Beauty products must have in makeup kit for oily skin face

It is tough to have the perfect makeup kit for the oily skin. This is because oily skin is extremely sensitive and you don’t what exactly can suit the skin. However, you should go to the shop and specify the sort o makeup kit you are looking for. There are several makeup kits for all normal and oily skin.

Thus you should choose accordingly. However, there are certain points that you should keep in mind while you settle to select a makeup kit for the face. The selection has to be done carefully for the best restoration of the skin texture.

If you are get kicked by acne, blackheads and pimples the blotting paper you kept on the face turns oily. Yes the above mentioned problems are most caused due to the excess production of oil from the skin. If you can able to solve the oil problem then you are too close to the pace of solving acne, pimples and its other contributing problems. So here is the tool box for oily skin people to care of.

Tool box for oily skin people

Types of makeup foundations

It must consists of;

  • Mild cleanser for cleaning
  • Scrub to exfoliate
  • lukewarm water/warm water and wash
  • cloth to open up pores
  • Facial mask(Cream mask) for to takeout impurities
  • Moisturizer to protect the skin

Mild cleanser for cleansing

Get a mild cleanser and cleanse your face. The usage of cleanser is important as it rip off the dead skin cells and impurities that are hiding the real beauty of the skin. Cleansing also avoids the clogging of pores and the growth of break outs. Use an oil free cleanser that suits you best and make your skin refreshing and smooth.


If you are having an electronic steamer use it to give steam to your face. This way you are opening the pores and flushing out the dirt from the skin. If not an electronic steamer, a bowl of hot water also do the equal job. Pour warm water in a bowl and keep your face over the running steam by covering your head with a towel.


Amazing night make-up tips

Here is the preparation tips for homemade scrub for oily skin people. Take one tablespoon of sugar and mix it with half tablespoon of aloe vera oil.

Now take the mixture on your fingertips and scrub it on the face for two to three minutes. Leave your facial skin for a minute and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This simple homemade scrub takes away the dead skin and controls the production of excessive oil from the skin.

Facial masks

Facial masks prepared for oil skin type are readily available at market but people who are fond of making their own face mask can try out the following one. Take the household ingredients such honey, tomatoes, aloe vera gel, sandalwood powder, fruits like papaya and mix them to form a smooth and spreadable paste. Apply this paste as a mask on your face and retain it for over 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.


Follow up your washed face with an ideal moisturizer that makes your skin soft and healthy. Some moisturizers are coming with SPF tags, use it to double protect your skin from the sun rays and pollution. Other wise try keeping your hands in the following homemade moisturizer.

Get the few drops of almond oil, one egg white and few drops of lemon juice. Mix the three ingredients well and apply it as your general lotion to the face and neck entirely. It will takes few minutes to turn dry. Rinse off with and feel the effect of moisturized skin on the face.

makeup is not a skin care product

cleansers There is no point in using makeup in controlling the oil level of the skin. Makeup cannot do this. Makeup is just an artificial way of making the skin appear bright and perfect. This is not the best skin care solution for you. Makeup cannot save your skins from detrimental acnes and boils.

They can only form a temporary layer over the skin. Thus, as part of the kit you should have things like serum and cleansers. These are stuffs to make the skin stay in the best of state ever and always. Thus, in case you skin is oily make sure that you have all the essential stuffs as part of the kit.

There should always be a primer within the kit

As part of the kit you should always make use of primer. This helps in creating the best of even texture and helps the foundation last for the entire day. In fact, with the primer your makeup stays as it is and there is no unnecessary greasing. The primer causes a barrier between the makeup and the skin and in the way your skin feels less oily. The primers are available in the market in so many forms.

This is the reason you should be careful regarding the sort of consistency you are in need of. However, before you buy the entire pack it is necessary that you make use of the samples to see whether the primer is suitable for the particular skin texture.

Please avoid makeup with oily base

In case you have an oily skin please avoid the presence of oily bases as part of the makeup kit. It is always best to try the oil free makeup base. These days you have lots available in the market and thus you can select one according to the sort of skin texture you have.

Please do not try for the anti-aging makeup kits as they have oily bases to save the skin from becoming dry and scaly. Oil makeup helps in proper skin hydration and this is the reason it is not good for people with oily skin types.

Contents of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid

Oily skin care tips

In case you are looking for a makeup kit for the sort of oily skin type that you have you should look for a kit with presence of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

This will help in drying out of the skin and prevent the skin to become oily after the application of the makeup. The elements can make the makeup have that matte look for the entire day. However, before an application of the same it is required that you make use of a light weight moisturizer on all parts of the face and neck. This will prevent the skin from being too dry even if you have an oily skin texture.

The mineral makeup kit for you

In case you have an oily skin you can try for the mineral makeup kit. This is the best for the sort of oily and combined skin texturing. The mineral foundation with matte finish I made with the finest amethyst components to help the skin get protected from the kinds of free radicals and this even causes improvement in toning and texturing.

Once you wear the foundation your skin is sure to appear so flawless and your skin would appear the same for the entire day. The makeup also reduces the oil content from over the face and helps the skin feel so soft and velvety. The sort of makeup provides light weight coverage and this is the right one for those who would not like to have a heavy makeup base.