Liposuction advantages and disadvantages

Liposuction is a process of fat removal from your skin layer in order to clear the fatty portion that might give rise to variety of complications.  This is a cosmetic surgery to remove fat from various areas from the body where the process is accompanied by insertion of a small suction tube inside the body in order to suck out the fat layer. A machine attached to the tube is used in this procedure where the excessive fat deposition inside the skin is suctioned. You can do this in the portion of belly, hips, arms, thigh etc where you think the fat deposition has become beyond expectation.

Disadvantage of Liposuction

Even if you can enjoy the benefit of removing excess fat from your body quickly with the help of liposuction procedure, there are also certain limitations associated with the same. The disadvantage includes unsuccessful result of liposuction procedure. You should consult the physician with great reputation in the market as the name and experience may somewhat reduce the disadvantage.

Uneven body shape

Another disadvantage suffered by people who had taken up the process of liposuction to dissolve excess fat is uneven body shape after completion of liposuction. Again you need to take up additional surgery even after liposuction is done.  This uneven body shape will be really dangerous once it appears visually.

Weight gain after liposuction

There is no guarantee that people will not have a weight gain after surgery is accomplished. Liposuction is not a permanent way of removing excess fat from the body layer. Generally people with overweight problem or obese body have a tendency of having food rich in fat and junk food. Even after few weeks of liposuction if you continue unhealthy food habit, this can give rise to developing of excess fat again.

Cost factor in liposuction

Liposuction is the procedure where you need to spend a lot. People belonging to poor class family or medium class won’t be able to afford it as it is really costly. Thus, from the cost point of view liposuction is having a major disadvantage.  But if you can bear the cost, then only you can go for the process of liposuction.

Scarring result of liposuction

Some individual has complaint about the scarring result of liposuction. Sometimes if the operation is not successful, the post operative view is really scarring. During the process of liposuction, small incision is made in the body. Since this scars are inserted in belly button which gives rise to natural creases of the skin. But this car can also be minimized by the use of scar removal cream.

Advantages of liposuction

People go through the process of liposuction because they have a hope to get positive results. Yes, there are also some advantages of liposuction which is fulfilled if the surgery is successful.

Slim and beautiful look

You can get a slim and beautiful look after completion of the procedure of liposuction. This also removes extra fat deposition that is found in your skin layer. The proportion of your body is enhanced with the help of liposuction procedure.

Boost up confidence level

You can also get great confidence with the help of liposuction process. Generally people with an in appropriate body shape suffers from shabbiness and no feeble confidence level. This can give rise to negative effect of a person on public appearance. In front of your friends, colleges and relatives you won’t get confidence at all.

Eliminating fat instantly

Since it is a rapid way of eliminating excess fat from your skin layer, you can get a very well shaped body in just a week or two once the liposuction is done. The process is pretty fast as compared to the lengthy procedure of exercise and diet. If you have a hurry of reducing excess fat, liposuction is the process for you.

Choosing the body part for liposuction

You can choose specific area and can easily lose weight or fat on that particular area through the process of liposuction. Unlike other procedure of fat reduction, liposuction is the procedure through which you can choose the part of your body and carry on with the process of liposuction. This is really simple if you can afford the cost.