Types of waxing, advantages and disadvantages

Waxing technique is applied on different parts of the body to remove unwanted hair. Generally, body parts like arms, legs, eyebrows, face, back, abdomen, and the pubic area need waxing to look smoother.

Despite little pain experienced in waxing, it is extremely popular and effective as after waxing skin glows beautifully and hair takes longer to grow back.

Today, women are more aware about their looks in parties, beaches, excursions, at their working places and even in their day to day routine. Waxing has become a dire necessity for having lovelier and smoother looks.

This also helps in making them look more feminine and desirable. In fact, Hair growth on women’s bodies has become an object of great dislike, hence totally unwanted.

There are different types of waxing actions as per different applications. Here is some more information about the types of waxing with their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of waxing

Find out here about FIVE different types of waxing and its pros & cons.

Chocolate waxing

Reduce redness after waxing

Chocolate in any form is an amazing food being rich in nutrients like almonds, sunflower, soya bean oil, cocoa, glycerine, and vitamins besides few other nourishing compounds. As for hair removal, chocolate waxing is not only nourishing, it is skin-friendly too. It is a good option to have during scorching summer days as it keeps soreness and irritation away after waxing.

How to go for it?

Buy a good quality chocolate wax and go for a patch test before you decide on waxing. Apply talcum powder after you wash and dry your skin. Heat the chocolate wax without overdoing it. Take small quantity of chocolate wax and apply on the direction of hair growth. With the help of a cotton strip remove hair by pulling it towards the opposite side of hair growth. Clean the residual wax on the skin with a wet sponge or cloth after you are through with waxing.

Best options for chocolate wax

  • The Body Care Dark Chocolate Hydrosoluble Wax.
  • The Body Care Chocolate Wax.
  • Rica Liposoluble Wax with Argan Oil.
  • Rica Dark Chocolate Liposoluble Wax for Dry Skin.

Advantages of chocolate waxing

  • It hydrates your skin and give it a healthy glow.
  • It helps to whiten tanned skin.
  • Hair removal is less painful with Chocolate wax.
  • Nice smelling wax is easy on skin as no blisters are formed.
  • It delays hair growth as all the hair is removed including ingrown hair.
  • After this application the skin becomes very soft.
  • Even chocolate waxing is applicable on your face, eyebrows, and other hair growth on face.

Disadvantages of chocolate waxing

There is nothing much to complain about chocolate waxing. However, incompetency sometimes leads to messy situation.

Cold Waxing

Tricks to make waxing less painful

The wax used in hot and cold waxing are same, comprises of paraffin or beeswax, resin, and lubricator. In cold waxing, the wax is coated on the strips in a semi-solid paste form. Resin has the quality to stick on hair and lubricant makes process of waxing easier.

To remove hair from certain body part, these strips are rubbed and pressed firmly on the skin for 5-minutes. Then in an upward motion towards the direction of hair growth the strip is pulled off hard, taking off hair along with the strip.

Advantages of cold waxing 

  • This method is a cleaner and tidier method.
  • It removes pubic hair easily.
  • It is easily done in the cozy comfort of your home.
  • Reasonable and cost-effective method to get rid of hair and exhibit hairless bikini line.
  • Natural substances highlight the gleaming bikini area, giving it a natural look.

Disadvantages of cold waxing

  • It doesn’t effectively remove entire hair growth especially in pubic area.
  • Uncomforting for some women who want 100% removal of hair allowing them to wear beach sexy lingerie.

Hot Waxing

Different styles of bikini wax

The wax is heated and melted in hot waxing. The melted wax is applied on the skin with a piece of cloth pressed over the skin area for hair removal.

The wax toughens when temperature reduces and sticks tightly with the hair on skin. Then with the help of a cloth piece, it is pulled off hard on the reverse direction of the hair growth.

Advantages of hot waxing

  • Hot waxing gives better results as hot wax removes all the hair effectively.
  • Although it is a painful process, its results are amazing. All the hair is removed in just one go. The repetition of the process is not needed.

