DIY skin care: Homemade seaweed cellulite buster

Content of cellulite in the body of each individual is a reason behind change in lifestyle from healthy food to unhealthy fast food. Cellulite is mostly seen either in the thigh region or buttocks. It becomes really difficult for individual to move with such a thick fat layer in thigh region. Since those areas are quite easy to cover up, people might not give importance to the accumulated cellulite over that area. But, if the cellulite contents increases in the body of individual, this can give rise to many deadly diseases. Thus, seaweed at home can be a wonderful variety of cellulite buster which each individual must consider.

List of homemade cellulite busters

Clay pack with seaweed

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This is a wonderful cellulite treatment with seaweeds and other ingredients readily at home. The ingredients required to create them include rosemary oil, lime juice, dried seaweed powder, few drops of lavender essential oils, few tablespoon of clear honey, sweet almond oil, ounces of clay.

Make a paste with perfect combination of lime juice, clay as well as seaweed powder. If the paste becomes very thick, you can add some water to make it thinner. Use a spoon to make the paste more correct. Now ad almond oil as well as essential oils over the paste. Now, you can evenly apply the paste over your thigh area where cellulite affects the most. In order to protect it from falling you must wrap a plastic. You must lie down in a warm room for a period of 25 minutes with the paste applied over your leg. After the completion of 25 minutes, you can simply wash it away with water to get magical result

Coffee and seaweed shower scrub

It is quite common to get coffee at home of each individual. You can make a wonderful cellulite buster readily at home after making your morning pot. You have to place the coffee grains in a pot and cover the same with sweet almond oil, seaweed, olive oil, grape seed oil etc. It is better to go for cold pressed category and avoid the things which are partially hydrogenated. You must blend everything inside the container and allow it to settle down for few minutes. Give some time so that the oil gets properly infused inside the coffee. Now apply this mixture over the dimply parts where the cellulite content is quite high. After keeping it for sometime rinse it and get relaxed.

Appropriate massage oil at home

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You can now find variety of massage oils in the market that is quite essential for your skin nourishment. If you have such oils at home, making massage oil will be quite easy. It is important to get few drops of carrier oils as well as essential oils to make a perfect mixture. The list of carrier oil includes coconut oil, jojoba, olive oil, almond oil etc. You can now take a glass jar and put 10-12 drops of each carrier oil along with same portion of essential oil. Add some seaweed with the mixture. Mix it well and massage your body for 10 minutes in a day and get rid of cellulite.

Food to cure cellulite

Just as weight loss reduction needs exercises to go hand in hand with diet, there should be a proper consumption of food for cellulite reduction. Enhance your abilities towards fighting cellulites faster, by adding some of these foods below, in your regular diet. Also try to maintain a healthy diet, which excludes food with excess carbohydrates.

Green tea

Green tea has always been known to aid weight loss and to speed metabolism. This has become a regular beverage choice for a lot of people who look for healthier alternatives in beverages. If you want to shape your body and get rid of the cellulites, replace your regular beverage with this. Three to five cups are recommended to make a difference.

Whole grains

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Brown pasta, brown bread and brown rice comes with whole grains which help you lose weight. This also fills your stomach and doesn’t let you feel hungry soon. It is also known for its antioxidants which fight the toxins that cause cellulites.


It is the real king of vegetables when you think about the nutritional value. Every floret includes a cocktail of beauty vitamins and minerals. They are low in calories too. Alpha lipoic is a special ingredient which lacks in most other nutritional food, and this is known to prevent collagen from hardening in the body. If you add 3-4 four portions of steamed broccoli to your diet, you will help your body in a lot of ways.


One common reason why you get cellulites other than your genes, if the toxins that we consume or inhale. They reduce the elasticity of skin and slower down the circulation. When you want to naturally detox the body it flushes them out. Have lots of water which is important for detoxifying. At least 8 glasses a day is recommended and what more is recommended is to stop having soft drinks or alcohol. These tend to dehydrate your body and add a lot of fat too!


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These sweet tasting fruits are full of vitamin C and have methoxylated bioflavonoids in it as well. It is known to improve blood circulation and it improves the cell imbalances that can lead you to cellulites.


This ingredient is known to add the goodness of anti-inflammatory properties and reduce bloating. It is also low in calories and does great to flush out pesky toxins that lead you to cellulites. Improve blood circulation and help your body get this healthy treat.


The inclusion of berries in your diet will add antioxidants in your body. You can have raspberries, blueberries or blackberries, whichever you like in particular and get your body rid of the toxins. You could also add them to cereals every morning or make a low fat smoothie.

Cayenne pepper

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This ingredient is known to burn calories in your body and it also improves circulation. The hot spices warm your body internally and increase the blood flow. Add it to your regular curries and help yourself reduce cellulites.


One of most used Indian spice, turmeric, comes with numerous health benefits. From cooking to stimulation your blood circulation, this product is known to reduce swelling and fight toxins. This has a great level of antioxidants which aids in much more ways than just that flab. Try to make your curries light and add more of turmeric to it.


This ingredient is known to reduce blood cholesterol and improve immune system as well. This works like a natural antibiotic and keeps your body healthy. From general health to reduce toxins and fight cellulites, garlic has numerous reasons to be loved at the kitchen. We should also remember that it turns out to be an amazing seasoning too!


One of the most hydrating fruits comes in the beautiful ruby red color, and works well as a lycopene. The product is known to improve blood circulation and smoothen the cellulite with time. This is also known to prevent you from heart issues.