Atkins diet side effects

Are you also in dilemma about Atkins diet? Do you think if there is any side effect from Atkins diet? Well, very first I would let you know that Atkins does not contain a high protein diet. Undoubtedly, your body needs protein, and Atkins diet contains the moderate protein intake while having the higher relative amount of energy from dietetic fat and vegetables that are rich in complex carbohydrates.

Can we have pleasant side effects from Atkins diet?

What is Atkins diet?

Yes, there are numbers of pleasant side effects that you can experience from Atkins diet that is pleasant as well as more necessary to be fit and fine always.

Feeling full

Obesity stays away itself when you feel full without dominating your hunger. Protein, healthy fats, and the nutrients that we get from fiber make you feel full. There is a misconception that calories make you feel full. There simple and refined carbs that provide empty calories that cause you feel hungry and it takes a little time after feeling full that caused by your blood sugar crashes. Atkins diet makes you feel full and lets you avoid craving for sweet OR salty snacks that are quite responsible for obesity.

Feel energetic

There is a great demand for carbs in your body to function properly, all carbs are equal. Make sure, the carbs you intake should give you energy throughout the day not momentarily. The carbs that you choose shouldn’t contain low OR high protein. You should look for the carbs that should run for long and that carbs include whole grains, whole wheat bread and pasta, fruit, and etc.

Slim belly

Intake higher fibers instead of simple carbs cause slim belly. Most of the people don’t eat sufficient fibers, in short, you can say the microbes in your intestines get less to feed on, and sugar is devoured due to unhealthy microbes. You may face bloating that cause your belly looks bigger.

Healthy heart

Excess consumption of saturated fat promotes the heart risk when the maintenance phase of Atkins diet starts you may go through the heart risk due to excess intake saturated fat. But we can not ignore the fact that belongs losing weight is better for your heart and it makes your heart healthy.

Strong muscles

Protein plays a vital role to make your muscles strong and simple carbs lack protein. Atkins diet has moderate protein-rich food like whole grain, poultry, fishes, egg, and other that help you to possess strong muscles.

How does Atkins diet work?

Health effects of obesity

It will not be wrong if I say Atkins diet can make you undergo some unpleasant side effects too if it is not followed properly and in lack of moderate protein.

Atkins diet promotes the moderate intake protein and cutting of carbs but the cutting of carbs severely from your diet cause many unpleasant side effects that include constipation, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and headache. Intake fewer fibers and high protein commonly cause constipation. These nutritional deficiencies can be controlled by taking whole grains and fiber carbs in your Atkins diet.