Different styles of bikini wax

Bikini wax is as old as the invention of the bikini dated in the year 1946. Initially, is was quite prominent in American continent and as years past, it moved to Asia and other continents. Some cultures believe in maintaining and growing the hair bush whilst some believe in shaving it off.

However, today bikini wax has become an imperative part of majority of women’s health and beauty regime. In addition, some amazingly different styles of bikini wax have made it more tempting for women.

Things to keep in mind before you plan for your first session of bikini wax

Selection of the salon

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The most important part of bikini waxing is choosing the right salon! Search for good bikini waxing salons around you and do check the ratings and reviews.

You can also visit the salon of enquiry and get details about the bikini waxing procedure, time, cost etc…You may even ask an experienced friend for recommendation.

Preparing yourself mentally

If you have never waxed before then there are high chances that your pubic hair may be strong and thick. This may make your bikini waxing session very painful. Hence, before finalizing your waxing schedule make a strong decision to bear the pain.

Planning your schedule

Bikini-waxing procedure may take more time than expected. The time may depend upon the speed of your aesthetician, type of bikini wax etc…Hence, plan your daily scheduled accordingly.

Selecting the right type bikini wax

As a first timer, it is advised not to go for high intensity bikini wax. Select some gentle bikini wax like American bikini wax or ask your aesthetician to guide you in selecting and ideal bikini wax for you.

Length of your pubic hair

As you have never waxed pubic hair before, the length of your pubic hair may be too long and it won’t come out easily while waxing. Therefore, trim your pubic hair before wax session but do not make it shorter than a quarter inch.

Request to be gentle

Reduce redness after waxing

In case your aesthetician does not know, tell her that you are waxing for the first time and request her to do it gently. Ask for skin-numbing spray to make your experience less painful.

Check if the aesthetician is using hygienic ways of waxing

Make sure your aesthetician is using a fresh box of wax and spatula for you, as there are chances of contamination.

Follow after care procedure

Wear soft undergarments and avoid physical activity post bikini wax session.

Types of bikini wax

French bikini wax

In this type of bikini wax, all hair from upper thighs, the outer and inner folds of the vulva is removed. The hair from the front side of your intimate area is also waxed except for a landing strip, which is nothing but a thin vertical strip of hair.

As per your preference, you can change the shape of landing strip. However, removal of hair between the buttocks is not a part of French bikini wax.

American or touch up Bikini wax

American bikini wax is ideal for women who are either very sensitive towards intimate waxing or are having a bikini wax for first time or cannot wax all pubic hair due to health issues.

Touch-up waxing style only removes hair that can be visible through bikini, like hair below belly button and hair on upper thighs. The rest bikini area is finely trimmed and the quantity of waxed hair depends upon the type of bikini you choose to wear.

Brazilian bikini wax

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J sisters from Brazil invented this style, hence it is known as Brazilian wax. In Brazilian wax, all the hair is waxed including the entire bikini area, upper thighs, lower belly button, and area between the buttocks.

This is the reason why Brazilian style is not suggested for first timers, as it may be very painful.

Some hair in desired shape is left on the inner front of your intimate area just like French wax; however, you can also choose to have no hair at all! At some places, Brazilian in wax is also known as Hollywood or full Brazilian bikini wax.

Brazilian bikini wax does have some sub categories like below:

  • Mini Brazilian bikini wax: In this style, entire hair from the front part of your intimate area is waxed, leaving it smooth and clean. It does not include waxing of any other area or body part.
  • Brazilian plus bikini wax: This style includes full Brazilian bikini wax plus the hair waxing from the stomach and abdomen.
  • Brazilian south bikini wax: This style includes waxing leg hair along with full Brazilian wax.
  • Full buttocks: As the name suggests, this style includes hair waxing from the outer buttocks and in between the buttocks.
  • Butt strip: Just like its name, a wax strip is placed between your butts to take off that unwanted hair! It does not include waxing of hips or outer buttock areas like full buttock bikini wax.
  • Brazilian total body bikini wax: This waxing style includes waxing of entire body below your neck, including your breast, stomach, upper and lower belly button, back, inner and outer buttocks, arms, legs and feet. Your entire body become beautifully hairless after this wax.

Bikini wax shapes

Bermuda triangle

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Hair is left in triangle shape on the front part of Mons pubis starting from the upper part of pubic bone.

Landing strip

It is nothing but a thin rectangular strip left on the front part of intimate area.

Desert Island

Hair is left in small triangular on the upper part of pubic bone. It is similar to Bermuda triangle but is small in shape and looks like a floating triangle.

Unusual shapes

Hair in any desired shape is left on the Mons pubis. These unusual shapes are specially demanded by the women depending upon her likes and dislikes. To deliver the desired shape perfectly your aesthetician should be skilled and professional.

Reasons why you should do bikini wax

  • It keeps your intimate area clean and dry and helps to maintain hygiene levels.
  • After repetitive episodes of bikini wax, pubic hair growth becomes slow.
  • You get comparatively soft pubic hair after regular bikini wax.

These days even doctors suggest bikini wax for hygienic reasons. However, choose your bikini waxing procedure wisely depending upon your requirements and your ability to bear pain.

It is wise to choose soft wax if you are sensitive or in case it’s your first time and later you can move to hard wax procedure.