Adverse effects of overweight or obesity

Getting overweight has become a very serious problem these days as it brings varied number of health issues. Today people have become really cautious about their health issues and try to consume healthy fruits vegetables. Yet, always having boiled vegetables won’t bring adequate taste. Thus, some people gets diverted into the fast food categories. Those appear to be tasty and boost your taste buds but always thinking about taste with all unhealthy food can lead to serious health issues. This can give rise to overweight or obesity which not only makes a person looks odd but can give rise to many deadly diseases. You can come across variety of deadly health effects if you have come up with the problem of obesity.

List of health effects of overweight or obesity

High blood pressure

People with too much fat over their skin layer have a tendency of getting high blood pressure. This is the health condition that appears in human body when the blood pushes against the wall of arteries in human heart.  If this pressure keeps on staying at one place over the course of time there can be damage of human health in numerous ways.

Coronary heart disease

This is another dangerous health effect that possibly takes place if cholesterol level becomes high due to fat deposition. Here the waxy substance named as plaque makes a build up inside the artery of individuals. The arteries are really important to stay clear as they supplies oxygen to blood with blood to heart due to which your heart lives. But this plaque can block the coronary arteries which in turn will give rise to heart attack.

Type 2 diabetes

Another serious problem that can take place due to abnormal and unhealthy food habit is type 2 diabetes.  This is the time when you have the level of blood glucose very high. Our body has a mechanism of breaking food into glucose. But this will carry the food to the cells where the hormone named as insulin is supplied to control blood sugar level.

Cancer due to over weight

Overweight or obese person can suffer from variety of complication. One of the deadly disease that can make them suffer is cancer. There are several type cancers that can bother several individuals due to many reasons. Those who are having problem of overweight can suffer from the problems like colon cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer as well as gallbladder cancer.

Sleep Apnea

Disorder of sleep is another problem which can be suffered by individuals suffering from obesity or overweight. This is a condition when you will have a problem of shallow breaths, pauses in breathing etc. Due to fatter store in body layer especially around the neck, individual can suffer from sleep apnea. Since the outlet through which the air passes is narrow, due to fat deposition it will be really hard to breathe. If you want to stay away from this trouble you must consume healthy food without any fat layer.


Many individuals having bulky body type have a tendency to develop a gall stone which is a hard piece of rock that is formed over the gallbladder. This is very important to take precautionary measures so that you do not develop a gall stone as this is a painful health condition that people suffers when they are in the process of urination. Even people with the problem of overweight suffer from the enlarged bladder.


People with the problem of overweight issues also suffer from stroke which can result in to their life end. If you are obese, plaque layer over your arteries is build up which can lead to skin rupture and also give rise to formation of blood clot. Sometimes this clot happens to exist quite close to your brain which can give rise to blockage in oxygen and blood flow that hardly gets transferred to the brain.

Abnormal blood fat

People with the problem of overweight or obesity have a serious trouble of abnormal level of blood fats. Blood fat can also give rise to LDL as well as high level of triglycerides in human body. You must consume very restricted fried items and do not go for road side food as this can lead to serious problem as stated in variety of health conditions.