How to fix skin and hair care mistakes

Most men and women follow a daily regime to maintain the health and beauty of the skin and hair. They follow several methods and use many products to fulfil this process. But it has been noticed by experts that most people develop some wrong habits and follow wrong steps and lead to damage the skin texture and hair loss. These must be understood and avoided at all cost.

Who will be the person don’t want a pretty clear and great face! who don’t crave for the fluffy and amazing hair! In this confirmation we follow many tips and remedies, they better us but using them in improper way leads to suffer. While you are going to skin or hair care follow certain rules and regulations like how it is needed to be used and whether it suits me or not likewise and coming to few suggestions that alerts you about skin and hair care are given below.

The one thing which is bundled with many organ problems causing agents and skin weakening factors is ‘cigarette’, it damages your skin and the important organs too. It is the major culprit of Lungs diseases, cancer, heart diseases and general health. Smoking leads to the dark circles and bags under the eyes, it darkens the lips color and enhances the chance of causing psoriasis problem.

Skin care

Daily skin care tips

  • Exfoliation is a part of removing dead skin cells but doing it for more number of times damages the skin. It is recommended to exfoliate two times a week. If you have dry or a sensitive skin plan it for once in ten days.
  • Going to a party and coming to home with a tired mood makes you feel lazy sometimes to remove your make-up but sleeping without cleaning make-up will clogs the skin pores and doesn’t make your skin to take breath eventually it leads to the severe cause of premature aging and acne problems.
  • Applying moisturizer after your bath or face wash will help you in many ways. But people think, it increases the chances of getting acne which is truly not true. Select an oil free moisturizer if you are suffering with acne problem.
  • Many times unknowingly we do use the hot water for washing of face along with the body, but it is not good for skin especially face. Washing with hot water severely damage the blood vessels. So use lukewarm water instead of it.

Common skin care mistakes

  • Skin is left to dry for long before applying moisturizer. Leaving the skin will dehydrate the skin as dry skin sucks moisture out from the skin.An alcohol free toner or moisturizer must be applied on damp skin, immediately after washing it.
  • Cosmetic products are used by most people without checking if they are suitable to their skin. Most people depend on advertisements and peer advice.
  • Blemishes and pimples are handled the wrong way. Pimples should not be picked out in the early stage; it will leave scars and can spread in other parts as well. The yellow solution from the pimple needs to be gently squeezed out when it is fully ripe. Then apply local treatment with any antiseptic cream.

How to use multani mitti for skin care

  • Most men and women forget to apply sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun. Sunscreen lotions help to prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Many people use bar soap or soaps containing harsh chemicals to clean the skin. These soaps make the skin dry and accumulate dead skin cells. The body must be cleansed with mild sulfate free and soap-free gels.
  • Leaving makeup on while sleeping is the greatest mistake a person makes to destroy the skin and make it dull, dry and full of blemishes.
  • Junk food has become the favorite diet in the recent times. It is the worst enemy for the skin as it provides hardly any nourishment to the skin. The diet habits and routine is visible clearly on the skin. 

Just like the skin care, hair care also forms a vital part of the daily beauty routine. The wrong methods and wrong products used for hair care need to be avoided.

Worst skin care mistakes to avoid

Over exfoliating

Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis is a good practice. But, over exfoliating is again a very dangerous thing. Your skin has some natural oil that keeps your skin nourished. But, if you go ahead with scrubbing and exfoliating your skin on a regular basis this can give rise to depletion of your natural oils and can make your skin dry and unattractive. You skin will look really feeble and dull.

Sleeping with makeup

Benefits of curd for skin care

When you need to attend a party, makeup is an important part of it. You will not be able to go to the party without proper makeup. But, once you are back from the party or the place of occasion at late night, you must be really tired. This is the reason why you don’t get the time to take off the makeup. You only change the dress and sleep over the bed. But, this is totally a wrong practice. It will be really important to take off the makeup from your face and clean it before going to bed.

Switching products

As we can find number of products in the market related to skin care, we get obsessed and try on using the new ones that has come in the market. But, it is also not a good task to proceed. This affects your skin when you keep on changing the products. It is always better to use one type of product from a single brand for long time may it be for summer, winter or rainy season.

Hair care

  • After applying oil to the hair most people leave it for long days with a thought of oil is helping good to hair. But the exact chance is that, leaving for more days leads to blocking of pores and also to absorb the dirt from the environment which results for the hair fall. Apply the oil and massage, leave for an hour or two and rinse your hair.
  • Few people face the hair fall problem due to their way of styling the hair. Leaving the hair open inputs more dirt to scalp, wearing a too tight pony with a rubber band gives more hair fall.

Winter hair care tips

  • A good scale of sleep gives you many benefits for your health and body. Sleeping for 8 hours will makes the skin fresh and youthful. Try to avoid the late night sleep to overwhelm future problems.

Always do offer a nutritious food to yourself, healthy not only calls for good health but increases the health of the hair and skin also. Prefer eating nuts, seeds, fiber consisting items, minerals, cereals, green leafy vegetables and colored fruits to enhance the good health and skin care. Substitute these important items to junk foods which steals your proteins and nutrients.

Common hair care mistakes

  • Trimming of the hair after long intervals leads to brittle hair, split ends and dry. It is essential to trim the hair every two months to keep them healthy
  • Daily shampooing is another mistake girls make to avoid stickiness. Over shampooing of the hair removes the natural oils from the scalp and leave the hair dull and lifeless.
  • Skipping conditioner after washing hair is another common error made by most people. Conditioner must be used in a very small quantity.
  • Drying of hair harshly with a towel is a common habit of working and busy ladies. Hair is very weak when they are wet and working on them harshly will lead to breakage of hair. The shampooed hair should be pat dried with a towel or wrapped in the towel for a few minutes; Entangles must be cleared with the fingers and not with a hard brush or comb.

Best hair oils for hair fall control

  • The modern fashion trend calls for hair styling, curling, straightening, flattening and blow drying with heated tools.Heat is found to be one of the most damaging agents to hair. If these tools are to be used, heat protective shields must be used to prevent direct damage to the hair. Different types of heat are required for different types of hair. Select a tool that can be adjusted to the heat according to the quality of the hair—thin, thick and coarse hair.  Hair styling can be done at home by skipping the use of heated tools.
  • Most women going to work early in the morning comb wet hair. This tends to break the hair and create split ends.
  • Most of us fail to eat the right nutrients to keep the hair healthy. A good healthy diet rich in iron, vitamin C, folic acid and proteins help to keep the hair healthy and prevent hair loss.
  • Tying the ponytail very tightly at the same place becomes daily habit which should be avoided.
  • Most girls avoid oil massage for long periods which leads to dry, dull and brittle hair.

Worst hair care mistakes to avoid

Hair dye

These days due to pollution in the environment, it becomes impossible to get naturally black hair or natural tone of hair for long years. Even people with very young age are getting their hair grayed. Thus, people use hair dyes to get back the color. But, this is not a very good practice. Rather, you damage your hair in this way. All you can do is use naturally back or brown henna instead of dye.

Not trimming hair

Top hair care tips

Whenever your hair starts breaking or falling, one of the reasons behind it can be not trimming of hair on a regular basis. It is really important to get your hair trimmed in every 3-4 months. Even if you do it in every 6 month, that will be fine. But, it is really important to go ahead with the trimming of hair on a regular basis. The hair breakage and falling of hair will be considerably low if your hairs are trimmed and get a short. You don’t need to make it too much short. A little trimming will be fine.