State some of the foot care tips during rainy season

Cooling effect in the weather condition is one of the important benefits of rainy season. Since every season has its advantage as well as disadvantages, raining season with a negative thought would bring many negative effects. Since this season brings water and mud with people moving out from home, affecting your feet will be one of the important issues. There must be some precautionary measures through which you can avoid various mishaps as well as negative elements in the rainy season. Along with your skin and health, your feet must also be considered for care during rainy season.

Cleanliness tips during monsoons

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You need to keep your feet clean all the time in order to maintain it during the muddy season. You must wash your feet with like warm water after coming back home on a rainy day. Using some antiseptic liquid such as dettol or savlon while washing your feet can be advantage to the same. For extra care, you can make a solution of warm water, little shampoo, salt and a drop of oil. Mix them all really well and soak your feet for 5 minutes. Rub your feet with a scrubber to remove all dirt and dead skin. Remove your feet from the solution and wash with lukewarm water. Pat dry your feet with a soft towel. You can good after this treatment to your feet.

Precautious for your feet

When rainy season arrives, maximum damage is caused to your feet especially if you have to travel to office and other places within this rainy climate. It is important to take good care of your feet by wearing the sensible shoes. Some people have a habit of wearing sneakers and even socks under it. When you are struck in a place where rain falls without any notice, you will get your feet wet along with your shoes and socks. Thus, it is better to wear open style foot wear so that water can get out easily without any trouble. If you are wearing socks along with shoes, once it is wet, you will have a chance of getting affected with cold. Or else the boots that are closed from all corners sand even from the top can protect you from the rain effect during the monsoons.

Getting open wounds in your feet can make the condition of your feet worse during rainy season as the seepage of water from shoes to your feet can tamper the condition of your feet. The attack of bacteria and viruses are also quite likely in this situation. If you have wounds, cover them with either band aid or medical tape. Since mud water is present in the environment during the rainy season, this has a good chance of infection through bacteria and virus from mud.  It is important to trim toe nails on a regular basis and take out mud and dirt that has gathered in the corners of your feet.

Tips for healthy feet during monsoons

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Danger of bacteria and dirt attack is very certain. But, if you are aware of some of the tips, staying well during rainy season will be possible. Have ca look at some of the important tips stated as under:

  • Keep your feet clean by washing your feet as soon as you come back to home from outside. If excess of mud has accumulated in your feet, you must use warm water and milk liquid soap
  • You must avoid wearing closed shoes as it will increase moisture inside your shoes and will be prone to fungal infections. It is advisable to wear shoes with open front area or back so that enough air can pass.
  • Moisturizing your feet with a body lotion after washing your feet is another way of protecting your feet’s skin. This helps in avoiding dead skin in your feet
  • You must not go for pedicures in salons as there is a good risk of getting infections from salons as they use same tools for the activity for all customers. It is preferable to go ahead with pedicure at home by getting your own tool.
  • You should also avoid walking in bare foot over the areas where it is wet.

Foot care tips during monsoon

Body powder

You must be using the body powder whenever you sweat too much during summers. Now this powder can also play a wonderful role during the monsoons. Yes, your feet can be protected from the unhealthy monsoon wet appearance. After washing your feet at home use towel to remove the water. But, this won’t be enough for your feet to stay healthy. You can use some body powder over your feet in order to keep your feet free from foul smell. You need to keep some talcum powder always at your home as this will be really essential when you sweat too much or any fowl smell develops over your feet as it is closed within the shoes for a long time.

Food treatment at home

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There are varieties of ingredients available right at your home which can keep your feet attractive even if it is monsoon. Yes, you can go for foot mask that will help your feet stay healthy and beautiful during monsoons. Since your feet getting soaked in water can become shrinking and unattractive due to the effect of water, you need to make it back in its shape once again. All you have to do is make a pack with orange peel powder, milk and honey. Mix all of them properly and apply over your feet. Let it keep for 20 minutes and then wash away. You can find your feet getting beautiful and attractive.

Oil massage

During monsoons when you have to face water from, everywhere, your feet become really very dull and squeezed in appearance. It is just because the natural oils from the area are missing. You need to compliment the missing part as well.  The best thing that you can do in such a situation will be the oil massage. You can take olive oil and coconut oil each of a single teaspoon and apply over your feet covering all portions. Slowly massage the feet with your two hands and keep for some time. This will bring back natural moisture and make your feel attractive again.