Disadvantages of hot waxing

  • Hot waxing process is an untidy and messy procedure.
  • Application of hot wax in some areas of the body like lips and eyebrows is not feasible.

Soft Waxing

Soft waxing process is a process done effectively. In this waxing process, the strip wax is used. This soft wax is available in the market with a consistency of honey. This is spread evenly over the skin in a thin layer.

How to wax your underarms

It is covered with a soft muslin cloth. After few minutes this is stripped off the skin and it easily comes off with unwanted hair. This is ideal for the larger surface of the skin such as on the arms, legs, hands, and underarms.

Advantages of Soft Waxing

  • Strip wax does not have any side effects.
  • Reduces new hair growth
  • Simple procedure can be done at home easily.

Disadvantages of Soft Waxing

  • Despite being effective, it can be a gluey and messy.

Sugaring Wax

Sugaring Wax is an all-natural perfect method for bikini waxing, especially for those who are concerned about their pubic area hair-removal.

It is prepared with a generous mix of ingredients like lemon juice, sugar, honey, and water. It produces a pasty material when heated. This is applied straight on the bikini line to remove hair efficiently.

Advantages of sugaring wax

  • It gets rid of persistent tough hair naturally.
  • Best method to remove hair from the pubes.
  • Easily done at home.
  • Skin glows with the natural substances used and provides hairless bikini line.

Disadvantages of sugaring wax

Best tips to use waxing for hair removal

  • It is not considered a picture-perfect option.
  • Some report this method is not ideal for beach vacation bikini line.
  • Eludes a ‘real’ bikini wax look and discourages wearing sexy lingerie.

Hard waxing

Generally, the hard wax is used to remove hair in the bikini, underarms and face area.

Hard waxing is one of the hair removal methods prevailing world over. The process includes applying pre-epilation oil after area is cleaned.  Then the wax is heated at a certain temperature. This heated wax is applied in a thicker coat on the area where hair removal is to be done.

It is allowed to cool down and becomes harder when cold. It cools and hardens to wrap the hair in it. The hardened wax is thus cleared from skin with the help of a finger, taking hair along with it. After this, the area is cleaned thoroughly with oil.

The wax sometimes gets stickier, which means it is not a good quality wax. If you get a quality hard wax, it won’t stick to your skin.

Advantages of hard waxing

How to wax eyebrows at home

  • Hard wax sticks to the hair not the skin.
  • Hard wax hurts less than others.
  • Hard wax protects hair follicles.
  • Its results are amazing.
  • No wastage of a cloth or towel, as the finger is used to take wax off from the skin.

Disadvantages of hard waxing

  • Best suited for larger areas of skin, not the smaller areas.
  • Shows red bumps and allergy symptoms sometimes.

Remember to use hygienic and well sanitized disposable tools while waxing.

All the waxing methods may be painful and skin damaging too in few cases, but one can choose the best from these methods to enjoy beautiful smooth and glowing skin.


• What types of waxing are available?

The most common types of waxing available are bikini waxing, leg waxing, facial waxing, and arm waxing.

• What are the advantages of waxing?

Waxing provides a long-lasting, smooth finish and can reduce the frequency of hair removal since it removes the hair from the root, leaving skin smooth for weeks or even months.

• What are the disadvantages of waxing?

Waxing can be painful, leave skin irritated, and cause redness and inflammation of the skin.

• Is waxing painful?

Yes, waxing can be somewhat painful, depending on the person’s individual pain tolerance.

• How often should I get waxed?

It depends on your personal hair growth and preference, but typically every 4-6 weeks is recommended.

• What is the best type of waxing for me?

The best type of waxing for you will depend on the area you are wanting to wax and your individual skin type. It is recommended that you discuss this with a professional aesthetician to determine the best option for you.

• Is waxing safe?

Yes, waxing is generally safe when done by a trained professional.

• How do I prepare for a waxing appointment?

Make sure to exfoliate your skin one day before the appointment, and avoid using lotions or oils on the day of the appointment.

• How long does waxing last?

Waxing typically lasts between 3-6 weeks.

• What should I do after waxing?

After waxing, you should apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and prevent irritation.