How to lose fat on lower back

The little love handles on your lower back are surely not health risks, but can affect the way you look and also how you feel about your body. Sadly, we cannot selectively burn fat in a specific area. Although there are exercises for reducing those love handles for you. If you combine cardio for burning fat in an overall, back toning and strengthening exercises, along with following a proper diet, you will be able to trim your physique well.


Exercises to get rid of back fat

While you are at the gym, working really hard to reduce weight, if you constantly eat the junk you are accessible to, you won’t lose weight! You need to balance out a proper diet for making a difference in your weight and also for lasting it in the long run. Eating healthy foods adds essential fuels to your muscles and makes you workout better. When you restrict calorie intake, you use the present body fat by metabolizing it into energy. Don’t reduce calorie consumption significantly, as that can have an adverse effect. A minimum of 1500 calories for women and 1800 calories for men is compulsory. Add more of whole grains, lean protein and fibre and reduce carbohydrates as much as possible.

Exercises for losing fat on lower back

Russian twist

This exercise focuses on oblique, abdomens and transverse. It can be done with or without weight, depending on the level of difficulty you are trying to achieve. This is great  for muscles and reduces weight quickly.

  • Sit on your glutes by raising your feet up.
  • Twist side to side with or without the weight.
  • Repeat it in three set with 10 times each.

Standing oblique crunch

This exercise stresses on the oblique, transverse and abdomens. Since it is a standing exercise, it might activate your muscles and stabilize body while balancing on one foot and crunching the other.

Yoga poses to get rid of back fat

  • Depending on the difficulty level you want, lift one leg as much as possible.
  • Count 10 and come back to the initial position.
  • Repeat with the other leg.
  • If you want lower difficulty level, tap the lifting foot in-between.
  • Repeat 3 sets on each side.


This is a combination of cardio and strengthening exercise. This focuses on the triceps, upper back, shoulders, abdomen and legs. This is almost a full body exercise which is beneficial for an overall tone up. The more you focus on proper form and technique, the more of your muscles are benefitted.

  • Get on the squat position and then give a squat thrust.
  • Get into the push-up position thereafter and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Come back with a frog jump.
  • Finally, give jump squat.
  • This exercise is a pretty rapidly done, so that you can move every part of body in a jiffy. Start it slow to avoid pain and then increase the speed.
  • Repeat 10 times in 3 sets.


How to lose weight without gym

This is a wonderful exercise for lower back, glutes and core. When you squeeze and contract muscles in these areas and you raise hips on the from the floor you improve metabolism and burn fat. This tones your body well.

  • Lie down on your back and crunch your knees.
  • Place feet on the floor and so your knees will face the ceiling.
  • Slowly lift your buttocks keeping your abdomen straight.
  • Inhale as you go up and exhale as you come down.
  • Your head stays straight and you exert pressure on your shoulder for balancing well.
  • This makes your body strengthen and reduce the fat on areas you need to trigger.
  • Repeat exercise 10 time and relax.

Planks, side planks and planks with stability ball

When you practice planks it is surely good as an exercise. When you have variation to it, you simply level up! When you contract the core, the muscles are benefitted.

  • Follow a basic plank which requires your body to be balanced straight.
  • Your hips and shoulders are aligned and you are subject to breathe by holding the contraction.
  • When you do a side plank, it requires balancing on your forearms, shoulders and feet.
  • This keep the body stacked up in line.
  • Repeat both the exercises 3 times and hold it for 15 seconds each.

Use a stability ball to activate your core and muscles. This makes it slightly more challenging, but it is very helpful. For levelling it up a little more, you can raise one leg on arm and balance the body. Make sure that your workout doesn’t cause you injury, so don’t overdo the exercises. Go slow and slowly increase the level. Start with the basic, then go onto the side planks and finally use a ball.