Summer makeup tips for all skin types

The scorching and sweltering summer is here and keeping your makeup intact in this summer can be a real challenge. If you have a special occasion during this time, you actually need to plan and try your makeup in advance just to ensure that it stays well on you and not on your clothes, mobile and hanky.

No matter if you have a dry or oily or combo skin, you need to take special care during the summer days to ensure that your makeup does not start to melt away as soon as you are away from your dressing table. Here are some tips that you must follow to ensure that your makeup do not give you a funny and patchy look due to inappropriate melting. Read on,

Summer makeup tips for all skin types

Moisturize your face beforehand

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Even if it is summer you must not forget the moisturizer. In fact, moisturize your face early in the morning after bath with water based, non-greasy moisturizer before you start any makeup. This acts as the proper base.

Avoid anything greasy

Summers will make you sweat anyway and that will add to a glossy texture on your face. Thus, you must avoid a foundation that is too greasy or creamy to avoid that extra shine. Also skip any kind of shimmer on your face for this season.

Spritz your face

You cannot help the sweat and oiliness on the face in summers but you can definitely spritz your face with a cooling mineral spray which cools down the face without ruining the makeup.

Prepare your skin with an ice cube

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face before taking the makeup is a cardinal rule, but when it is summer, you should think twice before applying the moisturizer. Also replace your regular toner for a cube of ice. An ice cube can work as an excellent toner for your skin, tightening the pores and controlling the sweating for the whole span while you are taking the makeup. Blending your primer or foundation is sure to become impossible if your face keeps on sweating continuously. So, take an ice cube and rub it on your cleaned face and neck for around 10 to 15 minutes before you start with the makeup. This is one of the most vital tips for summer makeup for every skin type and can actually save your day.

Opt for a lighter sunscreen directly

After you have applied the ice and have patted your face dry with a soft cotton cloth, it is best to opt for a light sunscreen directly without going to your regular moisturizer. When you are going out into the sun in summer you just cannot do without a sunscreen but using both the moisturizer and the sunscreen will surely add to the chances of melting of the layers. You can either opt for a day moisturizer that comes with adequate amount of SPF or you can directly go for a serum or gel based sunscreen that does not feel heavy on the skin, but keeps the skin well hydrated and also ensures nice protection from the sun.

Do not forget the primer

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Summer makeup definitely needs a primer after the moisturizer and before the actual makeup starts. This acts as the base which holds up the entire makeup. Invest in a good primer for your summer makeup days.

Priming your face is necessary in order to ensure that the makeup stays in place. Makeup primer gives a proper base to the makeup making it last long. However, it is really important that you choose a makeup primer that meets with the exact needs of your skin and does not feel heavy or clog the pores. A good quality makeup primer that suits your skin can reduce all the worries of makeup melting even during the hot summer days.

Stick to stick based concealers

A concealer stick is vital to use under your foundation during summer just to ensure that you need not to layer up the foundation to get the required coverage. If you put on a thick layer of foundation it is most expected to start melting in no time, and to keep it light, you need to ensure that the spots and blemishes on your skin are perfectly hidden with a concealer. Opt for the stick concealers if you have an oily skin and the dry skinned beauties can opt for a liquid concealer. However, use the concealer only on the areas that needs extra coverage, not on your whole face.

Minimize layering

Layering makes an important part of makeup but when you are going to be out in forty degree Celsius, you actually need to forget that rule. When it is hot, as a general rule minimize the number of products to be layered on your face to complete your makeup. We would even suggest you to go to the extent to replacing your foundation with a single BB or CC cream that can givecoverage without making it feel heavy on the skin. A good sunscreen coupled with a CC cream can easily take care of the hydration needs of your skin, even when you are in AC, so do not use a moisturizer beneath to add to the risk of melting of makeup by layering. Dab the CC cream or a light layer of foundation only to those areas of the skin where correction is needed and do never make it thick. Blend well to get a more natural look.

End it up with a touch of mineral powder

After you have applied the foundation, all you need to finish your face makeup is a dash of mineral powder on your face. This will give you a matt look and will ensure that your makeup is at place for longer duration. If you have a big occasion in this summer and are quite worried about melting of your makeup, spend lavishly in the mineral based makeup powder you pick. However, while applying the powder do not use a lot of the product. Keep it light and skip lathering, because even the best quality makeup will start melting in heat when layered.

The right blush

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Using a light dose of blush that looks natural on your skin is always a good idea even during summers. However, during the days, you can surely skip it. When choosing your blush during summer opt for the earthy tones that looks natural and are not shimmery. Make sure that the blush holds onto your makeup perfectly.

Take the right care of your eyebrows

If you have nice brows, just ensure that you pluck them right and go without any makeup on them. In summer it is best to ensure that your brows are perfect naturally, rather than using makeup to make them look perfect. If your brows are thin or sparse, opt for an eyebrow pencil and use it wisely without making your brows look too dark and artificial. Using a water resistant brow setting gel on the top can ensure that the brow makeup stays at place.

Opt for an eyeshadow only for parties and occasions

During summer, it is best to not to opt for eye shadows for regular makeup. If there is a special occasion then surely you have to go for it. Always ensure to use an eyelid primer before you put on the eyeshadow and pick a powder based or baked eyeshadow pallet to ensure that the color stays long on you.

Water resistant liner and mascara are a must for summer

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For day time outings during summer, it is best to go light with your eyeliner and mascara. You can even opt for a more soft line of a water-resistant kajal than using a liner during the hot summer days, to look more natural. However, no matter the type of product you use on your eyes, always ensure that it is resistant from water and will not come off if you sweat.

Keep your lips moisturized and use a lip liner

No matter how hot it is your lips still need hydration, particularly if you are going to be in AC.  Using a lip liner is a must during summer as it controls the chance of bleeding of the lip color. So, pick a lip liner of the same color of the lipstick you are going to use and use it properly to line your lips. Now fill in the lips with the lipstick. Summer is not the best time to go sheer with your lips, particularly during the day time. You can easily turn your sheer lipstick to matt by applying some baby powder on it and then removing the excess with a tissue paper.

The last tip

So, now as you are done with the makeup, here comes the most important tip. Depending on the humidity in your area, how much time you will spend outdoors, how much physical activities you will perform and the type of makeup you have used, you might see some oils oozing out through the makeup even after taking all the care. In such situations make it a point to soak the excess oil immediately with a soft tissue and after 4-5 hours just repeat the loose powder once again to keep everything intact. If you do not remove the extra oil immediately, it will add to the chances of melting your whole makeup. So, keep a tissue ready at hand and continue removing the oil/sweat that oozes out through your makeup.