How to reduce body heat immediately – Foods & drinks to control body heat

Your body can get heat up during the summer season when you are mostly exposed to the scorching sun rays. Another factor of heating up of body is the food you are consuming.

[Hindi tips to reduce body heat]

The spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine are some component which you must avoid as these are food which can heat up your body internally. Some illness or drugs can also be responsible for increasing heat inside your body. But, today you can get some effective ways that can easily control heat inside your body. Some natural herbs and home remedies play an important role in this process.

The normal body temperature of a human should be 36.9C, with small variations which are acceptable. No matter what the external weather conditions are like, the internal body temperature is actually maintained for the regular functioning of the body.

Let us learn about tips to reduce body heat , foods & drinks to  control your body heat. it can bring about damage to his/her internal organs leading to poor health and fitness. Read on to find out ways to avoid extreme body heat

Reasons for body heat

Best tips to reduce body heat

  • Wearing tight or artificial clothing may trap water and produce ineffective decrease in heat.
  • Illnesses for example fever as well as infections.
  • An increased activity on the thyroid which raises the metabolic activity by the body processes and causes production of excess heat.
  • Strenuous workout or physical exercise.
  • Medical conditions for example seizures and muscular disabilities.
  • Certain drugs or stimulants for example amphetamines, cocaine and so on.
  • Others factors which will result in increasing body heat are psoriasis, systemic sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and eczema ( as these diseases can affect the normal process of sweating).
  • Excessive contact with the sun can also result in high body temperature.

How to remove heat from the body

  • Stay away from hot and spicy food items.
  • Avoid fatty and fried foods (junk/fast foods).
  • Stay away from caffeine & alcohol.
  • Follow a low sodium diet regime.
  • Use Coconut or Olive herbal oil for cooking than using almond,sesame & corn oil.
  • Do not use nuts in your daily diet as they are known in increasing the body temperature rapidly. Try to have them 2-3 times a week.
  • Wear clothes that are lightweight, loose and are of fabric that is breathable. Wear clothes that have light color shades.
  • Perform exercise on a daily basis, doing exercises will make your body and mind relax which further keeps your body cool. Exercises don’t let a person feel the heat too much.

Food and drinks to reduce body heat

Curd or yogurt for cooling down body during summers

The curd is not only delicious but also helps in cooling down our body. It is very essential for us to have at least a bowl of curd every day to reduce our body temperature. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy having curd as it is you can always go for buttermilk, lassi or even a fruit raita. Also, if you are someone who does not enjoy having any of these food items, you a lip-smacking smoothie for yourself.


How to reduce body heat

Onions? we are pretty sure that you are surprised to know that onions are helpful when it comes to providing a cooling sensation to your body. Onions are rich in cooling properties just like lemons, however, having them raw might ruin your taste. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have them mixed with something else. You can prepare a salad with onions and other vegetables and have it regularly for your lunch or dinner. If you are not into a salad that much, you can always prepare a vegetable sandwich with lots of onions in it. Apart from this, make sure that you add enough onions to your career and writer. Apart from reducing your body temperature, onions are also essential to prevent sunstroke.


Celeries content high amount of water, about 95%. Apart from the high water content, celeries are rich in essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium which are essential for maintaining your body temperature during hot summers. Make sure that you have dishes containing celeries at least 3-4 times a week to protect your body from the scorching heat.


Sesame is an essential ingredient in every Indian household and is used in almost every curries. It helps in adding amazing flavors to your regular curries, well, apart from adding flavors, it helps in cooling down your body temperature during hot summer season. To reduce your body heat during summer, just add a some sesame seeds to normal water and have it.


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Radishes are rich in water content and also apart from it, it is also rich in Vitamin C. Having radish will help in cooling down your body heat. Also, as radish is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in fighting with heat stress. You can have raw radish or you can also prepare any curry with it. The best way to have it is by adding it in your salad.


One of the most nutritious vegetables that everyone should consume during summers is Spinach. This vegetable is known for its high content in vitamins and its ability to fight away diseases and heat during the rough days of summer. It qualifies the body’s 40% manganese requirements and keeps the blood pressure in control.


Cantaloupe are great food material of summer as they are low in calories and high in Vitamins A and C. You can add it to different vegetable dishes or have it in the form of soup as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. They not only protect the body against excessive heat but also make the eyes and lungs healthy.

