How to curl your eyelashes naturally at home?

Beauty of women gets enhanced as soon as they get curled eyelashes. But, not all women have such beautiful shape of eyelashes to flaunt among the crowd. Rather, most of the ladies are seen with very straight eyelashes. But, the world has change and so is the fashion trend. Today, people are so much cautious about their presentation that there are hardly any scope for impossible. Same goes with curled eyelashes.

You can easily have attractive curled eyelashes with the help of some simple tips at home. Getting it curled at the beauty parlor will be possible. But, there are also some home tips through which you can easily get your eyelashes curled without spending much in the beauty parlor.

Ways of curling eyelashes

Using fingers for curling eyelashes

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You can now curl your eyelashes with the help of fingers. For this process, you need to use mascara at first. Then you need to wait till the mascara dies within the eyelashes. Now use your fingertips and push all the lashes forward such that the eyelashes points upwards. You need to hold the lashes in the same way to the upward position for a period of minute. You also need to repeat this step several times till the time you have desired curl in your eyelashes.

Curling eyelashes with spoon

It is not possible to have eyelash curlers at every home. But, you will definitely have spoon at home. For this procedure, you need to apply the baby or talcum powder in your eyelashes so that it does not stick with one another at the time of curling. After dusting it with the powder, you need to apply mascara to the eyelashes. Take a clear spoon and dip it in warm water so that it gets heated. Now dry the spoon with towel. You also need to touch the spoon and check whether the spoon is too hot. If it is too hot to burn your skin, keep it for sometime so that it gets little bit cool. Now hold the handle of spoon and place the curled portion of the spoon just under your eye touching maximum lashes of your eye. You can also use your thumb to press the eyelashes against the spoon so that desired curl is formed. Do this for 10 seconds. Now release the thumb. Do this to each of your eyelashes till it becomes curled.

Using curlers to curl eyelashes

Many people might have curlers at home but they lack the expertise in curling the eyebrows. If you don’t have eyelash curlers at home, it can be easily found in many cosmetic stores. To get the eyelash curled with the curler, you need to open your eyes wide and position the gripper of the curler near the base of the eyelash. Now, squeeze the finger loop gently in order to close the gripper. Now you need to hold the curler in closed position for about 10 to 15 seconds. It is important to keep your hand steady. A simple jerk can be very harmful in this situation. You can carry on with these steps again getting desired curls.

Warm finger curl method

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You can also curl your eyelashes with the help of warm finger curl method. You have to apply mascara at first to your natural eyelashes. It is important to roll the eyelashes upward with the mascara stick. As soon as the first coating of mascara is done, second coating must be applied. But, before this step you need to rub your fingers against each other in such a way that it becomes warm. Now you need to push the eyelashes up with the tips of your fingers. Keep the eyelashes in the same position for 10 to 15 seconds and then drop. Now again warm your fingers against each one and repeat this process once again. Repeat this process till you get the curl according to your desire.

Tips on eyelash curling

  • You must start curling by taking the curling instrument at the base of the eyelashes.
  • Individuals must avoid getting the skin into the eyelash curling tool otherwise it will be very painful
  • If you really wish to have a good curl with the help of the eyelash curler, you need to hold the curler for 5 seconds. This will provide you get a good curl instead of a crimp
  • In order to make the curl much more effective, divide the eyelashes in three sections and carry on with the curling procedure one after another.
  • It is important to get your mascara completely dry before applying the curler into it
  • During any occasions you can slightly warm up your eyelash curlers with the help of blow dryer and starts carrying on the process of curling.
  • But, you should not use a blower everyday as this will not only damage your eyelashes but also will affect your eyes.

Many people have tried curling by wrapping ribbons which is placed against the hard of the scissor which is opened. This is the technique from where the spoon technique has been inspired. Many people have tried it once they were attending school. Since, teen age girls are very eager to get attractive features; they gather knowledge about different technique. Curling with spoon is also one among it. Today, this technique has become very powerful in the world of fashion and beauty.