Top homemade natural toothpastes for your dental care

Have you ever heard the saying, “bad breath is better than no breath at all”. Well it’s actually true. How many of us suffer from bad breath at one time or the other? Though we take an immediate action (temporary) at that moment yet we don’t actually get to the root to it and try to resolve it once and for all. We wait and wait till the matter gets worst and then we have to shell out hundreds of dollars at the dentist. Today in this article we shall talk about few easy home remedies for preparing homemade toothpastes, tips and tricks that could help us keep tooth related problem at bay.

Be natural and you are going to live long. The natural atmosphere around will be protecting you with all types of herbs constantly. But, most of us do trust the products available in the market. This can be due to the status symbol. Some people uses the products from the market just because they wish to get the quick remedy. But, this quick remedy is really harmful as it will be inflicted with the side effects. Even if we take the toothpaste, we can get ample in the market from different brands. We are constantly using it after viewing the advertisement in television. It is providing fresh breath. But, we don’t know whether they are fighting with bacteria present in our mouth. But, the natural toothpaste will definitely help you without any side effects.

You must have seen variety of toothpastes in the market that has been manufactured by reputed companies. Not all individual would use same type of toothpaste. Rather, the toothpastes are obtained on the basis of composition, fragrance as well as utility. This is the reason why not only one but people have different choice of toothpastes in the market. Some has sensitive teeth and gums so, they need to use sensitive type of tooth paste whereas other likes the flavor of cinnamon and cloves. Even they have variety of other toothpastes in the market. If you want to get natural remedy, homemade toothpastes would be great option.

How to make tooth powder at home

Having pearly white teeth is everyone’s desire. However due to unhealthy lifestyles one is unable to attain this desire. But if you really think for a moment you would know that it isn’t really that hard to maintain good oral health. All it takes a little bit of your time and proper products. Here are some of the best natural homemade toothpastes for your dental care:

  • Take about half a tbsp of soda and add equal quantity of water in it. Mix it into a fine paste. use this solution to brush your teeth at least 3 times a week. soda acts as a natural bleach on your teeth enamel. By using this solution regularly you can attain that pearly white teeth in less than 2 months. Try it to believe it.

  • Purchase hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) from your drugstore. take about 1 tbsp of this solution and add 2 tbsp of water to it. Mix it well. Use this solution at least thrice a week to brush your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide stops the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Remember, DO NOT SWALLOW THIS SOLUTION. Keep it away from the children’s reach.

  • Take about half tbsp of red sea salt, half tbsp of peppermint oil, 4 tbsp bentonite clay, 4 tbsp coconut oil and filtered water in required quantity. Take red sea salt , bentonite clay and coconut oil in a bowl, add water to it in smaller quantity and mix it thoroughly till it gets into cream like consistency. Store this paste in an airtight jar and keep it in a cool place.

    Note: To bring about that fresh minty taste you could also add half tbsp of peppermint oil (or spearmint or cinnamon) and mix it well. Use a pea-sized amount of the paste daily to attain greater results.

Prevention tips for yellow teeth

  • Use angelica herb which is widely used in european countries as a medicinal plant. If you do not get it anywhere you could also opt for angelica seeds that could be easily purchased from any health food store. To prepare an effective mouthwash from these seeds, add 1 cup of boiling water on about 2 tbsp of seeds. To this add few drops of peppermint oil or caraway or lemon verbena. Allow the solution to cool and then strain it into a container using a cheesecloth. Store it in an airtight jar in a cool place. Keep it out of kids reach.

While these are some of the best homemade paste that you can use to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Apart from this you should also follow some basic tips that includes:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Use mouthwash and dental floss to clean the mouth thoroughly.
  • Stop having soda and other beverages that could be harmful for teeth.
  • Add food rich in calcium in your daily diet.
  • Gargle your mouth every time you have something.

If these simple steps are followed regularly then you are sure to have that beautiful pearly white teeth.

Top homemade natural toothpaste

Sea salt

You can get sea salt in the market which can also be used for adding taste to cooking. Take your tooth brush and dip the brush in water. Now pour little sea salt and brush your teeth.  If you are concerned about abrasion, you can dip your brush in warm water with salt before brushing your teeth.

Herbal tooth powder

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Like herbal creams, hair care products etc it is also possible to get herbal tooth powders in the market. You can easily get them from the outlets that manufacture such herbal powders.  If you have problems of gum swelling and inflammation, herbal tooth powder will be the best one to eradicate pains and infections within your mouth.  You can also order such products online.

Natural soap

You will be surprised to learn that, even you can brush your teeth with the help of a natural soap. This might be little soapy while brushing your teeth but the taste as well as utility is really good.  Peppermint castile soap is one among the natural soaps that is really wonderful for your dental health.

Coconut oil

Did you ever hear that coconut oil will be effective in working as a toothpaste alternative? Yes, it is a true fact indeed.  Since it has anti bacterial as well as anti fungal properties, it will be effective to serve the purpose of mouth cleaning as well.

Essential oil

You must have heard about variety of benefits provided by essential oil. It is quite surprising to learn that, even this works well when you are using it for dental health.  You can wash your toothbrush and then add two drops of peppermint oil in it.  Now, brush it really well to get a minty flavor.

Oral irrigation

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Oral irrigation is also a way to get teeth and gums cleaning effect without using any chemicals. People who have been using it has reported this to be a wonderful way to have well maintained teeth and gums.

Oil pulling

You can carry on with the process of oil pulling with a spoon of coconut oil. Your teeth will never stay very clean without the process of oil cleaning.

Dry brushing

Another way of staying healthy with teeth and gums naturally will be dry brushing. You may feel little strange if spoken about the technique of dry brushing. But, in reality it is really very effective.

Baking soda and coconut oil recipe


  • Baking soda- 3 spoons
  • Coconut oil- ½ cup
  • Stevia powder- 2 packets
  • Peppermint oil- 10-12 drops


Best teeth brushing tips

First of all you have to melt the coconut oil that has been solidified. Now take a container and add coconut oil, baking soda, stevia powder, peppermint oil as mentioned in quantity. Mix them really well and cool down in refrigerator. Now whenever you are going to do brush, take it out, scoop it with spoon and put it over your toothbrush. Now brush your teeth and get naturally sparkling teeth.

Neem and cloves


Neem leaves- 50 to 60

Cloves- 2-3


You need to take 50-60 neem leaves and let it dry. Now after the heat of 5-6 days it will become completely dried. Now take a grinder and grind the neem leaves and cloves together. Once it has become powder, you can store it in a container just like you store spices. Now get up in the morning and take your brush. Let it well and pour some neem and clove powder. Brush your teeth and you will be free from variety of teeth issues. Tooth pain, cavities as well as bath breath will be easily removed with such remedy.