Healthy pregnancy tips – best tips for pregnant women

Even parents’ wishes their baby to staying healthy both before and after birth. But, only hope and desire may not make your baby stay in a suitable condition. Rather the expecting mother needs to take a good care of herself during the lactation period. A single wrong step of the mother can make both the lives in danger. Since there is always a first time for the mothers giving birth to their first baby, it is not possible for them to know every precautionary measures and tips to be followed at that point of time. This article will provide a list of such tips that you can follow when you are a pregnant lady.

Tips for pregnant lady to follow

Vitamins for prenatal period

When you are within pregnancy period, your body need a lot of nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy for you and your baby. Your first step to stay healthy during this period will be starting taking the prenatal vitamins. During the first month of your pregnancy, the neural chord or your baby which in later day will be the brain and spinal cord develops. Thus, you need to take enough vitamins during this period.

Fluid intake

A pregnant lady need to intake a lot of fluids as compared to the time when she was not pregnant. So, drink lots of water, juices and other fluidic drinks. You can also have soups with lots of vegetables and little bit of chicken. Since your baby growing inside cannot consume very solid food, it is always advisable to consume liquid and fluidic food.

No herbs without consultation

Some people have a misconception that all herbal medications are good and safe always. But, it is not always true during the pregnancy period.  Sometimes herbal treatment can be very dangerous and even cause harm to your kid growing inside. Thus, you need to consult with your doctor before going for the herbal medication when you are within the pregnancy period.

Food rich in iron

Pregnancy is the time when your blood will be utilized in baby formation. Even during the stage excess blood loss takes place. Your body requires iron which you need to substitute during this pregnancy period. You can take iron tonics after consulting with your doctor or can have some natural way of iron inducement. For example pregnant lady is suggested to take a banana everyday as it is rich in iron and magnesium which is very essential. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables also have iron.

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Food rich in protein

Pregnant women also requires good amount of protein for the offspring growing insider her fetus. You need to have healthy protein such as walnut, almonds etc. The animal flesh such as chicken and egg can also be consumed in order to stay fit and healthy. But you should avoid red meat during pregnancy as this carries a lot of fat which cannot be digested well during the pregnancy period.

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Pregnant ladies must be very active during the pregnancy period and should not sit idle throughout the day. A little walk, standing and brisk walk can be done to stay healthy during the pregnancy period.  Along with your general health, you can also reduce your stress level with daily exercise. But remember do not go for very hard exercise that involve jumping and jerk. Your baby will feel uncomfortable when the position gets too much of movement.

Safety belts during drive

Some pregnant ladies also wishes to drive and reach her office even when she is pregnant. You need to put the safety belt over her while she is driving as this will be really risky without the safety belt. When you are driving, you need to stay in a posture which won’t disturb your baby. The lap portion of the baby should be stayed right under the abdomen and make it as lower as possible.

Well balanced meal

You must be very cautious about your meal during this situation. It is important to have meals that are well balanced such that there must be good amount of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. You can have 4-5 such meals throughout the day in order to stay healthy during your pregnancy period.

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