Sugar water

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It sounds simple but works efficiently well for the body in order to reduce heat. All you need to do is add a tablespoon of sugar to a glass of water and gulp it down. It works instantly well on the body, if you don’t want extra calories then you can add sugar free tablets to it.

Cucumber water

Apart from just having cucumbers in the form of salads, you can even drink it down by blending in some cucumber pieces. Drink it every day and your body will stay hydrated. It will fight against the heat and is also known to fight cancer.

Home remedies for reducing body heat

Take a foot bath with chilled water

Taking a foot bath comes highly effective in bringing stress, and in instances, you need to lose body heat immediately, you can try a foot bath with chilled water or ice water to get instant relief from heat stress. Just about 15/20 minutes of foot bath with chilled water will produce the best outcome.

Add mints to the usual drinks

You can rely on the cooling properties of peppermint to get instant relief from the excessive body temperature. Take about a handful of these leaves, and put it in the usual drinks. Youwill surely get impressed to see the instant outcome that this simple remedy will produce.


You can form a paste with sandalwood and apply it all over the body and take a bath with chilled water. Alternatively, mix this powder with usual talcum powder and apply it all over the body to get a cooling effect. Sandalwood is also a wonderful agent to boost the skin health and heavenly aroma is just a bonus.

Include pomegranate juice in your diet

Pomegranate extracts come highly effective in controlling the body temperature, and hence, you must include juice of this fruit in your summer diet that will enable you to keep cooler. In addition, this fruit comes loaded with nutrient values and also you can pamper your taste buds with its exotic taste.

Grapefruit juices

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Another wonderful agent to control the internal and external temperature heating of the body is grapefruit juice. In addition, this fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, and hence, including this juice in your diet, you can ensure complete nutrition. Vitamin c also boosts the health and condition of the skin, reversing the persisting damages.

Pomegranate juice and almond oil

This is one among the best foods and drinks to control your body heat which is preferred by many individual of all age groups.

Water to control body heat

If you are asked about the tips to reduce body heat, foods and drinks to control your body heat, the first word which must come in your mind will be water.Take a basin of cool water and soak your feet in it. This will help in reducing excessive heat from the body.

Poppy seeds to control body heat

Eat a handful of poppy seeds before you go to sleep to get good rest and to maintain normal body temperature during night times. Remember that poppy seeds contain opiates and should not be consumed in large quantity nor should be given to children. Even this can serve as a wonderful tips to reduce body heat.

Fenugreek seeds

Since you can get wide number of spices at your home that is constantly used to make one or the other dishes, you can choose Fenugreek seed as one of its remedy. An easy home remedy to relieve body heat will be taking a spoon of Fenugreek seeds and consuming it raw.

Honey and milk

If you are looking out for the perfect food and drinks to control your body heat, a perfect combination of honey as well as the cold milk will be a wonder. There is also a particular way to prepare this remedy. All you have to do is add a tablespoon of honey in cold milk and have it on a daily basis for fast and effective results.

Sandalwood and cold milk for body heat control

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Mix sandalwood with cold milk or water and make it into a fine paste. Apply this paste in your forehead and chin. This is a proven technique to reduce excessive body temperature and cool the skin instantly.

Butter and milk remedy

A combination of butter and milk works well as  on of the tips to control body heat, food and drinks to control your body heat. Add 2 tablespoons of butter to a glass of milk and have it daily. However, if you’ve high cholesterol, you should avoid this remedy

Vitamin C rich vegetables

Vegetables that are high in vitamin C and also fruits like orange and sweet lemon that contains citrus in it, are excellent foods to relieve body temperature. During the summer days when your body gets heat up both from internal and external way, consuming vitamin C rich vegetables work to remove your problem. You can also try out consuming some juices that brings out vitamin C.

