Home remedies to increase platelets count

Individual having an existence on earth comes with variety of positive as well as negative points. Even in physical state and health issues individuals differs from one another. Platelet count in blood of healthy individual remains same and optimal. But, there are some people who have low platelet count. This is a medical condition named as thrombocytopenia. Here an individual suffers from an abnormality where individual has platelet count that is less than normal.  Among several blood cells, platelets are the smallest variety that helps in blood clotting whenever an individual has cut or wound. But, if the platelet count is low, individual having cuts cannot stop bleeding easily. Normally an individual must have 1, 50,000 -4, 50,000 platelets for every micro liter of blood. If the count is lower than the minimum limit, individual is known to suffer from low platelet count.

Home remedies to increase platelet count

Wheat grass

You will easily get wheat grass easily at home or your surroundings which is really beneficial for increasing the platelet count of blood. Even researchers have stated that this particular remedy produces good increase of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Not only this, the wheat grass is really popular to get an increase in white blood cells. Since the wheat grass is having good amount of chlorophyll which is again having a structure of molecule quite similar to hemoglobin in blood. You need to drink a cup of juice of wheat grass that is mixed with lemon daily to increase platelet count.


Spinach is having wonderful health benefits due to its good source of vitamin K.  This vegetable also helps in increasing the platelet count that is lower in individuals.  In order to have a proper blood clot in the body, vitamin K will be really important. To avail this remedy you need to take 4-5 spinach leaves and boil the same in 2 cups of water. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes and drain it in a glass. Also add half glass of tomato juice with the same. This can be treated as healthy soup must be drunk 3 times in a day.

Indian Gooseberry

Another wonderful home remedy that helps in increasing the platelet count in an individuals body is none other than Indian gooseberry. Popularly known as Amla, the ingredient though sour in taste is rich in vitamin C is very good for boosting your immune system.  You can prepare its juice with few drops of honey in it and drink it regularly. If you are not having trouble in getting the sour taste of gooseberry, you can slice it and have it with little salt.


Papaya is a wonderful fruit that is very essential to increase the platelet count. Not only have the fruit evened the leaves of papaya work well in increasing the low platelet count.  Unlike other remedies, you don’t have to wait long after availing papaya remedy. You can pluck ripe papaya from the tree and eat it simply to have an increase in your platelet count. You can also make a papaya juice with a little lemon and honey. This juice is very essential to have an increase in blood platelet count.


You can now get another vegetable in the market that is not very costly yet have wonderful health benefit. Even if you belong to medium or lower class society, buying a pumpkin from the market won’t make a budget constraint. Since pumpkin has vitamin A, this will work well in the process of platelet development in your body. The proteins produced in the cell can be easily regulated with the help of this home remedy. You need to make a juice of half pumpkin and add ½ teaspoon of honey in it. Mix it well and drink 2 times in a day to increase platelet count.

Sesame oil

It is quite easy to get sesame oil at home or in your local grocery shop. You will be surprised to learn that even this cold pressed oil is beneficial for increasing the platelet count of blood. The free radicals that are found in your body can be reduced with the help of sesame oil.  You can consume 2 tablespoon of sesame oil daily in order to have an increase in blood platelet count. Else you can rub this oil over the lumph node areas regularly throughout the day to have an increase in blood platelet count.


You don’t have proper blood platelet count just because you are not fit. In order to boost your blood circulation exercise will be an important deal. Research has shown that an individual having lower platelet count practicing exercise on a regular basis has got his blood platelet count normalized.  You can go for cardio exercise, jogging, gentle stretching and regular morning or evening walk in order to get your platelet count normalized.


Another amazing dietary method in order to increase your platelet count is none other than the beetroot. The rich color of the beetroot juice is very well established as the remedy to increase the blood platelet count. The beetroot is really high in antioxidant in the natural way which will remove all oxidants from your body and purify your blood. You need to make juice out of a single beetroot and drink it 3 times in a day. Alternatively if you don’t want to drink only beetroot juice, you can also add carrot juice with it to make it ideal to drink.


Water is always a life saving element not only with respect to quench third, rather drinking water properly will flush away all oxidants from your body and make your body free from all health issues. Even if you have a lower platelet count, water works well in replenishing the other remaining platelet that is essential for your body. You need to drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to stay healthy and fine. But do not try to consume cold water as this can effect digestive system. Go for the water in room temperature.