

French Waxing

This is yet another popular form of waxing that involves clearing the entire bikini line, bum area and even the pubic hair while leaving a landing strip or any shape of bush you want. This is probably the most exciting forms of waxing which allows you to experiment with the bush shape and gives you enough liberty to try out interesting stuff.


  • Gives you all the pleasure of choosing heart, bows or even a single landing strip adoring the pubic line.


  • Very expensive method.
  • It’s quite painful since carving a shape is an art and sometimes, it might be lot of pain.
  • Similar to Bikini waxing but involves creating symbols on your pubes.

Types of waxing

How to wax eyebrows at home

Cold waxing and hot waxing are the two basic types of waxing.   Both methods make use of a wax base    paraffin or beeswax, resin and lubricator. Resin is use to help the hair to get attached to the strip. Oil or fat is fat is used to lubricate the skin to make the process of hair removal smooth and easier.  The temperature of the wax applied on the skin makes the two different types of waxing. In hot waxing the wag is heated and the melted wax is applied on the skin and a strip of cloth is pressed over it. When temperature reduces the wax hardens with the hair. The cloth is then pulled on the opposite direction of the growth of hair.

In the cold waxing, semi solid form of wax is already applied on the strips. These strips are pressed hard on the skin in the direction of the hair growth and then pulled out in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Sugaring Wax is an ideal way of proceeding with bikini waxing for people who are quite concerned with their private parts. It is a natural way of getting rid of the stubborn hair by preparing a generous mixture of lemon juice, sugar, honey or water. It is heated to produce a sticky like substance which is applied directly on your bikini line to carefully remove hair. This is perhaps the best option for ladies who want to keep it all-natural.


  • Natural way of removing your hair from the pubes.
  • Can be easily done at the convenience of your home.
  • Affordable method to get rid of hair and flaunt your hairless bikini line. Natural substances add an element of glow and charm to your bikini area naturally.


  • It is not a full-proof method to have 100% hairless pubes.
  • Not an ideal way beach vacation bikini line.
  • Doesn’t give a professional bikini wax look. Hence, not apt to wear sexy lingerie.

Advantages of hot waxing

  • Waxing is done more effectively in the hot waxing method.
  • It is a little painful process and the results appear in just one application. It does not need to be repeated.

Disadvantages of hot waxing

  • Hot waxing is a messy process.
  • Application of hot wax in some smaller areas of the body lips and eyebrows is very difficult.

Advantages of cold waxing

How to wax your underarms

  • Cold waxing is a cleaner method than hot waxing.
  • It is easier to use the cold method.
  • Cold wax strips are available in different shapes and sizes which can be used on different parts of the body.
  • This method is less painful than hot waxing but need to be repeated several times to get the best results.

Disadvantages of cold waxing

  • The results of cold waxing are not perfect.
  • Repetition of the process can lead to skin irritation and problems of ingrown hair follicles.

In spite of the advantages and disadvantages of both the waxing methods, anyone can be chosen to one’s liking and convenience.

Features about waxing

  • Softer and Quality Body Hair
  •  Longer lasting Smooth and Silky Pores and skin
  • Diminishes New hair growth
  • Inexpensive
  •  No Skin damage
  •  Two times Function of Hair Treatment and Exfoliation
  •  Simple and can be achieved at Home

Side results of waxing

Best tips to use waxing for hair removal

  • Redness and soreness
  •  Clean, glowing skin color for a longer time
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Ingrown hair
  •  Decrease in skin elasticity over lasting
  •   Red bumps, skin color rash or minor subcutaneous blood loss
  •  Pores and skin burns and darkening
  • Pores and skin infection.

Methods of waxing

Wax is spread thinly over the skin. A thin cloth or paper strip is pressed over the area. The strip is then quickly pulled in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair.  The wax pulls out the hair. It is known as strip waxing.  Another method that is opposite to strip waxing is done by spreading a thick layer of wax over the area and leaves it to dry. The hair gets caught in the layer of wax as it becomes hard. This can be then easily removed with the hair. This method is called strip less waxing and is less painful then strip waxing.  You can easily avail it without any worry.

The advantages of waxing

How to prevent bumps after waxing

  • It is possible to remove hair by waxing from all areas of the body –small or large.
  •   Waxing has no discrimination of colour, texture and types of skin. It helps in removing any colour or consistency of hair from any type of skin –oily, dry or normal. Waxing is equally effective for fine hair of the lips and coarse hair in the bikini area.
  • Waxing is better than other hair removal methods as the skin remains hair free for a longer time after waxing.
  •  Waxing can easily do in most salons and it can also be done at home.
  •  Waxing helps in exfoliating the skin along with removing unwanted hair.
  •  Wax does not have any side effects.

Disadvantages of waxing

  • Waxing is a painful method of hair removal. The intensity of pain varies from person to person.
  • It can lead to red rashes, but these rashes disappear after a short while.
  • Waxing is effective only when the waxing is performed on hair that has grown above one centimetre. It is advised to repeat the process after six weeks.
  • The most possible disadvantage of waxing is the risk of ingrown hair. This happens when the hair break off in the middle while pulling the strip.

Methods of waxing


Tips for leg waxing at home

Tweezers are handy and can be used by individual without taking the help of the professional expert beautician. The tweezers are a small instrument with two pointer keeping and broader gap in the middle. With the tweezers you have to hold each hair from the root and plug it. But, there will be difficulty if there are too many hairs around. But, if you have some random hairs viewable, this tweezer will be a wonderful way to plug it without any cost.

Soft waxing

In this waxing process, you will be requiring a strip wax. If you get it from the market, the same you will get of the consistency of honey absolutely especially when you heat it across. You have to spread the same over your skin in a thin layer. Thereafter it will be important to cover it with the help of a muslin cloth. This has to be kept for some time and then pull out to remove the excessive wax.  This will be ideal for broader or larger areas such as hands, legs, under arms etc.

Hard waxing

This is another type of waxing process that is adopted by many people around the world. While dealing with this process you need to get the wax cool down and then get it hardened. The finger is duly used to take it off right from your skin. Here you don’t need a cloth or a towel to extract the wax right from your skin. The wax gets hardened and then the fingers are used to get it off ideally. If you get a quality hard wax, it won’t stick to your skin.