Foods that helps in reducing body heat

One of the easiest tips to reduce body heat, foods & drinks to control your body heat is stay hydrated. In addition to controlling the body heat is consuming the healthy variety of foods that help reduce body temperature naturally. These include

  • Cardamom – In line with the ancient practice of Ayurveda, using cardamom is the best way to relieve body temperature naturally. You can add cardamom in your tea as well as add as a flavoring agent in sweets and savory dishes.
  • Peaches – Excessive body heat affects skin and often ends in rashes in addition to skin soreness. Peaches are generally known for  containing vitamins A new, B2 and potassium content, which are essential for maintaining  healthy skin and body. Dried peaches also helps in regulating the amount of heat produced by the body.
  • Apricot – Drink a glass of apricot juice mixed with honey to cool the body temperature and quench the thirst. Since apricot is available in solid form, you need to extract juice out of it. Once the juice is extracted from the apricot, you can easily drink it without a second thought.
  • Buttermilk -Drinking buttermilk in Summer helps in providing your body with required probiotics, minerals and vitamins that may be depleted on account of excessive sweat. Even if you are feeling very hot and your body is heated from inside, butter milk will help you get a controlled temperature of your body.
  • Watermelon – Watermelon is that one fruit that contains almost 95% of water and  aids in reducing body heat immediately. The juicy watermelon can be consumed in a hot summer day just like a fruit. You can also make a juice out of it with its juice extraction, salt, pepper and little lemon. It tastes great and is also healthy.
  • Coconut  water – Re-hydrate your body with a glass of coconut water as it helps in naturally balancing out the electrolytes in addition to regulating the body temperature.
  • Other foods to help reduce body heat include cucumbers, bananas, sugarcane liquid, barley, citrus fruit juices and organic teas for example mint & fennel green tea.

Please consult your doctor in case your body temperature doesn’t normalize even after following these remedies.

Honey dew melon to avoid excessive body heat

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One of the effective fruits that help in reducing heat inside an individual’s body is named as honey dew melon. When summer approaches, getting honey dew melon in the market is quite easy. You can now easily consume it in the sliced form or extract juice from the same. During a hot summer day, you can feel fresh with the juice extracted from honey dew melon. Along with being an ingredient for body heat reduction, this honey dew melon also contains essential nutrients, vitamin B as well as iron. It will be healthier option during summer.

Control body heat with mint

Mint is used in variety of culinary to get a wonderful flavor and even in hot summer day, the juice extracted from mint helps in keeping your body cool. It has been proved as a cooling remedy for your body. In order to reduce body heat naturally, doctors also suggest consuming mint leaves in diet.  You can also get acne free as well as glowing skin after regular consumption of mint in your diet.

Cucumber to control body heat

The best heat reducing agent quickly from your body. During hot summer days, you can see the fruit sellers selling cucumber after peeling the skin so that it will be ready to eat for the travelers. People traveling for their work and any other reasons on a hot summer day will really need to stay cool and hydrated. The juicy fruit named as cucumber can bring back hydration to their body on a hot summer day and provide cooling effect to their body internally. You can easily reduce your body heat naturally if you can consume cucumber regularly.

Reduce body heat with radish

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During summer days heat strokes are quite common among people. Thus, it becomes important for people get their body cool internally so that chance of heat stroke is less. Radish is a vegetable which is rich in water and also have good source of vitamin C. The vegetable is also associated with antioxidant that helps in lowering body heat. This vegetable is also very effective in fighting heat stress.

How to reduce body heat with fennel seeds

Take a handful of fennel seeds overnight and strain water from it by filtering it. Drink the water from fennel seeds regularly every morning so that you can get your body heat reduced during the hot summer days. This seed is used in most of the Indian culinary to bring flavor out of dishes. Even if you consider it health wise, the seed is regarded to be one of the best means to lower your internal body heat.

Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek seed has been used by our grandparents for lowering high blood pressure in a natural way. Even during the hot summer days, you can get wonderful remedy of unbearable heat through the Fenugreek seed. You can make powder out of such seed and consume it with meals to win over the summer heat or simply soak some solid fenugreek seeds and drink the water to stay away from summer heat.

Splash of water

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Water is indeed the most basic and effective remedy to reduce underlying body heat. You need to drink adequate quantity of water every day in order to wash away heat produced inside your body. Also the oxidants present in your body are a way of increasing heat inside your body. Water is effective in washing away such body heat and keeping your cool and hydrated on a hot summer day. Not only drinking of water splashes of water repeatedly on your face and hands during the summer will give you relief from scorching sun rays.

Cold milk

Keep raw milk in a refrigerator and drink it frequently to reduce heat inside your body. Make sure the milk is not too much cool. You can also make a milk shake out of it with addition of flavor according to your wish. There are chocolate flavor, orange flavor as well as strawberry from which you can choose any one and make a tasty shake during the summer. You can also add some coffee powder with sugar to make cappuccino during the hot summer days. You can also mix cold water with 2 teaspoon of honey and drink early in the morning to stay away from heat production within the body.

