How to apply eyeshadow

Eye makeup is one of the most vital parts of face makeup. A proper eye makeup can change the total appearance, adding a lot to the beauty and at the same time, an eye makeup gone wrong can ruin the total look in the most worst way. So, when you are going for the eye makeup, it is best to be clear about how actually you are going to do it. Applying eyeshadow makes one of the major and crucial steps in eye makeup. If you are not confident about how to apply eyeshadow properly, going without it is best suggested. Applying the right eyeshadow in the right way can give your eyes and your whole face a new definition, but if you are anything less than perfect in the job it might make you look like a clown as well. The good thing is that, in reality, applying eyeshadow perfectly is not a very difficult thing to do and does not even take a lot of time. You can easily do it on your own within minimum time once you have become familiar with the techniques. So, before you start check out how you can apply eyeshadow to enhance your eyes in the very best way. However before you move on to the main part, there are some more things that you need to know.

The shape of your eyes

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The ultimate objective of makeup is to make you more beautiful and hence you should only opt for the style of eye makeupthat goes best with the shape of your eyes and appearance. It is not that you should not experiment with your look, but you should not make yourself look odd only because you are trying out something new. If you have smaller eyes it is essential for you to follow some particular patterns of eye shadowing to make them appear bigger; on the other hand if you have too big or protruding eyes you can also cover them up with proper eyeshadow application. Eyeshadows can also be effective to make deep set eyes look bigger and brighter. It can also hide effectively any wrinkle or skin imperfection in that area.

The eyeshadow brush

An artist can never deliver his best art unless he is equipped with the best tools. In order to apply eyeshadow like a pro, you need to have the right eyeshadow brushes. If you are looking for a low budget option you can easily go for the ORIFLAME Professional Double-ended Eyeshadow; but if you are looking for professional results and ease of application going for more expensive eyeshadow brush sets like Professional Glod Eye Brushes set is suggested. Always use separate brushes for separate eyeshadow colors and another separate brush for blending.

Now let us get into the process of applying eyeshadow. Eyeshadow can be applied in different ways to make different styles and designs, according to the shape of your eyes and the overall makeup of your face. It is important that your eyeshadow should go hand in hand with the total makeup of your face and also with your dress. So, pick the eyeshadow colors accordingly. Matte powder based natural tones starting from light to dark gives most sophisticated looks. You can opt for brighter colors in eyeshadow to match with your dress.

Applying Eyeshadow

As already mentioned eyeshadow can be applied in different styles. The most common of them is done by using two different colors; one light and the other dark. However, you can also use three or even four colors of eyeshadow to get the right look; but it is best suggested to move to more colors only once you are practiced enough with the best techniques and tricks of applying eyeshadow. Follow the next steps to apply eyeshadow perfectly

  • Apply concealer and foundation to the skin around the eyes. Ensure that the concealer is at least 1 shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This will hide any darkness in the area.
  • Once you are done with the concealer and the foundation dust in a bit of face powder with the help of a wide brush in the area just to set in the foundation.
  • Applying a neutral eyeshadow base onto your lids is suggested if you want the eyeshadow colors to pop out or if you are about to have the makeup on for long without in between touchups.
  • Once you have prepared the eye area properly for applying eyeshadow start with the lightest color that you have picked to use.

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  • Use a large eyeshadow brush to apply the lighter color to the base of the eyelashes. Now blend in the color all the way towards your brows with the help of the brush. If you have smaller eyes, covering the entire lid with the light color will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. If you have protruding eyes, you can simply confine the light eyeshadow to a minimum part of the lid to make your eyes appear smaller.
  • Once you are done with the light eyeshadow color. Take a crease defining brush and apply the second shade to the crease area of your eyes and blend up towards the outer corner of the eye.
  • If you want to give your eyes a softer appearance, use a separate brush to blend the two eyeshadow colors in a soft and circular outward motion towards the crease of the eyes.
  • Now you are done with applying two eyeshadow colors. If you want to add more colors, select a darker shade than the two you have already used and apply this eyeshadow onto the crease of your eyes with a crease defining brush. Blend the color upwards and outwards and not towards the lids.
  • To use a fourth color, take a more pointed and dense brush and apply the darkest color of all the four to the back corners of your eyelid. However, it is best suggested to opt for this only once you have become a pro.
  • Once you are done with the eyeshadow use eyeliner to define your eyes and do not forget to use a load of mascara to give your eyes the most dramatic effect.

You can go for different variations of eyeshadow style once you have become confident and skilled. The cat eye effects, butterfly eye effects, Smokey eye effects are some of the common and most interesting eyeshadow styles to try with.

Eyeshadow application tips

  • The lightest shade that you have used on your eyelids can also be used lightly just under the lower eyelashes to highlight your eyes and make them appear vibrant.
  • Applying a gloss or shimmer onto your brow bones can make your eye look more prominent and dramatic.
  • If you have smaller eyes, highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a light eyeshadow or shimmer in a ā€œVā€ shape will make your eyes look bigger and more prominent.
  • Completing eyeshadow application and eye makeup before you start with your face makeup can be a good idea as it will make it easy to wipe off if any color falls out.
  • When taking an eyeshadow in a brush, always tap off the excess. It will reduce the wastage and will also save you from over application.