Homemade beauty treatments for your face

Women are generally very concerned about their beauty especially their face. They constantly make attempts of viewing variety of beauty tips that will surely make them look better. If you want to keep your face clean and healthy three important tips would be cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If you can practice this on a regular basis, no one can even stop you to stay presentable. But, if you want something extra, some expert tips on beauty and makeup would be necessary. In order to get spotless and glamorous skin, protecting your skin from the root will be an important consideration. If your skin tone is not bright, you may probably face countless problems in the process of staying beautiful.

People are visiting the parlors to get professional facials. But, it is not possible to afford professional facials for all. Even many people prefer having facials from the natural extracts. It is also possible for individuals to maintain their healthy skin with some home remedies. You can try some basic home facials once in a week and get glowing and wonderful skin without any side effects. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combination of all, home facials work in a brilliant way. There are some organic ingredients through which people can easily make home facials. The oatmeal that you are consuming to reduce your weight can work really well in creating a facial scrub.

Homemade mask recipes

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You can now wipe out a batch of oatmeal and egg whites and mix it very well. This is one of the organic and natural home remedy which will leave your skin glowing. Oatmeal and eggs can easily be available at any of the grocery stores.

Steps for best facial treatment at home

Step 1 – Cleaning the skin

You have to use a good facial cleanser to wash your neck, ears and face. This will help removing all dirt and dust from your face leaving your skin soft and supple. But, if you are already having eye makeup, you must remove it by using the eye makeup.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

Just after cleaner your skin with a cleanser, you have to use exfoliate or a facial scrub so that all unwanted physical granules are washed away from your face. Oatmeal can be a wonderful way to exfoliate your skin. It will be very beneficial for the back heads rising in the both side of the nose, forehead etc. As soon as the exfoliating agent starts drying, you can rinse your face. Another good recipe of exfoliating is mixture of brown and white sugar mixed well in extra virgin coconut oil.

Step 3 – steam

Steaming your face is a step in facial. You must have seen the beautician steaming your face with the vapor which they prepare with the help of their tool. There are several ways to steam your face at home. One of the ways is just heat water in s wide mouth tumbler. Now, switch of the gas and look at the hot water with the vapor touching your face. You can also take the boiling water in the teapot and continue the same process.

Step 4 – application of mask

Now facial mask will be different to each individual according to the skin type. If you have dry skin, the clay based facial mask will be appropriate for you. You can make a paste with sandalwood and turmeric and keep for a period of 10 – 20 minutes. Now rinse it.

Step 5 – Moisturizer

Just after washing away the facial mask from your face the next important step will be moisturizing. Virgin coconut oil is a wonderful source of home moisturizer. If you can deal with above steps while you are at home, your age will be rarely visible.

Problems related to skin tone

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Individuals can face variety of problems related to skin tone that include:

  • Large pores with visibility
  • Dullness over the skin tone
  • Greasy skin tone
  • Dark spots


If you can improve your lifestyle and some basic habits, getting a bright and problem free skin tone will be quite easy.

Diet It is important to have healthy diet such as lots of green leafy vegetables with enough roughage content to improve your skin tone. You also need to avoid junk as well as fast food as this can lead to greasy skin tone. With the help of roughage you can also get an improvement over your skin tone.

Cleaning skin You also must remember to clean your face with a natural cleanser such as milk or a branded cleanser which you have been using for a long time. It is quite common to have dirt and dust accumulated over your skin tone repeatedly. Thus, you must clean your face after every one hour if you are at home. This will make your skin tone lighten and brighter.

Caution for dry skin

Treatment procedure of skin varies from one category to another. People having dry skin tone should not be treated like the ones with oily skin tone. Both the skin tones are just opposite sides of two coins.  If you have dry skin tone, getting dull texture and dryness will be quite common. Again if you have flaky skin throughout your face and around your lips, it is important to keep it moisturized.  The most critical parts of their body include corners of eyes, forehead as well as lips. Once the individuals gets aged, they can also get brittle skin tone altogether.

  • Individuals with oily skin should not use warm water while taking bath
  • You also need to avoid the hard towels, rather it will be important to use the soft towels
  • Just after taking shower, you need to apply moisturizer immediately
  • Regular use of body oil will be a necessity

Tips for daily skin care

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If you really wish to take care of your skin, regular skin care routine will be a necessity. You may have any type of skin but, the most important part will be cleansing the skin tone. Throughout the day from the time you get out from home and by the time you get inside home, pollutants and dirt accumulates over your skin. Slowly it turns into carbon deposition that can not only affect your skin tone but also creates a scope of unhealthy skin. Thus, it becomes really important to clean your skin once you are back home as this will wash away all types of carbons as well as dirt accumulated over your skin. Just after cleaning your skin, it is also important to open your skin pores so that air can pass and your skin can breathe. Thus, toning is another important step in this process just after cleansing. Once toning is done, just wait for 5 minutes till the toner over your skin becomes dry.  The last step will be moisturizing. For individuals with all skin tone moisturizing is important or else your skin will become dry and flaky. People with dry skin tone must go for heavy moisturizer whereas oily skin tone people can apply a light moisturizer.  These are the very simple and effective tips which every individual must undertake to keep their skin healthy and sound for longer period of time.