How to get rid of water weight?

Water is retained by the body for various reasons. Many a time’s dehydration and excessive sodium intake cause cells to get filled with sub-cutaneous fluid. This results in a puffed up look. Water will usually accumulate in areas like ankle and the feet regions.  The human body is as such 60% water. Excessive water retention due to Edema is often due to chronic inflammation. Thus, a faster way of looking slimmer is considered to be through losing water weight. It is believed that people of all ages are able to lose weight through water weight reduction.

Water weight is easily gained back and the only way to manage it is to ensure a lifestyle which is healthy and disciplined. Some ways to rid water weight are:

Regular exercise

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One of the most natural ways to lose water weight is to exercise on a regular basis. The sweat which gets generated during say an hour long exercise session can cause water loss of around 0.5 to 2 litres. This is also affected by other factors such as attire and temperature. This helps manage the soft look which many people complain about. This is so since exercise helps minimise the water immediately around the cell.

Higher water intake

A hydrated body is essential to manage water weight. This will aid faster loss of water weight and help manage regaining of water weight better.

Dietary changes

The diet needs to change. Salt consumption needs to go down. Further, excess fluid retention occurs if excess sodium intake occurs. Hence, food items such as bacon, canned condiments and soups are best avoided. Food items such as oranges and banana are rich in potassium and helps better manage water accumulation.

Fibre rich diet

The cleansing of the urinary tract, colon and even kidney is made possible through intake of fibre rich food items. This will mean excess fluids will get reduced. For this steamed or raw vegetables as opposed to roasted or boiled vegetables should be consumed. Flaxseed is believed to be fibre rich and it can be converted into powder form and given in food preparations. Breakfast should ideally consist of a cereal which is whole grain and may have flaxseed powder.

Black coffee, tea and the dandelion way

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Coffee and tea are natural diuretics which are easily available. Dandelion root is also considered a good diuretic and its intake via various methods can prove beneficial. Parsley tea consumption thrice a day is a good source of antioxidants which have a direct impact on managing water weight. Unlike caffeine, it keeps the body hydrated and the systems active.


Adequate sleep is essential since it has an effect on the renal nerves. This helps in sodium management and as such water balance regulation of the entire body system. Proper quantum of sleep aids the body to manage body hydration levels as well as water retention.


Larger amounts of electrolytes are necessary in case of higher water intake. Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals which help maintain water balance. A perennially hot climate or regular exercise regime, results in loss of essential electrolytes from the body like potassium and magnesium. This can then be replaced through supplements or food items high in salt.


There are some specific areas on the body. When a specified amount of pressure is applied on them then it aids water balance in the body. Thus, an expert may be consulted as this not only helps reduce water but also manage its flow to all the organs.


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Water retention is directly impacted by the hormone cortisol. This gets created in larger sums due to stress and impacts fluid retention. ADH is created by cortisol which is an anti-diuretic. Thus, health and wellness in the long run can be better managed through managing cortisol and ADH levels in the body.

Common tips

One should be aware of food items which cause inflammation. This is individual specific. There are many who also opt for supplements which help lose excess water from the body and thus weight thereof. This is however expensive and should only be considered under expert supervision.

There is medication which helps regulate gas and thus also water weight. Salmon, rose petal water, apples and even herbal tea are considered to aid water weight reduction.