Lemon as a remedy to reduce body heat

Whenever you body gets heats up excessively, most common remedy is the fluid intake as the level of dehydration becomes really high which can be reduced with water or any other healthy fluid. Lemon is one of the juicy fruits that is to make juice. The content of vitamin C in it works well in lowering body temperature. In order to make lemon juice, squeeze ½ lemons in a glass of water and add a pinch of salt to it. Do not a use sugar as it really unhealthy. Instead use a spoon of honey. Mix them with water and drink.

Peppermint remedy to reduce body heat

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You can now get a soothing and cooling effect in your body through peppermint. You need to get a handful of peppermint leave and put it in a pot to boil along with water. Do the boiling process for 20 minutes and strain the leaves. You can use that water at your bath tub to get a soothing feeling while you take bath. Also few drops of peppermint essential oil can be added in water to get the same effect.

You can also make a drink with the fresh peppermint leaves. You can add a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in hot water and boil like a tea. Strain he leaves and add honey as a sweetener. You can drink this natural peppermint tea to reduce body heat.

Indian gooseberry to control your body heat

During summer we become really helpless as the heat haunt us like anything. But, you can now come across tips to reduce body heat, food and drinks to control your body heat. Since Amla or Indian gooseberry is a powerful source of vitamin C, it will definitely give you relief from extreme heat. You can now make Amla juice with 2 spoon of amla juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, half lemon juice and a pinch of salt. If you can drink this every morning when you are with empty stomach, irritation due to excessive heat will be reduced. Try it today and feel the pleasure

Aloe vera juice to control heat

Aloe Vera though is easily available within the nature, for years people did not have realized its benefits. But today beauticians have made people aware of the fact as they are including Aloe Vera extract in their products. By using those products, people are really getting very good results. Thus, it will be no harm if you can use fresh aloe Vera extract.

You need to cut the aloe Vera leaf from the middle and extract its gel. Apply this over your face and keep it for 20 minutes. You can instantly get a cooling effect with this.

You can also make Aloe Vera juice right at home with 2 spoon of Aloe Vera gel, little salt and water. Drink this and fee soothing from inside. This will be a wonderful remedy to control heat within your body during summer days.

Honey dew melon

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As you have known the benefits of water melon in getting soothing feel from within, another important fruit which also helps you in reducing heat within your body is honey dew melon. You can have this simply like a fruit in your breakfast or after a meal to get a cool impact from inside. You can also make a wonderful juice with this honey dew melon along with a spoon of honey and a pinch of salt. This is such a tasty drink; even kids will love it. You can bring some fresh honey dew lemon melon and enjoy having soothing feel during summer.

During summer, body heat can become really dangerous as it will give rise to many complications. Normally the temperature of human body is 98.6 degrees. But, this can vary from person to person. But 2 to 3 percentage of downfall and rise in temperature can be unhealthy for an individual. These changes in body temperature can give rise to variety of diseases. Getting upward movement of body temperature can be viewed during summer. The heat in the environment will be likely to affect individual’s health. Thus, me must have restriction in having food and drinks during summer. It is better to consume such food and drinks that will keep your body cool during summer.

Body heat reduction food and drinks

Mint leaves juice

You can now make a simple juice by making paste out of mint leaves and consume during hot summer day. You can add salt in it to get some taste. This is really healthy and keeps your body cool. But, if you want to make it tastier, add little sugar.

Radish in vegetable

When you are consuming meals during a hot summer day, you must be thinking about the curry that will keep your stay cool and regulate your body temperature. Yes, radish is such a vegetable, making curry out of it can keep you cool. This is also rich in vitamin C antioxidants.

Sugarcane juice

Best tips to reduce body heat

You must have seen the sugarcane juice makers preparing the sugarcane juice standing in corners of the streets on a hot summer day. Yes, you must drink this juice when you are out in a hot summer dat. This will help you beat the heat during a hot summer day. Try this today and feel really relaxed and cool on a hot summer day.

Cold coffee

Even there are various beverages that can keep you cool on a hot summer day. For example coffee can be a wonderful way to keep your cool but in cold temperature. Yes, the cold coffee along with ice can help you retain your normal body temperature on a hot summer day. You can use the shaker to make this tastier.

[Hindi tips to reduce body heat]